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Weapon for future war

The need for human beings to take part in armed conflicts might quickly more than. The future generation of army equipment may be able to think and act for itself.

Armed forces equipment will certainly soon consist of "independent robots that recognize neither pity nor worry"-- very a step up from the existing generation of UAVs and drones operated by human beings from the safety of armed forces bases hundreds, otherwise thousands, of miles away.

Autonomous killing robot 

Since drones such as the Killer were prepared as well as armed for usage in Iraq as well as Afghanistan in the early 2000s, stealth weapons have actually played an essential function in the West's "War on Horror." It was a Predator drone that situated Osama Container Laden in 2011, and also it was a Killer drone that introduced the missile attack earlier this month that killed Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud. The drones have actually clocked greater than 200,000 hrs of flying time in Afghanistan considering that their creation.

Drone operators work in a risk-free atmosphere, sometimes in a totally various nation to the one that the aircraft flies in. They make judgement calls based on the scenario they see on the computer system screen in front of them. The success of the program has actually indicated that the United States Flying force is training even more folks to fly drones than it is standard aircraft.

US produce robot to phaseout its army from middle east in near future

Chinese mini drone for surveillance

USA design robot to heal injured soldier in battlefield

 Israel robot for battlefield and against terrorist activity
  Israel robot for battlefield and against terrorist activity

The legal fight over whether drones such as the Killer as well as the Reaper contravene worldwide regulation is still raving. The basis of the argument versus their usage is that actions saw countless miles away on a computer system display can be misunderstood and the reaction could possibly have intense consequences. That lawful fight might get a lot harder with the future generation. Future tools will eliminate the human aspect from the equation totally; they will be able to involve targets by themselves, making best use of damage. They will certainly represent the olden saying: "Fire first, ask questions later on.".

USA mini drone for surveillance

Robotics that could get rid of people aren't sci-fi anymore: they're truth. Russia has released armed robots, different from drones due to the fact that they can choose targets and make a decision to fire on them without any human input, to secure its rocket bases. Russia wishes to broaden its robotic capacities significantly, and it's likely several other countries do too. We're slouching towards a future where robotics play a frontline function in fight.

German made drone which is in research stage

 The armed robotics concern is coming to be so real, so quickly, that 87 countries took a seat at a United Nations-convened conference from Could 13th to the 15th to talk about prohibiting the things. Those countries, consisting of Russia, China, and the United States, talked about modifying the UN Convention on Specific Typical Defense, which 117 countries have actually approved, to prohibit the use of armed robotics during wartime. A lot of the information protection on this concern has actually dealt with robotic arms manage as if it's a joke or an uniqueness. It's neither: For over a year, Civil rights Watch has actually been developing a campaign to tension for prohibiting army robots, suggesting that they present an unacceptable threat to civilian populaces. Are they right? Should we be banning what HRW calls "awesome robots"?

Proton model for future army produce by UK

The argument regarding robotics in warfare boils down to the concern of whether they would make war criminal offences more or less most likely. There are severe arguments on either side. In numerous methods, this new disagreement concerning robots is an extension of much older disagreement regarding why battle criminal activities take place and how to avoid them. This isn't a joke any-more: the argument over armed forces robotics has to do with protecting against horrific abuse of genuine individuals.

Israli autonomus robot for future

You may have reasonably thought that the discussion over army robots would come down to programs; as an example, whether robotics can be educated the best ways to identify private citizens from contenders. And also usually this is where the conversation centers. But the much bigger problem isn't really the robotics; it's exactly how their human controllers will utilize them.

US research for future army suit

Russia's unrefined robotics notwithstanding, everyone agrees our existing AI isn't really sufficient to make moral differences. While disputing the principles or immorality of theoretical robot AI is in theory fascinating, at this factor it's simply theoretical. So it's difficult to suggest for or versus army robotics based upon the strengths or advantages of an artificial intelligence that does not yet already existing.
Russian made robot for future war

Robotics advancements in small actions: automated systems developed to obliterate missiles and homing torpedoes are semi-robotic. As innovation like that breakthroughs, we'll obtain a better feeling of whether robots will be risk-free for battle zone.

There are in-principle disagreements that aren't based on the specifics of shows. At the UN, a variety of specialists argued that robot soldiers were a lot more humanitarian warfighters considering that they 'd "never ever rape." The assumption is that war time rape is a crime of interest. As well as robots, by their nature, do not have passions.

Charli Builder, a political scientist at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst, makes a compelling argument that robotics might dedicate war crimes-- because battle criminal activities, unlike exactly what we could choose to believe, are typically not dedicated by rogue soldiers as criminal activities of interest yet as purposeful devices of fear engineered by top commanders. In the Bosnian Battle, for example, Bosnian Serb soldiers were gotten by their leaders to use rape as a technique of terror, as well as soldiers who rejected were threatened with castration.

Robots, unlike folks, consistently do what they're mentioned to. Woodworker's point is that human-rights misusing federal governments can program robot warriors to do whatever they 'd wish, and also they would certainly do it, without compunction or thought. If the truth of war-time atrocities is that they often be intended, not crimes of interest, then that's a big matter in favour of banning military robotics today.

Obviously, the tale is various in modern liberal-democratic nations. Autonomous nations usually don't launch extermination projects, and also a minimum of nominally effort to punish human rights misuses by their soldiers. So robots set by liberal-democratic regimens could, a minimum of in theory, boost on inherently flawed human judgements as well as eliminate the situations where war criminal activities really are the outcome of bad apples or out-of-control rage and disgust on the ground level.

This insight is at the heart of the most sophisticated situation against a restriction, made by American University's Ken Anderson and Columbia's Matt Waxman. Anderson and also Waxman's disagreement is that countries are likely to begin making use of robotics if they think they're militarily beneficial, despite exactly what worldwide law claims concerning them. Indeed, there is something of a track record of nations overlooking arms control agreements when it's militarily hassle-free.

Anderson and Waxman suggest that, as opposed to enforcing a ban on robots that is likely to fall short, autonomous nations need to press or moderate the robotics sector such that armed forces robotics will be more responsible as well as much less hazardous. The United States, particularly, leads the globe in army robotics. If the United States pressed worldwide robotics inventors to only develop technology with specific humanitarian constricts in thoughts, that could prevent technology that could be abused in the way Contractor pictures from ever coming to be. Also totalitarians need to acquire their robotics from a person.

We're not also near resolving this argument. The UN deliberations today are simply the beginning of conversations concerning prohibiting armed robotics. But the academic dispute around this, nonetheless abstract, must emphasize why the robotics debate issues a lot. We stay in an age where a genocidal robot army is ending up being a real opportunity. We owe it to ourselves to think about how to avoid that grim future.

The requirement for humans to participate in armed conflicts might soon more than. The next generation of military equipment may be able to think and also substitute itself.

Armed forces equipment will quickly include "independent robots that understand neither pity nor worry"-- quite an action up from the current generation of UAVs as well as drones run by humans from the security of armed forces bases hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away.


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Army research for future war

Future war become different they are not fight with army, they fight against super worriers. Every country secretly works on this project .They produce superhuman for future war. The soldiers are creating with genetic modification. Due to this changes they can fight for long time without taking rest, they can fight for long time without food. And easily survive in any difficult condition in any time. So the technical advancement makes your army more strong and able win the war. The future war technology not only based on genetic engineering they also work on different soldiers suits which worked according to their atmosphere. The future army dress easily change their color according to their surroundings, they are light weight but protect from bullet to mortar. They maintain temperature inside the body. They can reduce the weight carried by soldiers.Now imaging a dress can make you invisible than what happened. DAPRA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on this project from last few years. China also starts with this project under the shed of space programme to make super humans. This is only one step there are many projects run behind the curtain which we can read only in story or watching that on movies.

 Japnese research for enhancing army personal strength
 Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency of USA
This device help to carry four to five time more weight than his own

Daeoo produce robot to increase human strength

Different countries also work on robot mechanism. Because human body can able to bear anything only upto a certain limit but we don’t have any issues with robot. They can do everything as like human even they do more than what a human can do. So what happen if robot armies come in war field in future? Robot already starts working with different navigation system like drone, robot gun destroyer, nano surveillance system etc.
 Japnese reserch to increase human efficiency

 US design for future army dress
Future US super army
Lockheedmarrtin work on a device which help a soldier to carry 4 times more weight compare to his body.

As I already inform that superhuman project is already run by different countries. USA, Canada, European countries, China, Russia and Japan etc. From Second World War this project run by every develop countries secretly. The captain America movie is also based on that if you think these are only science fiction than you are wrong. Fifty years ago who one believe that human make a device which help to talk any one in any part of world ,but now mobile phone are common in any part of world. Now I can elaborate clearly Do you know that a satellite need one year to reach in our neighbour planet Mars that means it will take 50+ years to reach the last planet in solar system ,it means it take 100+ years to reach another solar system in our galaxy .If we are able to get lighting speed still we are taking 100+ years to reach our nearest galaxy ,but human life is only expecting 80-100.So any human expedition in other solar system or other galaxy only possible with genetically modified human who can survive 100+ years. NASA, European space agency already working in this project and may be possible sample are created to reach the other solar system. So wait for captain America, hulk are actualizing in next 50 years. It is well known fact that every advance space technology using for military purpose so be prepare, an army with super heroes, able to beat their enemy at any adverse condition in any part of world or in space. NASA already inform that they are working on project to send human in other planet of solar system and other galaxy, there satellite already moving in cross our solar system .There is other concept of sending robot but they need robot which have their own brain to do anything, which is possible but in recent time this technology still in research stage. Quantum mechanism theory can make such robot which can change themselves according to atmosphere, become invisible and work 1000 time more speedily than our existing super computer but this technology will take some years to be actualise.

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Klaikunda:Bigest Indian Air base

Kalia kunda: In the Midnapore District within the state of West Bengal, concerning a hundred thirty kilometer from Calcutta is that the Major Airbase of Kalaikunda. Established means back throughout the Second war, this desolate village turned flying field is currently a serious institution on the IAF's Orbat.
This is one of the best air base in eastern India.It developed by Britishers during second world war to resist the Japanese attack on there eastern front. My grandfather was working here as an technical ground staff and retired on 1992.He was saw both 1965 and 1971 war when this air base used by Indian Air force to protect there eastern front.In 1965 Pakistan PAF F-86 Sabre plane create a huge damage,but in 1971 there was only one raid and bombing case happened,which cause for death of one villager, who moved with one latent in night.

IA1334 - This photo dating from 1967 shows a MystereIVa IA1334

Ever since its reactivation in 1955, Kalaikunda had been home to Mystere Squadrons, Vampires, Hunters, Canberras, MiG-21s , Su-7s and currently MiG-27s. Kalaikunda includes a sizable amount of warbirds on show, about seven preserved. variety of hunter airframes are noticed  lying derelict round the airbase. it's suspected that atleast one Sukhoi-7 framing is lying around within the airbase. within the late 70s, one emotional person framing that was lying as a decoy was recovered and auctioned off to the united kingdom Collectors.

(MiG-21FL [C779] of the No. 8 Pursoots Squadron seen at Kalaikunda in 1997. This particular aircraft was involved in airstrikes over East Pakistan in the 1971 war, including the much celebrated bombing of the Government House in Dacca )

One of the various scattered farmings on the facility premises is that this derelict Hunter air frame in pale Thunderbolts theme of the No.20 Squadron.

The Kalaikunda facility includes a jubilee depository , wherever a rare DHC-3 Otter [IM 1057] finds place. additionally on show within the depository may be a Hunter fighter. There are at least 3 Gnats on show on the facility, 2 close to the ATC building and another at one in every of the Hangars. associate degree An-32 transport craft was noticed  on show at the depository in 1997. but this craft wasn't found once tested recently by Warbirds of Republic of India.

After the retirement of the MiG-25R's from Bareilly, one in every of {the 2|the 2} remaining two seater examples - craft DS362 was bought to Kalaikunda and place up for show close to the most tarmac space. The craft has since been repainted Tipnis gray and has lost all its original markings.
One of the retired hunter aircraft in Kalaikunda airbase
 Awacs early warning system with Russian T-76 transport aircraft
 Mirage 2000 takeoff from kalaikunda airbase
Most of the joint air force exercise of India, happened in kaliakunda airbase.
 AWACS aircraft during Indo-UK exercise
Euro Fighter in Indo-UK joint exercise Indradhanusha
 Indian Mirage with Euro Fighter in Indo-UK joint exercise Indradhanusha
Indian MKI SU 30 with Euro Fighter in Indo-UK joint exercise Indradhanusha
 RSAF 16 D in Kalikunda air base
 RSAF C130 Harculus transport Aircrat
 US air force technical staff talking with there Indian counterpart
F 16 in kalaikunda air base

Kalaikunda airbase surrounded by a sal tree forest ,so the natural view of this airbase is also very nice to see:
 sunset view from kalaikunda air base
 natural beauty near kalaikunda air base
 natural beauty near kalaikunda air base
 Sal tree forest near to air base

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How a country Become Powerful?

Is really US has maintain the super power status in present world. If we take as expenditure than definitely US has the biggest powerful country in the world with 100+ billion dollar budget the second biggest spending country is one fourth of this money invest in defense. There is definitely some hidden expenditure made by other countries. Some of the countries show nuclear technology as as research and development expenditure .US expenditure was again high because of high labor cost, high cost of production. If a moon mission or space program of India is only have some million dollar on the other hand that was billion dollars for US.
 Robot used by US forces in battle field
US army's new weapon used to partial paralysed enemy
Remote control tank

US technology in some area is really more advanced than others. Stealth technology when introduce with F117 no other country able to built same technology next twenty years. But some technology was not only criteria to win a war. In Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan US technology much advance than their rival, but US never able to get clear majority same thing would happen with USSR in Afghanistan and China in Cambodia. Victory always depends on the morel and fighting spirit of soldiers. In second world war when other axis power surrender ,Japan a small country still fight and gave a tuff fight to western countries. Japan only surrender due to inhuman nuclear attack and feared that continue use of nuclear bomb would destroy their whole population. Heads off to the samurai pilots, who directly hit their enemy target, when they found no other way to win the war. Self sacrifice is a human behavior, which comes when you fight for your nation or something which related with your family or religion.US soldiers has also same spirit but in modern time they fight for their supremacy and in other country which are not their mother land.US soldiers beat British and colonial power in war of independence, because on that time they fight for their motherland. This spirit is more powerful compare to any weapon. Most of the nation has this spirit but some are no comparison in second world war Japan show that spirit in present time Israel has that spirit .They fight for their existence .I can’t support any terrorist group due to same spirit, because they not fight for their motherland or for their existence they fight after their brainwash or they target innocent people, which can’t be acceptable.

Machine armor not made any country as powerful and on the same time with well trained army do nothing without the sophisticated weapons.

From the past history this would be clear. Start from 19th century, this time European countries had the most efficient and well trained army in world and they also had modern weapons of that time. Britain (U.K.), Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Portugal. Due to their modern armed forces the capture almost all other parts of world. India, China, Middle East, America all were their colonial states. But on the same time they were not able to capture some parts of world due to their topography, location, strength of the people. British attack many time in Afghanistan but not able to capture this state due to the topography as well as nature of the local people.

In 1989 USSR capture this state but only for a small time span and they lost a lot in this war and this was became one of the main reason for breakdown of USSR. Same  thing happen with USA,Us capture this country but not able lived for a long time due to the continue struggle with local terrorist group.

One more country which was never surrender against western  or against any more powerful country .Yes this was Vietnam ,during the civil war in this country US support the south Vietnam and almost destroy the half of the north Vietnam population but never able to capture this country. At lst when lots of US soldiers dies in war, they returned back and withdraw from this country. Same thing happen with Chinese, they were entered in this small country but not able to capture and withdraw from there due to international pressure. Modern Guerrilla war was invented here which helped to defeat more powerful competitor of Vietnam. North Vietnam was using age old machinery they don’t had enough resources but still able to defeat their enemy.
North Korea Army 

North Korea, this country was came into existence after second world war .After second world war Korea was divided in north and south .North part was under USSR control and south part was in US control. After 1948 when north social part want to capture the whole peninsula under socialist control than NATO forces enter in support of south Korea but after a long time war they not able to capture the north section. North part was supported by other socialist countries like: USSR and China. 

Western countries with their all modern weapons and arms not able to capture this part due .As per sources information that North Korea able to survive and fight for six months continuously based on resources. This country with all international sanctions and banned able to made nuclear arsenal and also develop a space program. This is also a well known facts that North Korea able to takeover whole peninsula under their control if the Western forces withdraw from this region. 
Israel Defence Army's lady member

Israel: A country started journey from zero. This country came into existence in 1948 .Made in the land of West Bank, philistine. They don’t had army, Weapons, machinery factories .within next twenty years they became the powerful country of the middle east. Defeat joint forces of more powerful countries of Middle East .Never defeated by anyone in any war .Fought continuously for their existence. Yes they have now the modern machinery equipments and army. But they won the war when they didn't have all that.

People from Afghanistan were barbaric, never controlled under any foreign power so they not able to defeat with modern machinery their topography also favorable for this country to fight their enemy.
On the other hand Vietnam people fight for their existence so it can’t possible to defeat them. North Korea was fight for nation pride. Israel fight for existence, they known that they would survive if they fight and finish if they surrender.