Saturday, July 26, 2014

Western countries stand in Ukrain incidance

 Malaysian boeing plan scrap shot down in Ukrain
In the last week I heard about Malaysian plane shot down by Russian support group in Ukraine. This incidence was a shameful act but in reality due to some miscommunication or wrong information this incidence took place. The rebel group from Ukraine doesn’t want to hit a passenger plane from a different country. Due to this instance white house give a strict verbal warning to Russia. Europeans union was also raising their voice but no one dare to put any economic sanction on Russia. Russia almost recovers its economy from 1990 and become of the top growth rate in Europe. Russia is self sufficient energy resource also has a huge reserve for future. Most of the developed European countries like Germany and Italy depend on Russian energy resource for their Industries .Uncertain middle east situation also increase the fuel prices and reduce its supply to rest of the world so, this time any sanction reduce Russian energy supply to world. Russian have huge nuclear arsenal in world .Russia is not like Iraq, where US enter with their forces. Russia have missile, which capable to destroy the American missile defense system. Russian built the fifth generation fighter aircraft, which is technically more advance to their American F22 rapter.US economy has huge fiscal deficit, dollar reduce its importance in world market. Middle east Oil producing countries now divert there investment from US dollar to European and Asian currency. Russian arms export is comparatively low in world market compare to USA, but Russian arms are cheap and easy to handle technology compare to US.Us export reduce after Saddam death as because middle east countries not interest to invest in US arms after end of Iraq war. On the other hand Iran, Iraq, and other Middle East countries procure arms from Russia. US arms export increase in Asia (India, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam etc.)India preferred Russia, European and Israel compare to US, the main reason for that was US weapons system is also available to their rival Pakistan.

 Army bases of different countries in different part of world
 Strategic defense balace of USA and China

 Chinese rocket launcher copy of US Javelin 

US media want to side line Russian as like Germany in Second World War and present Vladimir Putin as like Adolf Hitler. But US forget that Russia is not depending on other country as like Germany for raw material. Us already engaged in different wars in middle east, East Asia etc.So he don’t dare to open a another front with a powerful Russia. Russian don’t enter fare in middle east countries as like Afghanistan incidence so they are in safe side and support to middle east extremist group will create a dangerous situation of US interest in middle east.

 Arms export by different countries
 Russian KA-52 Black Shark advance attack helicopter
Russian  MIG35

 Oil and natural gas production in world

US has military base in different parts of world and any direct disturbance in US –Russian relation will create a big problem for all these bases. Us allies like: UK, France, Germany, Japan ,Canada were not as strong’s as before .On the other hand China will never stand with US in the expense of Russian rivalry, because China share  his border with Russia. India will always in non allying movement partner and have good friendly relation with Russia. Russian Intelligence has more powerful and panic compare to American CIA. US economy not able to bear the burden of war.

 Russian And Ukrain Border
new gen Hypersonic missile from Russia

 New Russian stealth aircraft Fihter

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

ISIS :threat to world part-2

 Babur class frigate of Pakistan Navy
 Chinese Army
Chinese mobile missile launcher
 Chinese missile defense system

 Saudi Arbia's Euro Phiter typhoon
 Iron dom missile defense system of Israel

As you read in my last post about the effect of ISIS in the world politics. When I was written that article I was only doubt that scenario on the basis of previous incidence but know all my prediction going to actualize after ISIS support by other – group .Main concern from this issue was participation by Muslim youth from different parts of the world for this war if this war was not stopped in near future that may be possible that this turn in wholly war, where one side is Muslim terrorist group and other side Christian and yahudi supported state forces. That situation had really very dangerous for whole world. May be possible that this war turn into World war 3, and every country effected with this war.

First possibility that ISIS totally take over in Iraq due to inefficient and untrained Iraqi nation force and civil war situation in Syria also give them an opportunity to take over that country. Saudi Arabia is already support this organization. UAE, Kuwait, Oman not have so strong to fight against the trained ISIS forces. After US withdraw from Afghanistan no one there to protect that country from ISIS interference.

Israel Missile defense system
C130 ofSaudi arabia
Chinese PLA Aerial Radar system

USSR withdraw from Afganistan 

As ISI and Saudi Arabia both have warm relation with ISIS and extremist groups from Pakistan also support ISIS to takeover Pakistan. On the western side of the middle east small countries in Africa don’t have dare to fight against this powerful ISIS forces  and African terrorist groups. Hamas already start war against Israel and if ISIS able to actualize this plan than Hamas also stand with ISIS. Than the situation become really very dangerous for the yahudy state of Israel, non Muslim state: India. Might be possible that ISIS able to takeover Philistine areas. Kashmiri local people if support their neighbor ISIS state than India forces need a lots of affects .Uncertain political condition in Egypt also helpful for ISIS activity in this Muslim state. Jordon and Turkey is really a tuff job for this organization. But they can easily takeover other East Asian Muslim countries with local extremist group support in Bangladesh, Malaysia. If ISIS takeover Pakistan than they got nuclear arsenal .Indian Govt. due to the fear of nuclear war may be withdraw their forces from Kashmir .ISIS also support the Muslim extremist group in China and may be possible they provide nuclear arsenal to Chinese  extremist or terrorist group or Chechnya terrorist group. All these activities bring Israel, India, China, and Russia together. The joint forces of all these countries again take over their territory and seize all nuclear arsenals with US and NATO support. Pakistan and Afghanistan and Bangladesh join Indian sovereignty and freedom in their internal affairs. India looks after all the seized nuclear arsenal of Pakistan.

In Middle East a new nation create under Israel supremacy, with freedom in their internal affairs. In this union Iraq, Oman, Syria, Kuwait and Israel come.

There is also possibility that joint forces Israel, China, Russia, India regain their home land and destroy the ISIS group and then new govt. formed in all other state of Middle East but again some new terrorist groups come in near future.

Any one situation in this scenario helpful for India and China to come close in world forum.

Biggest drawback from this situation arises is oil crisis in world ,which brings US also to interfere in this war.US interference in war also create a big pressure on US economy as like USSR after Afghanistan war.

May be possible that USA also divided as like USSR. If this happen than Russia again got super power status with China and India become 3rd biggest powerful country. These all scenario can’t avoid a big war or third world war in Asia and African continent.

Now the question arises what happen for rest of the world. After second world war no one European country dare to directly involve in other countries dispute, They take part under the banner of NATO with US support .If US disintegrated than they come under the influence of Russia or China.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

ISIS:A threat to whole world

From Last couple of month in every news channel broadcast about ISIS activities in IRAQ. News channel claim that this terrorist group captures a big area of Iraq and Syria. They had huge financial reserve by capturing different nationalized banks in Iraq and different oil refinery in Iraq. Now a big question arise how it can be possible that a terrorist organization can defeat a national army of Iraq and Syria. Now you need to went some years back  in 1990 when USSR  capture Afghanistan and USA intelligence CIA  and Pakistan Intelligence ISI trained Mujahidin terrorist to recapture the Afghanistan. When USSR withdraws their troops from Afghanistan and the terrorist built a Islamic country .This Govt. destroy the Budha statue, they provided training facility to Laskar-e-taiaba. This Govt. was friendly relation only with two country Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.USA never interfere in Afghanistan Issue till world trade centre attacked. In Iraq also same situation raised. US attack with NATO forces with a false claim that Saddam Husain had some weapon of Mass Distruction, but in reality there was nothing found  but NATO forces destroyed the IRAQ ‘s powerful force, who were able to tackle all this situation. NATO forces withdraw when they were unable to tackle daily terrorist attack in IRAQ as like Vietnam .US force is able to defeat any country’s force but not able to defeat anyone in guerrilla war.US and NATO defeated in Vietnam war, Korea war and in Iraq war. Iraqi national forces were trained by US army so they had same issue as like US, they not able to defeat anyone in guerrilla war.US already declared that there army not participate directly in war but US drones used to safeguard US interest in Iraq.
Iraq National army
 Most Dangerous plan of ISIS terrorist group to spread there border

US mine proof ,army vechicle

Nato Special Forces

Iraqi army with paramilitry forces

On the other hand ISIS terrorist group was financially backed by Saudi Arabia. This was also well known that Saudi royal family protected by Pakistan special forces or ISI agents.That means Saudi Arbia and Pakistan also baked ISIS. Their main interest was create sunni  state in middle east.This was also another reason US not directly went against ISIS terrorist group. As because US has friendly relation with both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

ISIS is a sunni Muslim terrorist organization as like Mujahidin’s .In the current situation they got a buffer zone after US withdraw in Iraq and they also got better opportunity to extend in other part like in Afganistan, because US forces also withdraw from here after some time.ISI also plan to take over again Afghanistan with the help of ISIS to save his interest here in Afghanistan.

Only some countries in Middle East able to defeat this force they are Siya Muslim country Iran, Israel. But this scenario really becomes dangerous in future .ISIS treat rival to all Siya Muslim countries, Yahudi Israel and Hindu India. From last twenty years Afghanistan and Pakistan become the epicenter of terrorist group and all terrorist from world were trained in training camp in this area, but due to US interfere in this area ISI (Pakistan Intelligence service) sift their position in middle east like and create ISIS.
If all countries from world not jointly worked against ISIS than definitely in future again a new Osama bin Laden and Lascar-E-Taiyaba create in this area.

Iraqi air force got the Sukhoi -30 advance aircraft from Russia but they don’t have pilots, and no other country give there pilot to run this aircrafts.

Why other country not interfere in Iraq incidence:

1.USA: USA is a super power but it was also proved that US forces only technically powerful and they only able to defeat anyone in face to face war but not in guerrilla war. From last one year US forces only lost lives of their army personal in daily terrorist attack.US economy also run from a bad time so they are not able to invest in security in Iraq.

2.U.K.France,Germany or European Union: No one of European country was as powerful after second world war,so they were not dare to bear the burden on their economy by interfering in this incidence and they also don’t want to bring rivalry from ISIS in their home by interfere in this incidence.

Irania Army
 Iran special forces

 Iranian bullet proof Militry vechile

 Israel army personnel

 Israel bullet proof and  electronic  signal jammer vechicle

 Israel mirage aircraft in a Israeli air base

3. Middle east Countries: Due to Islamic movement in all big countries in middle  east  no one have financially and defense wise so strong to interfere here. Iran is capable to beat ISIS but presently IRAN is also a siya Muslim country but face financial restriction from US so not interested to interfere in other country issue or to help Iraq. Israel is powerful and able I Guerrilla war fare but any activity by Israel here brings all Muslim countries together and they fights back with Israel. And Israel never wants to trap there. But this is also a well known fact that if ISIS continued strong than in future Israel face lots of problem in this area.

 Indian Aircraft carrier

 Indian Airforce

4.India: Indian have a trained forces but they financially not so strong to interfere here again they feared that if they interfere and international terrorist come to their door than situation become worse. Indian Govt. also have problem if ISIS inter in Afghanistan after US forces withdrawal .On that situation ISIS and ISIS directly work against Indian interest.

Chinese oil tanker in middile east sea root
5.China: Chinese always worked for their national interest. It is well known fact that they use Pakistan to avoid Xingjian Muslim terrorist contact with any Pakistan based terrorist organization. And there use of power against ISIS will affect their national interest  in middle east countries.

 Russian Special Forces
  Russian Special Forces

6.Russia: Russia has huge oil and petroleum reserve so he not depends on Middle East. Second Russia after USSR dissolve not had a super power status as like USA. Russian has already involved in Ukraine issue so he not interfere in Middle East. Second Russia have already involve in Chechnya terrorist issue so any interfere here brings both the terrorist organization together. Russia is also an arms exporter so any dispute here increases their arms sale.After Afganistan incidence Russian never want to directly involve any foreign issue.