Saturday, December 27, 2014

Who is behind the terrorist attack?

Today again I am presenting some dirty pictures of secret service played .Secrete service basically worked on to collect information of enemy countries. But in today scenario their role totally changed .Now they worked to destabilize Govt. of enemy country. No terrorist organization can survive without the support of any country. Every country directly or indirectly support terrorist for their own interest. CIA and Pakistan ISI created Mujahidin and Taliban against USSR,CIA also support different latin American and African rebel for their own interest. Pakistan support all terrorist groups working in Jammu and Kashmir region in India .Indian Raw and Mossad from Israel also support terrorist group for their own interest and to collect their information .British, German French also have working for their own interest. Chinese also support all red rebels in India and Nepal area.
In my different post you can know how all rich Middle East countries support financially most of big terrorist organization for their own interest.US and western countries support Chechnya terrorist against Russia.US support xinghiayn rebel in China.
 Candel March for peshawar terrorist attack in Pakistan
 Pakistan army chief with NATO army personnel
 Pakistan parliamentary house
Pakistan MBT2000 supplied by Chinese

Counter intelligence wing of every secrete service basically working on same line as like a terrorist group.
 J10 Chinese aircraft supplied to Pakistan
 JF17 model jointly developed by China and Pakistan
JF17 Chenjdu developed by Chinese for Pakistan

Terrorist groups are also working on same way as like secrete service .They have their sleeper cell wings ,which are inactive till their target fix for attack. These cell people had doctor, engineer, politician, daily labor, factory worker, software engineer etc. They are available in every section of society. Secrete service also have working on same way they have their agents in every section of their enemy country as well as in terrorist group. Mossad and Russian secrete service counter intelligence cell have kidnap, kill murder whole family of terrorist group and enemy countries politician, scientist etc.

In my last post I was informing about world trade centre attack in USA, Marriott Hotel bombing, Mumbai attack in India .These all are in a series, and there are different unsolved question who are behind this incidence.

After a long time some terrorist activities happened in J&k in India and same time a big terrorist activity happened in Peshawar army school in Pakistan. Who are behind the army school attack in Pakistan?

There were many names and group came in this category. First doubt went to the existing Govt. ,because Govt. want to control army for their own interest, second the failure Govt want to distract the existing mindset of their citizen or want to get more portion of their GDP for defence.
Second possibility that this incidence may be does by the rationalist group to create mindset against Western countries and against India.

Third possibility that ISI did this to create sentiment against, western countries, Israel and India and to start their own terrorist work in J&K and India and Afghanistan.
Some expert also doubt for Afghanistan secrete service with support from Mossad and Indian RAW, but there was very low possibility when NATO,CIA ,MI6 already present in this area than how it can be possible .

I think ISI did this to create sentiments against India, Israel and western powers and also want to start their own support to terrorist group against India. I am also cannot ignore the Chinese secrete service role behind the curtain to create sentiments against India also to increase their weapon sale to Pakistan. It is well known facts that Pakistan alone purchase a big parts of Chinese weapon and if tension increase with India than definitely there sale increase.

Now again there is big possibility that in future some big terrorist attack will happen in any part in India. When I write this post may be possible in some part of world any terrorist group already make their plan to attack and definitely secrete service from Pakistan, China and Bangladesh support them.
Now it’s time for Indian security personal how to overcome from their plan. But next year definitely have some big terrorist incidence will happen in Indian subcontinent.

What is the way to overcome this problem? There is only one strategy to overcome this problem, which followed by Mossad and Russian secrete service. Destroy your enemy strength and all there possible weapon and supportive terrorist group. Indian need to killed all head of terrorist group like Masood Azhar,Lakhvi,Hafiz sayeed ,Taliban, Daud Ibrahim. India need to work with mossad ,Russian secrate service,CIA,MI6 to overcome this problem. If India not able to do this than prepare for any big terrorist attack in any army school in India or any central school worked closed to army or air force base.

India need to follow Chnkya neeti, destroy your enemy before they attack you to overcome from this problem.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sixth Genration fighter Plane for future war

Six th generation fighter planes are conceptual. Most of the countries currently working on fifth generation which will come in service within 2020.Sixth generation final test will conduct from 2020 and come into service after 2030.USA F22 raptor is only active fifth generation fighter plane.US navy also claim F35 lighting also stand in fifth generation category but in realty different up gradation done with F22 raptor and F35 lighting never stand in fifth generation category.

 Russian PAK T50 definitely a fifth generation plane but come into service from 2017 after words. Chinese J20 stealth bomber also come into service on same time. When fifth generation planes are not activate than why we are talking about sixth generation. The reason is that Swedish Gripen JAS 39E Gripen almost touch the sixth generation aircraft strength and expert believe that Sweden is first country who have sixth generation fighter plane. Sweden definitely stand alone in this category but other countries are also start design and test in this segment. Russian again stand one step ahead in this category with introducing pilot less plane. Sixth generation planes are technical marvel and totally change the concept in aviation field. Some of them don’t have tail some have small and in some one two. This changes can help to increase their speed and help them to fly intercontinental without refuelling.
 Six genration F-X proto type made for USAF
 Lokhead martin F-X sixth genration model for USAF
F/A-18 Super Hornet model

Boeing sixth generation model plane

They all are different category of laser guided bomb’s run their sixth generation program under  F-X,F/A-18 Super Hornet .F-x is a aircraft design for air force and  super hornet for navy.Darpa already  start this project with advance engine : Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (or ADVENT) ,20,000 lbf (89 kN) thrust class. US sixth generation has three different variant of laser: first have low power which illuminate, target and destroy enemy censors. Second one is medium powerful which can destroy incoming missile from enemy aircraft and third one high grade which can destroy enemy target in ground etc.US already successfully test this ytem from 61000fts high from sea-level at a speed of Mach 2.5.

Sixth generation planes are advanced sensor fusion and artificial intelligence capacity .That means they can trace enemy, jam enemy censor automatic activate target monitoring and informed to pilot before enemy appear.

Russian sixth generation aircraft has such advance features and break all the record of fighter plane speed level. The speed of the plane touch Mach 7 which is not possible till now. This is a hypersonic speed .Human body not able to bear such thrust and speed so they developed pilot less plane. This plane is made from composite material which reduce its weight. This plane also have self-monitoring capacity as well as well stealth technology. There is also great possibility that this plane has laser weapons.

Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin:

This sixth generation plane is come into existence when USA congress ban on export of F22 raptor due to modern stealth technology system. Japan during world war2 produce some unique advance fighter planes perform equally like other European and US counterparts but after that self-defence force never try to develop new aircraft .In the modern time with increasing PLA interference in Japanese sea water and Chinese aggression Japanese develop new stealth fighter plane with advance technology. Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin is equipped with Japanese advance electronics. It has 3D thrust vectoring capability system as like Rockwell  X31 develop by NASA.

The most advance features are Its radar will be an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar called the 'Multifunction RF Sensor', which is intended to have broad spectrum agility, capabilities for electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic support measures (ESM), communications functions, and possibly even microwave weapon functions.

The most advance feature in this plane is Self-Repairing Flight Control Capability, which help to detect the problem in plane and use remaining system to control the aircraft.
Chinese sixth genration model
 J-28: Chinese also develop their own sixth generation fighter plane. They already start working on this project, there J28 has hypersonic speed. This aircraft equipped with all modern technology electromagnetic devices which make this a dangerous weapon. J-28 able to hit any incoming missile from any parts of solar system.

With advance and powerful laser, this can be able to melt any missile including a nuclear one. This aircraft also have electromagnetic gun.
Swedish  JAS 39E Gripen
 JAS 39E Gripen: Saab Gripen also come in sixth generation category with high speed .modern aviation technology and censor device. Electromagnetic device and most advance electronic warfare system “gallium nitride technology”. This device help to detect friend and enemy aircraft and devices, which help a lot in war field. Sweden is only country with active sixth generation fighter plane with JAS 39E Gripen.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sweden:The only country produce sixth generation fighter aircraft

Sweden is a small country in Europe but one of the main weapon producing country in Europe. Sweden always neutral in any war. In world war 1 or 2, cold war he never support any specific one. Sweden forces always participate any humanitarian or peace keeping mission. Under UNO flag.This country known for their bikini team ,but sweden is more than that.

Sweden never involve in modern war but able to defeat any army except some super powers. Sweden can’t depend on any country for arms and weapon. Sweden is one of leading arms producing and exporting country. Arms industry provide a big share in nation GDP.

On the other hand where China import 50%, India70 %, Pakistan 90%, Israel ,UK, Australia, Singapore all are importing arms and weapons.

Sweden can made a small pistol to big war ship and latest fighter planes. Some of the amazing arms that Sweden produce:

Saab JAS 39 Gripen: This is multirole  fighter air craft .These aircrafts used by different air forces like: Hungary, Thailand, Brazil, Czech republic, U.K. etc. This Multirole fighter aircraft is equally perform like the other advance aircraft in same category like: Sukhoi 30, Rafel, Euro Typhoon, F15 etc. Cost of per unit is $69 million. This aircraft has all modern gadgets and censor to find out the enemy target and carry huge armaments and weapons.

JAS 39E Gripen be the future of air combat. This sixth generation tag was only given to this plane based on their performance. This Swedish technology avilabat a marginal price compare to F22 raptor, which is only 4.5 generation. Why JAS 39E Gripen getting sixth generation tag because this plane is fastest and all censor capability and perform better than so called fifth generation aircraft technology. This plane used electronic warfare technology   gallium nitride technology first time which differentiate an enemy and friendly aircraft.

Gripen NG or JAS NG is most advance combat aircraft and replace other. JAS series. There are different variants’ in JAS category. Like: JAS 39 A, JAS 39 B, JAS 39 c, JAS 39 D, JAS 39 E/F. India reject Sweden JAS in 126 Multirole combat aircraft deal compare to Rafel and typhoon but Indian navy interested in Sab gripen NG series.

Sweden also produce early warning system. Saab 340B 
Argus Airborne Early Warning and Control,saab2000 Argus Airborne Early Warning and Control, etc. Sweden was the first country to develop air early warning system. Its coverage was 300*.There was six crew members in this flight. Swedish early warning system used by Swedish Air Force, Thai Airforce, Pakistan Airforce, Saudi Arabia Airforce.

RBS-15 (Robot system 15 is surface to surface and surface to air missile is used by different countries like: Thailand, Germany, Finland, Poland, Yugoslavia, Croatia and Algeria.

BAMSE system is one of the unique ground based missile defence system, which can work alone or take information from other sources also to find the target and destroy coverage of this system is 2100 sq. kilo meter and altitude coverage is 20,000 meters. All the fighters’ planes and missile of any country cannot able to penetrate where this missile system is operating.

RBS 70 is short rage air defence system used by Swedish army. This portable device used laser guided missile to destroy enemy target and its accuracy is 95%.This is easy to carry.

Visby class corvettes was first stealth naval ship came into service by Sweden navy. Swedish naval ship was fully loaded with electronic war fare system and all modern weapon .In 2009 Sweden was the first country to launch this ship for navy.

Stridsvagn 122: This is the main battle tank of Sweden army. This  tank's perforce level is same as like other advance tank like:T90 from Russia ,Leopard from germany,M12A from USA and Challenger 2 from UK.

FH77 BW L52 self-propelled howitzer was latest self-propelled arty gun can be used in conventional war field as well as for peace keeping mission.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Chinese Air show 2014

Chinese air show 2014 has shown some advance weapons of PLA. Chinese are master in reverse engineering and acquire each and every latest technology by reverse engineering method. The main drawback of Chinese armaments is quality, Chinese were produce different category arms and weapon but there are only few buyers just because of their low quality.

Sky Dragon 50 medium range SAM presented by NORINCO. The system is developed for low, medium as well as high elevation air protection at ranges of 50 km. The SAM unit consists of a single IBIS 150 3D target classification radar and one fire distribution automobile, managing 2-6 mobile fire systems each bring 4 launchers.
Sky Dragon 12-- An integrated, mobile SHORAD system just like the Russian KBP Pantsir S1 system. Sky Dragon 12 has a reliable range of 12 km, and elevation of 5 km. The radar and also fight administration system could be integrated with 35mm AA weapons to form an incorporated forward-based air defense tool system.

LY-80 medium array SAM from China Aerospace Science and also Modern technology Corp. (CASC) providing area air protection of essential possessions. The system uses a multifunction phased variety tracking and also guidance radar searching at arrays approximately 140 km. The system makes use of a consolidated advice system utilizing both ground illuminating and also semi-active homing, at varieties approximately 85km. Interception elevation from ground level to 15 km, at ranges of 3.5-40 km.

A number of Chinese firms have actually displayed innovative medium variety air defense systems at Airshow China 2014. This version, the FD-2000 was offered by CPIMEC to Turkey. The photo shows the Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) and radar related to the system.

Sharp Claw 2 wheeled 6 x 6 UGV, an unmanned platform created for battle recce, patrol, assault and transport goals. The system is designed to relocate and execute its objective along manned devices, helping battle fighters by lugging goals of high risk or preserving the unit by bring hefty weights. It can likewise set up additional UGVs, made for particular goals such as Sharp Claw 1 tracked small UGV, released as an armed or unarmed UGV on inside your home procedures and counter IEDs.

AVIC presented a variety of drones consisting of a 1:6 version of the 'Blue Fox' high ability to move jet powered drone, and the twin propeller driven Harrier III long endurance drone. a 1:5 version of the Wing Loong I-- the genuine drone was revealed at the fixed screen location, equipped with lightweight tools. An additional version presented below was the 'Air Sniper', while configured to be at the very same size and weight course of Wing Loong I, the Air Sniper can flying at higher altitude on longer objectives, carrying two times the payload of the Wing Loong I.

The Blue Fox is a high-maneouverability target drone based upon AVIC's L-15 progressed instructor. It is capable of simulating the contemporary, high manoeuvrability fighters from third generation up. The target drone will certainly be powered by two turbojets, each providing optimum drive of 60dN.

Another twin-prop is the VD200 vertical take-off and also landing drone. As a tail sitter the VD200 takes off and also land in upright position, transitioning to straight trip for the rest of the objective. At a 200kg gross take-off weight the VD-200 can bring a payload considering 20kg on a three hour mission.

The Chinese Wing Loong I, a Chinese copy of the 1990s' UNITED STATE made General Atomics Killer I UAV, presented at Airshow China with the Y-6M bombing plane at the background, itself a 30 years of age Chinese duplicate of the Russian Tupolev Tu-16, bombing plane, developed in the 1960's. While the drone brings considerably less in weight, as well as its destruction power is restricted, in regards to preciseness and also determination it is much more efficient than the bombing plane, carrying much bigger loads free of cost autumn bombs. The Y-6M was also presented with a variety of precision strike tools, such as anti-ship rockets, stand-off, modular tool container and also EO directed missiles.

a line of directed weapons shown by AVIC, consisting of the LS/50 as well as LS/100 laser guided tools, carried by unmanned aircraft as well as LS-6/ 250 as well as 500, expanded variety 'move bombs' assisted by satellite gps. These 2 kinds are geared up with retractable wing package prolonging their strike range. They are designed primarily for strike plane.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Weapon for future war

The need for human beings to take part in armed conflicts might quickly more than. The future generation of army equipment may be able to think and act for itself.

Armed forces equipment will certainly soon consist of "independent robots that recognize neither pity nor worry"-- very a step up from the existing generation of UAVs and drones operated by human beings from the safety of armed forces bases hundreds, otherwise thousands, of miles away.

Autonomous killing robot 

Since drones such as the Killer were prepared as well as armed for usage in Iraq as well as Afghanistan in the early 2000s, stealth weapons have actually played an essential function in the West's "War on Horror." It was a Predator drone that situated Osama Container Laden in 2011, and also it was a Killer drone that introduced the missile attack earlier this month that killed Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud. The drones have actually clocked greater than 200,000 hrs of flying time in Afghanistan considering that their creation.

Drone operators work in a risk-free atmosphere, sometimes in a totally various nation to the one that the aircraft flies in. They make judgement calls based on the scenario they see on the computer system screen in front of them. The success of the program has actually indicated that the United States Flying force is training even more folks to fly drones than it is standard aircraft.

US produce robot to phaseout its army from middle east in near future

Chinese mini drone for surveillance

USA design robot to heal injured soldier in battlefield

 Israel robot for battlefield and against terrorist activity
  Israel robot for battlefield and against terrorist activity

The legal fight over whether drones such as the Killer as well as the Reaper contravene worldwide regulation is still raving. The basis of the argument versus their usage is that actions saw countless miles away on a computer system display can be misunderstood and the reaction could possibly have intense consequences. That lawful fight might get a lot harder with the future generation. Future tools will eliminate the human aspect from the equation totally; they will be able to involve targets by themselves, making best use of damage. They will certainly represent the olden saying: "Fire first, ask questions later on.".

USA mini drone for surveillance

Robotics that could get rid of people aren't sci-fi anymore: they're truth. Russia has released armed robots, different from drones due to the fact that they can choose targets and make a decision to fire on them without any human input, to secure its rocket bases. Russia wishes to broaden its robotic capacities significantly, and it's likely several other countries do too. We're slouching towards a future where robotics play a frontline function in fight.

German made drone which is in research stage

 The armed robotics concern is coming to be so real, so quickly, that 87 countries took a seat at a United Nations-convened conference from Could 13th to the 15th to talk about prohibiting the things. Those countries, consisting of Russia, China, and the United States, talked about modifying the UN Convention on Specific Typical Defense, which 117 countries have actually approved, to prohibit the use of armed robotics during wartime. A lot of the information protection on this concern has actually dealt with robotic arms manage as if it's a joke or an uniqueness. It's neither: For over a year, Civil rights Watch has actually been developing a campaign to tension for prohibiting army robots, suggesting that they present an unacceptable threat to civilian populaces. Are they right? Should we be banning what HRW calls "awesome robots"?

Proton model for future army produce by UK

The argument regarding robotics in warfare boils down to the concern of whether they would make war criminal offences more or less most likely. There are severe arguments on either side. In numerous methods, this new disagreement concerning robots is an extension of much older disagreement regarding why battle criminal activities take place and how to avoid them. This isn't a joke any-more: the argument over armed forces robotics has to do with protecting against horrific abuse of genuine individuals.

Israli autonomus robot for future

You may have reasonably thought that the discussion over army robots would come down to programs; as an example, whether robotics can be educated the best ways to identify private citizens from contenders. And also usually this is where the conversation centers. But the much bigger problem isn't really the robotics; it's exactly how their human controllers will utilize them.

US research for future army suit

Russia's unrefined robotics notwithstanding, everyone agrees our existing AI isn't really sufficient to make moral differences. While disputing the principles or immorality of theoretical robot AI is in theory fascinating, at this factor it's simply theoretical. So it's difficult to suggest for or versus army robotics based upon the strengths or advantages of an artificial intelligence that does not yet already existing.
Russian made robot for future war

Robotics advancements in small actions: automated systems developed to obliterate missiles and homing torpedoes are semi-robotic. As innovation like that breakthroughs, we'll obtain a better feeling of whether robots will be risk-free for battle zone.

There are in-principle disagreements that aren't based on the specifics of shows. At the UN, a variety of specialists argued that robot soldiers were a lot more humanitarian warfighters considering that they 'd "never ever rape." The assumption is that war time rape is a crime of interest. As well as robots, by their nature, do not have passions.

Charli Builder, a political scientist at the University of Massachussetts-Amherst, makes a compelling argument that robotics might dedicate war crimes-- because battle criminal activities, unlike exactly what we could choose to believe, are typically not dedicated by rogue soldiers as criminal activities of interest yet as purposeful devices of fear engineered by top commanders. In the Bosnian Battle, for example, Bosnian Serb soldiers were gotten by their leaders to use rape as a technique of terror, as well as soldiers who rejected were threatened with castration.

Robots, unlike folks, consistently do what they're mentioned to. Woodworker's point is that human-rights misusing federal governments can program robot warriors to do whatever they 'd wish, and also they would certainly do it, without compunction or thought. If the truth of war-time atrocities is that they often be intended, not crimes of interest, then that's a big matter in favour of banning military robotics today.

Obviously, the tale is various in modern liberal-democratic nations. Autonomous nations usually don't launch extermination projects, and also a minimum of nominally effort to punish human rights misuses by their soldiers. So robots set by liberal-democratic regimens could, a minimum of in theory, boost on inherently flawed human judgements as well as eliminate the situations where war criminal activities really are the outcome of bad apples or out-of-control rage and disgust on the ground level.

This insight is at the heart of the most sophisticated situation against a restriction, made by American University's Ken Anderson and Columbia's Matt Waxman. Anderson and also Waxman's disagreement is that countries are likely to begin making use of robotics if they think they're militarily beneficial, despite exactly what worldwide law claims concerning them. Indeed, there is something of a track record of nations overlooking arms control agreements when it's militarily hassle-free.

Anderson and Waxman suggest that, as opposed to enforcing a ban on robots that is likely to fall short, autonomous nations need to press or moderate the robotics sector such that armed forces robotics will be more responsible as well as much less hazardous. The United States, particularly, leads the globe in army robotics. If the United States pressed worldwide robotics inventors to only develop technology with specific humanitarian constricts in thoughts, that could prevent technology that could be abused in the way Contractor pictures from ever coming to be. Also totalitarians need to acquire their robotics from a person.

We're not also near resolving this argument. The UN deliberations today are simply the beginning of conversations concerning prohibiting armed robotics. But the academic dispute around this, nonetheless abstract, must emphasize why the robotics debate issues a lot. We stay in an age where a genocidal robot army is ending up being a real opportunity. We owe it to ourselves to think about how to avoid that grim future.

The requirement for humans to participate in armed conflicts might soon more than. The next generation of military equipment may be able to think and also substitute itself.

Armed forces equipment will quickly include "independent robots that understand neither pity nor worry"-- quite an action up from the current generation of UAVs as well as drones run by humans from the security of armed forces bases hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away.