Saturday, September 5, 2015

Countries change their strategical partner with changing world circumstances

World politics has drastically changed in recent time. Every country foreign policy change with time to time to save their national interest. In modern time world politics change many time .First world war was first turning and then Second World War. Both this war was Europe concentrate but in Second World War Asia and American countries was other main participant. Cold war was mainly USA and USSR conflicts and European countries divided in both this camp. After end of cold war many other small regional powers had come against USA .USA always try to influence other countries for their own national interest.
Gulf war
Middle East always plays the crucial role in world politics due to their petroleum reserve. Middle East countries were mainly Muslim dominated and they always support a Muslim country in any world crisis. Except in some circumstances when USA stand against any Muslim country like Gulf war.
 Russian army general in Pakistan who stand against Pakistan in 1971 war

Middle East countries had huge foreign reserves and they used this fund for promotion of Islam as well as they support many terrorist groups who were fighting against western countries as well as against Israel.
USA,Australia and Japan stand against Chinese expansion in East Asia  
Main donor were like: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ezypt, Zordon , Libiya etc. Pakistan from its independence became of the main favorite country due to their location. USSR and USA both wanted to use this country for their own interest. After 1965 Indo-Pak war USSR arranged agreement between India and Pakistan where India need to return many crucial winning land to Pakistan due to pressure from USSR and on the same time murder of Indian prime minister on Taskand was raise many doubts. It was well known facts that KGB was famous for using poison in many operations and in Taskand Indian Prime minister body turn into blue and many evidence was missing after his death.
Chinese advance fighters plane in 2015 victory parade
Chinese after 1962 Indo-China war stand with Pakistan for their national interest and provide many crucial spy documents to Pakistan army before Indo-Pak war.

USA also uses Pakistan for their national interest and they look after Pakistan after USSR interfere in Indo-Pak peace treaty in taskand.

USA interfere sideline USSR support and therefore USSR came close to India and Afghanistan .Due to USSR intervention in Bangladesh war Pakistan directly support USA and provide many of their northern airbase to USA spy operation against USSR. Pakistan ISI and USA CIA directly involve against USSR in Afghanistan. They start terrorist camp and training camp mujahidin’s in Pakistan and Pak Afghan border. After this successful operation Pakistan use this strategy for their own interest .Terrorist from every parts of world came to Pakistan for their training.

USA ,Japan and India come close with changing world circumstances
Now Russia come close to Pakistan again and lift the ban to sale weapons ,China became all time friend for Pakistan and use against India, China also interfere in Srilanka and Bangladesh against Indian encirclement.
Russian come close to China once they fight due to border dispute
Pakistan sale weapons to Srilanka against LTTE operation.USA already involve in fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, ISIS also start a new front for USA and NATO.
Israel come close to India and Russia increase their closeness with Pakistan .USA maintain balance between India and Pakistan but definitely give priority to India to maintain power balance against China.
Saudiarabia always stand with support in Pakistan and Muslim terrorist organization .UAE also stand in Muslim brotherhood but now support India in place of Pakistan.

India got two air base on Tajikistan which definitely used against China and Pakistan .India organized Pacific allies group meeting in India which mainly discuss how to minimize Chinese interfere in pacific area.

Indian secretes forces now worked many foreign supports and jointly worked with western countries to lookafter terrorist activities in Middle East and western Asia. Indian RAW well worked and more information for Middle East Asian countries than comparing their western counterpart likes: MI6, CIA, BND, Mossad etc.

Once Iran stands with USA now Iran became main opponent of west and Nato.  Cuba one time rival of USA now increase closeness to USA and open USA embassy.