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Pakistan:Glorious past and dark future

A country known as terrorist epicentre and one of the dangerous place in world .This country has big geopolitical advantage due to its location .Due to its location factor every western country .Afghanistan already pay lots for this location importance and now its Pakistan.

Pakistani students followed western style and ideology
  Pakistan Parliamentary house

This country came into existence in 1947 when it separated after British rule. On that time this has two parts one was East Pakistan and second one was West Pakistan.

Pakistan due to its location always play an important role in every event in Middle East and Asia.

Pakistan was first Muslim country adopt western culture and economic model for development. Once upon a time Pakistan economic growth rate more than their Asia counterpart .Pakistan Stock exchange perform better than Chinese, Korean and Indian stock exchange during 70’s.Pakistan had getting better arms and weapons comparing to India. During 1965 Pakistan less than ¼ part of India stand equal in terms of weapons in starting phase of 1965 war.

Pakistan was more close to USA and US surveillance detective plane used Pakistan airbase for USSR operation. Pakistan army play a police role in Middle East and took part in every big war. Took part in providing security to Saudi royal family, participate in war against Israel from Arabian Muslim countries. Participate against USSR war from Afghanistan from USA side. Participate against Iraq in Kuwait war.

JF10 Chinese fighter plane used in PAF

JF17 Jointly produce by China and Pakistan

Pakistan has one of main member in OIC (organisation of Islamic countries).Pakistan totally changed after 1971 Indo Pak war. In this war Pakistan shift his dependence on western allies and now shift to Chinese support.

Pakistan use USA support against USSR and provide ISI and army support for its own interest.
Pakistan Alkhalid tank
Pakistan create mujahidin’s with US support but now this terrorist became headache for their own.
This country start supporting terrorism from 50’s when this came into existence. Pakistan first support to mujahidin’s and local tribal group for Kashmir issue. Pakistan also support North East rebel groups from 1950 onwards. All north east terrorist groups got their training and arms supply from East Pakistan. Pakistan ISI was the master mind behind all this.
 Pakistan Shaheen missile
 Terrorist camp in Pakistan

As a secret service agency definitely ISI was one of the oldest and gave tuff competition to other secret service agency in world.

It was ISI who starting drug trafficking and other illegal activities and used all revenue for funding other terrorist group working in India, and Afghanistan.

Candle march after terrorist attack in peshawar Pkistan

Western security service trying many time to reach Pakistan nuclear arsenal because they feared that extremist group in Pak army transfer nuclear warhead to terrorist group but they never got success due to ISI .

ISI network spread all over world but mainly they concentrate in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Middle East.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fourth Largest Air Force in World

Indian air force is now fourth largest and strongest air force in world. India has used all new and advance aircraft and there pilot known to be one of the best trained in world.

Indian air force started in British regime under the crown name royal Indian Air force in 1932 .In second world war Indian air force played a crucial role in war with bombing in Japanese advancement in East Asia.

After Independence Indian Air force took part in first J&K war but role was only limited to bring soldiers and necessary equipment’s. First major use was taken in 1960-61 during Goa Liberation war against Portuguese, when Indian bombers destroy their runway, meteorological, radio and radar station.

Indian forces faces arms and ammunition shortage in first 20 years after independence. In this time our so called peace loving prime minister want to become a global leader and raise nonaligned nation flag and reduce military budget .This underprepared and age old weapons system became one of the main reason to defeat in 1962 war against china and also become one of the main reason to lost many aircrafts in 1965 war against Pakistan.

India used British period aircraft in 1965 war on the other hand Pakistan used latest American jet planes with side winder missile system, India used age old tank on the other hand Pakistan used latest Patton tank .In 1962 war against China most of the Indian soldiers not die from Chinese bullet, they died from cold because they don’t had warm cloths and equipment. Sometimes there age-old gun jammed not fired.

One more reason why India lost many planes in 1965 war against Pakistan was Pakistan pilots had more experienced because they participate in Middle East war and war against Israel on the other hand Indian pilots not had so much experienced.

Main changes came after 1965 war when India increase defence budget and national security was giving first priority.

India air force created first clean sweep victory in 1971 war against Pakistan. In East Pakistan within 4 days Indian Air force got supremacy and then no counter measure taken by Pakistan in west Mig 21 performed much better than their Pakistani counterpart.

After this Indian Air force never looked back.

In present scenario India has largest variety of attacking aircrafts and all are latest one .In total numbers definitely China  stand one step ahead but in actual quality terms Indian Air force has more superior.

There are different segmentation for Air force:

Sukhoi Su MKI30: This is the latest fighter aircraft in Indian Air force .this 4.5 generation aircraft was taken from Russian .This aircraft known to be one of the best aircraft in world. Total 200 present in Indian Air forces and 72 more come within 2017.This Multirole fighte plane can be able to make any airstrike, Give air support to ground forces and also able to dog fight against enemy aircrafts.

MiG 29 UPG: This are advanced Mig 29 air superiority fighters able to get control on enemy air space and one side control. In 1999 Kargil war  these planes used to safeguard Mirage 2000 when they hits enemy bunker with laser guided bombs. In the same war two Mig29 (No. 47 squadron (Black Archers)) lock the Pakistan missile target to F16 of Pakistan, which patrolling near to border area. Mig 29 armed with beyond-visual-range air-to-air missiles.

HAL Tejas: This is Indian made Multirole fighter aircraft .This aircraft has produce for air force as well as for navy. This aircraft used all latest avionic and radar and armour system, which made this as one of the cheapest fighter aircraft in world with all latest technology. Total 8 in IAF and remaining 200 come in next few years.

Mirage 2000: This Fourth generation Multirole fighter aircraft taken from France. This plane upgraded to Mirage 2000-MK2 version and now able to continue in service till 2040.Total 52 are there in IAF.

MIG 21: This is one time back bone of IAF still have largest number in IAF active inventory total 247 .This soviet origin plane upgraded in MIG 21 bison and now working till 2022.This plane had great history. In 1971 war this plane helped IAF to prove air superiority in Pakistan aerospace.

India used third generation fighter in its inventory. One Mig 21 plane in 1971 war against Pakistan could destroy four PAF F-104s, two PAF Shenyang F-6, one PAF North American F-86 Sabre and one PAF Lockheed C-130 Hercules and perform much better than their western counter parts. This was known as one of the best fighter plane, used by all countries except US and their ally nations. After war many nation including Iraqi pilot came in India to get mig 21 pilot training. Mig 21 was first supersonic fighter aircraft in world.

Sepecat jaguar: This attack aircraft taken from Britain 147 and after up gradation fit for service till 2020.

MIG27: This old Soviet model in Indian Air Force and after up gradation suitable for service till 2020.This is ground attack fighter plane.

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III : This is strategic transport plane able to carry tanks and forces in any part of world and can be landed in any surface with small runway .C17 especially helpful in special forces operation. There are 9 in inventory and one more will come.

Beriev A-50 Phalcon : This was a Il76 Russian plane use AWACS purchased from Israel. This early warning system track any incoming device before they inter in Indian aerospace. Three already in service and two more will come in near future.

EMB-145 AEWCS: This is Indian DRDO AEW&CS (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) in development phase and this awacs will fit in Brazilian plane .There are two already in testing by IAF and one more will come in 2015.

Ilyushin Il-78 MKI: This soviet made jumbo plane used for air refuelling and this was one of the best due to high carrying capacity. There are seven in IAF inventory.

Gulfstream III : This is a special forces and Reconnaissance or surveillance plane used by elite force of a country or intelligence wing to know the exact situation in enemy line or to infiltrate in enemy border. Indian has three such plane used by their intelligence wing.

Bombardier 5000: This is also a special forces and Reconnaissance or surveillance plane used by elite force. In India there are two such plane used by external investigation agency.

BAE Hawk : this is UK made advance jet trainer used for training purpose .*70 already in IAF inventory and 20 more to come in near future.

BAE HawkHAL HJT-16 Kiran: This are Indian made training plane .These are phased out in 2017.81 are in inventory. 

Pilatus PC-7: These are also trainer aircraft used for training purpose. These are 100 ordered 53 already in inventory 75 more to come and possibility that 100 more order in next phase. These are Switzerland made propeller plane used to trained new joiner before they start jet plane training. 

HAL HPT-32 Deepak: This training plane used before Pilatus PC-7 came into service, due to continue crash total number of Deepak plane grounded in 2009.


HAL Rudra: This is a attack helicopter is advance version of Dhurv. Dhruv was modified and armour with machine gun, air to surface missile and tank destroyer missile.22 were in service.

HAL Light Combat Helicopter: This attack helicopter is in development phase and come into service from 2015 last phase. There are 65 ordered.

Mil Mi-35 Hind-E: This soviet made attack helicopter was one of the best in attack helicopter category and used by 50 + nation across the world. USA also used this due to advance feature of its own time. Now this was replaced by IAF in near future with American Boeing AH-64D Apache.

Mil Mi-8,Mi-17,Mil Mi-26 Halo, Agusta Westland AW101,HAL Dhruv these bare transport helicopter and 270 in inventory.
HAL Chetak, HAL Cheetah these utility helicopter are phased out or is in last stage in their service.

IAI Harpy, IAI Harop, IAI Heron these are Israeli drone used for surveillance and destroying enemy target and radar stations.

DRDO Lakshya : this is short range missile or you can say guided bomb help to destroy enemy target.

DRDO Nishant: DRDO made drone used for surveillance and destroying enemy targets, there are 12 in inventory.

IAI Searcher: This is unmanned Ariel vehicle taken from Israel there are 100+ in inventory.

 Ilyushin Il-76 Candid: This was soviet engineering strategic  air lifter first introduce in 1974 by USSR. This plane can carry anything in any part of the world and able to land in any air field and in any surface .This strategic plane engineering used in other air lifter later on by USA. India has 24 of them this plane a crucial role in Indian Air Force.

C-130J Super Hercules: This is a transport tactical plane used by Special Forces. This plane due to such high importance produce from last 50 years continuously. Five already working and seven more ordered.

  59 Hawker Siddeley HS 748 Tactical transport,100 Antonov An-32 Cline  Light tactical transport,5 Boeing 737 airliner,

Dornier Do 228:this was German design and produce in India under licence and mainly used in surveillance. This comes under utility aircraft is a general-purpose light aircraft used for transport passenger and monitoring when other plane are not in use. There are 40 active Dornier in IAF.

Embraer 135: This Brazil made plane basically used for president and prime minister and some VVIP plane only. There are 4 in service. 

IAI Astra 1125: This is also a transport plane used for special people plane, there are 2 in service.

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seventh largest navy in the world

Indian navy:The modern Indian navy came into existence from 1830 under British rule.Indian navy participate in world war one world war two opium war etc.. After independence Indian navy play crucial role in annexation of Goa and 1965 and 1971 war against Pakistan.Indian navy get clear victory in 1971 war and due to Indian navy presence Pakistan unable to get any support in Bangladesh war not only that Indian navy destroy 2/3 of Pakistan navy within two days.

Lets discuss about the strength and fire power of seventh largest navy in world.India after USA second highest number of aircraft carrier and three more are under construction. India has one of the few countries ability to produce aircraft carrier and one of longest coastal boundary in world.

In Goa annexation Indian navy create naval blocked against portugese in Goa also destroye there friget and ship.this was first victory of Indian Navy after independence.

In 1965 war against Pakistan Indian navy only perform defensive role and not to attack in Pakistani naval area on the other hand Pakistan inter in Dawrka base in west but no naval casualty arise.

Indian navy got clear victory in 1971 war.
INS Vikrant in 1971 war
 INS Chakra Akula class Submarine
Arihant Indigenous made nuclear submarine

Nuclear submarines: India has two nuclear submarines one is akula class Russian made  named chakra.This was taken on lease from Russia on 2012 for 10 years. Second one is arihant 6000 tons.This is Indian made nuclear submarine come into service from later part of 2015.

India have 10 Sindhughosh-class Russian origin 3000+ tons capacity and four Shishumar-class german origin 1850 tons capacity conventional attack submarine in service.

India has two active aircraft carrier :

INS Virat of Uk origin 28,700 tons and INS Vikramaditya of keiv Russian o class with 45,400 tons capacity

Amphibious transport dock named jalaswha taken from USA under agreement that not used in war before prior permission from USA.This has 7,500 tons capacity.

 India has two active aircraft carrier :

INS Virat of UK origin 28,700 tons and INS Vikramaditya of keiv  class Russian with 45,400 tons capacity

Amphibious transport dock named jalaswha taken from USA under agreement that not used in war before prior permission from USA.Capacity 16,590 tons.

Amphibious ship basically used if there is requirement for landing army or equipments in enemy sea coast or for any special operation within enemy territory.

India has own develop landing ship tanks of shardul class:
INS Shardul

INS Shardul (L16),INS Kesari (L15),INS Airavat (L24) all are capacity of 5,600 tons.

India has two own develop landing ship tanks INS Magar (L20),INS Gharial (L23) with 5,655 tons capacity.

Six more landing ship tanks taken from Poland.

INS Kolkata

INS Kolkata: This is leading stealth missile destroyer made in india .This guided missile launcher has different missile including brahmos ,supersonic cruise missile.


India has six Delhi class destroyers INS Delhi (D61),INS Mysore (D60),INS Mumbai (D62) with 6,7oo tones capacity of each. Loaded with guided missile technology.

India has also USSR made Rajput class missile destroyer INS Rajput (D51),INS Rana (D52),INS Ranjit (D53),INS Ranvir (D54),INS Ranvijay (D55) with capacity of 4,974 tonnes .

India has Shivalik-class stealth frigate INS Shivalik (F47),INS Satpura (F48),INS Sahyadri (F49) with 6,200 tons capacity.
India has also talwar class Russian made multi role frigate : INS Talwar (F40),INS Trishul (F43),INS Tabar (F44),INS Teg (F45),INS Tarkash (F50),INS Trikand (F51) with India has three more 3,850  tonns capacity Bramhaputra class guided missile frigate in his ship .

India has three more guided missile frigate with same capacity of 3,850 tonnes of Godavari class.


Kamorta-class :

INS Kamorta (P28)
INS Kamorta
This are small comparatively and now India has most advance version of Corvettes with 3,500 tones capacity and stealth technology used in this is equally match with other developed countries.

This ship has one 76.2 mm Oto SRGM,two AK-630M CIWS,two RBU-6000 (IRL) anti-submarine rocket launcher and two 8 Barak SAM (Built For but not with) Three more to join this fleet in next three years.
INS Kora

Kora-class with capacity of :1350 tonnes has four ships made in India.These are INS Kora (P61),INS Kirch (P62),INS Kulish (P63) and INS Karmuk (P64).

Khukri class with capacity of :1350 tonnes has four ships made in India.These are INS Khukri (P49),INS Kuthar (P46),INS Kirpan (P44) and INS Khanjar (P47).

Veer class with capacity of:455 tons twelve(produce by India under USSR licence).These are INS Veer (K40),INS Nirbhik (K41),INS Nipat (K42)INS Nishank (K43),INS Nirghat (K44),INS Vibhuti (K45),INS Vipul (K46),INS Vinash (K47),INS Vidyut (K48),INS Nashak (K83),INS Prabal (K92) and INS Pralaya (K91).

Abhay class with capacity of:485 tons has four (produce by India under USSR licence). These are INS Abhay (P33),INS Ajay (P34),INS Akshay (P35) and INS Agray (P36).

 Mine countermeasure vessels:

Mine sweeper used to clean mine and make sea water safe for ship and vessels India has Soviet origin seven pondicheri class mine sweepers. They are INS Alleppey (M65),INS Karwar (M67),INS Cannanore (M68),INS Cuddalore (M69),INS Kakinada (M70),INS Kozhikode (M71) and INS Konkan (M72).

 Saryu class 2,215 tonnes petrol vessel ,these can be esily transfer into war ship with adding armour in war time . there are four INS Saryu (P54),INS Sunayna (P57),INS Sumedha (P58) and INS Sumitra (P59).

 Sukanya class patrol vessels has six with capacity of 1890 tonnes made under licence from South Korea.These can be changed into war ship if required ,there are INS Sukanya (P50),INS Subhadra (P51),INS Suvarna (P52),INS Savitri (P53),INS Sharada (P55) and INS Sujata (P56).

 There are 80 more fast moving and interceptor boat most of theme develop in India.

India has Jyoti class ,Aditya class and Deepak class oil tanker Aditya class is Indian made tanker with 25,000 tonnes capacity.

Other than this there are other support ships in inventory.

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Third largest army in world strength

As India celebrate their 65 republic day. This country got freedom from British in 1947 and 1950 become a republic and changed there army, air force and navy name from royal army to Indian Army,Royal Airforce to Indian air force,Royal Navy to Indian Navy.

During independence  India was one of main power in Asia.There army trained by British forces which was also known as one of the best forces on that time.

As Indian forces are three main division and I can post three different posts .
In this post I am informing my blog viewers about successful history of one of the big army.The total strength of this army is third largest in world.Indian army is some finest institution for training like Indian military academy, National defence academy .These institution provide training not only to Indian forces but also to other friendly countries.

As per the strength India has third largest army after US and China.Number is not only the best criteria to define any army.India has also use some unique weapons and technology for their forces.

If we started with Gun:
India used NATO standard pistols like:

Pistol Auto 9mm 1A: This pistol is jointly produce by Canada and India.

Sterling sub machine gun: This British origin gun used by many countries including India.

Micro-Uzi:  This Israeli made arm used by special forces for secret operation.

M4 carbine : This US made weapon is used by different countries for special secret service operation.India also using the same weapon.

INSAS Assault rifle: This is one of the main rifle produce by Indian defence research institute for army and defence. There are different variants of gun produce for special purpose. This rifles also used by Nepal.Oman and Bhutan royal army .

IMI Tavor TAR-21: This Israeli made Assault rifle used by special forces.There are 4000 such rifle in active service.

T91 assault rifle: This Tiwani Assault rifle used 10000 in Indian special forces .This Nato certified assulat rife one of best .

OFB 1A1 Rifles:Fusil Automatique L├ęger ("Light Automatic Rifle") or FAL is a semi-automatic gun produce by Belgium after the end of second world war.There are different varients of this assult rifle produced.this rifle used by 150+ countries in world.

IMI Galil 7.62 Sniper: Small Sniper Rifle produced by Israel for special forces .

Mauser SP66: This gGerman made sniper gun used for special forces

Modern Sub Machine Carbine:This new under trail version designed by Armament Research and Development Establishment of India.this sub machine gun is also known as MINSAS .This gun able to break a bullet proof jacket .This light weight  gun project is under trail.
Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System               :This new assault rifle produce by developed by ARDE Pune of DRDO .This assult rifle is under trail so features are not disclosed till now.
DRDO Daksh: This is remote control robot develop by DRDO for special operation. These robot can helpful in any terrorist attack.This robot has x-ray to detect,able  to destroy bomb attack by turbo jet water throwing and also destroy the bomb plants by any terrorist. Daksh also have weapon to attack enemy .

In Combat vechile :

Arjun MBT :This was indigenously developed tank for Indian army .At first 50% component were imported and later 100% were indigenously made items used.This tank failed to perform some  specific area so new advance variant produce Arjun Mk II.This  is equally perform as like other world class tank on same category.Made from composite items and armament also help this to protect from enemy fire. There are 248 were in service of Indian army.

T-90 Bhisma: This Russian made tank one of the main battele tank of Indian Army and in service till 2020.This tank is one of the best battle tank in world and perform better.You can also tell this is the back bone of tank regiment of Indian Army.There are total 1050 are in service.

T 72 Ajeya : There are total 2414 in service highest number of Indian tanks.This tank upgraded and now able to serve more years and equally match with other competitor .

Infantry fighting vechile:

Infantry brigade or artillery mainly support army to move forward or to damage enemy bunkers and cut there supply line.

BMP-2 "Sarath": This USSR infantry vehicle produce in India under licence. DRDO also develop light tank based on this for future. There are 1800 active BMP2 also BMP1 750.

BMD-2: This is airborne inventory vehicle carried by MI helicopter and landed by parachute also. This is also produce on licence based from Russia. There are 500 in Indian Army including 300 BMD1. Enemy line.

This vehicle mainly used to carry soldiers to war front or to take wounded soldiers from war also help in moving soldiers within enemy territory. This British origin vehicle are 80 in army .It armour help to protect soldiers from bullets mortar and granted attacks.

BTR-50: This is one of the oldest armour vehicle in world introduce in 1954 by USSR but still its new version used by many countries. Fifty countries across the world used this vehicle for their army. This is one of the finest armour vehicle in world.

TATA Kestrel: This is indigenous made vehicle by private sector company Tata to fulfil the Indian Army need.

BTR80: This amphibious armour vehicle is 1300 including 700 BTR60.This USSR origin machine provide safety in war field and easily cross river and water bodies.

Artillery basically used for destroying enemy front lines and bunker and cut there supply line in war front.

DRDO 155 mm artillery gun: This indigenously develop Howitzer introduce in service from 2013 as trial basis .This advance 38km range  Howitzer jointly develop by DRDO bharat forge and L&T .This Howitzer meet all the technical guideline and requirements of Indian army. There are 119 order place by Indian army.

Haubits FH77: This was also known as bofors gun in India there are 200 in active service. This gun play crucial role in Kargil war 1999.This Sweden origin gun closed down production in 2006 by Sweden.

130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M-46): This USSR origin 130 mm gun upgraded with the help from Israel and now used in service as 155 mm.

METAMORPHOSIS 155 mm GUN, 130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M-46),Light Field Gun  develop by India .

BM-30 Smerch: This Russian origin multi rocket launcher in service are 60. 300 mm multiple rocket launch system has 90 km range.

Pinaka multi barrel rocket launcher: This is indigenous made multi rocket launching vehicle develop by India and80km speed. 14 mm multiple rocket launch system. Replacing the 122 mm BM-21.[44] Being produced at a heavy rate of 5000 missiles per year.

India used different antitank missile system some of them are: Israeli made man portable  tank destroyer missile. There are 8000 in Indian army.

India has its own nag tank destroyer missile system used in minaca infantry tanks.

MILAN is tank destroyer portable missile system made in India under licence from France. There are different upgraded version also purchased from France. Total 34,000 in service.

India also have CLGM Missile used in MBT Arjun tank.

Ballestic and Cruise missile:

India has range of different balestic and cruise missile developed indigenously as well as jointly.Cruise missile are those able to destroy enemy target with sound speed.Only some of the countries are able to produce cruise missile .

Bramhos is 300 km range cruise missile jointly develop with Russian support .This supersonic missile is most advance in world. This is faster cruise missile in world.

Nirbhay is subsonic 1000km range missile develop by India army.

Other than this there are many ballistic missile like:                                                                                 Prithvi series, Agni series and Saurya etc with different range. The highest range is 5000 to 8000 km of Agni 5.

Other than this Indian army also used different air defence missile series that was Akash with surface to air with range of 10000+ and prithvi air defence system. Israeli sam air defence system also used in service.

Exoatmospheric missile defence system was successfully tested and used in active service .India become the fourth country after USA, Russia and Israel used this system.

India has produce series of different helicopter for their army uses. Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd. Produce multiple uses helicopter like Hal Dhurva, Chetah and chetak. The most advance one was light Combat helicopter produce by DRDO and full fill all standard parameter of advance combat helicopter.

Other than this Indian army also used MI series made in India under licence from Russia and recently bought apache from USA.

Indian army also used drone: Nishant is Indian made drone other than this Israel’s IAI Heron, IAI Searcher also active in Indian army.