Monday, September 29, 2014

Beprepare for star war in near future

I am going to present one interesting story about future war .This cause of war same as like 18 and 19the centuries war when the European countries take over the other countries in Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Main cause of the war was take control on natural resources of these countries. On that time European countries were technically advance but they had limited natural resources so they had control these countries. They got petroleum from Middle East, coal, iron ore and labor from India and other Asian countries.

 Now the question arise why I was informed you this, because same situation and condition arise in recent time when the technically advance countries are working to take control on natural resources of other planets.
It is well known facts that mineral resources in earth available in limited amount which will finish in coming future .It will expecting that petroleum will available only for next 50 years but we were not prepare to depend on alternate energy.
 British Empire in 19th century

Continue use of mineral resources reduce the stocks of most of the nation European countries were largely depend on undeveloped countries.
One another reason is that it will expecting by scientist that our ozone lyre continue diminishing and after 150-200 years due to global warming sea level will increase and temperature on earth increase up to 80*c which is not suitable for human on that time human will search for a new home and they make a new home in other planet.

One another reason is that human due to the continue increase in demand with increase in human population food supply continue reducing and this will create a great problem in coming time.
All above mention reasons will create space expedition race and only technically advance countries were able to control on other planets.
 European colony in Africa

Other than these two more crucial points are : one if any comet comes ear to earth than we can counter that only through our ICBM existed in other planets ,which help to save earth. We are not able to destroy that by our satellite killer missile because on that scenario lots of small particles of that comet destroy our satellite system as well as able to enter our atmosphere than create a great destruction and end human civilization in earth as like Dinosaurs .

Second most important is we are not alone in space. Earth is one of the planet in our solar system and there millions of solar system in our galaxy and there are millions of galaxy in space .there is big possibility that many others living creature are present in space. There is great possibility that they are technically more advance than us or they are fewer advances.
So, let’s ready for space war in future, readout the second part of space war on next post.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Is Ebola a biological weapon test?

Before you read my blog I want to make clear that this story based on my personal opinion and current world scenario. I was already inform in my previous post that there was no terrorist organization in world only the secret service of enemy country help extremist to fight against their enemy country. All terrorist organization got financial support training and their base camp from enemy countries secretes service.

 Ebola Attack
 Ebola Virus
 US citizen infected with this virus
 symtom of Ebola

Now I came to my topic, I wanted to live this post two month back when Ebola problem arise in world stage but then think that this was not correct   time.
I was already inform that in my last post about biological weapon that from old time people used different  diseases and infected items of epidemic  diseases in war to destroy their enemy army.
Today science and technology grow many fold ,but still success of any weapon depend on their actual test.

The reason why I think that Ebola is not a natural spread disease.
*Ebola virus is very strong, which s only possible through genetic engineering
*Natural made disease can’t spread as soon as like Ebola
*Theory gave by World Health Organization and media is not easy to digest. Ebola virus found in ape when the take forest fruits and through that infected fruits in forest and later bats ate that and infected with same virus and when human of West African countries ate bat as their food than they infected with same ebola virus and from there other human infected after touching or went near to infected person.
*US charitable missionary went there for help and one of them got infected .US bring that man with isolation plane facility when at the starting phase people died because of no antidote than how that US citizen alive.
*Why only in some part of West Africa (Somalia), when the other African countries also ate bat in their food.
*Why this was not spread in other country where bat eaten like China.
This kind of story alredy shown in Hollywood and bollywood movie like: xxx, Die anotherday, Krishh3 etc.
If my logic is right than whom are behind this? As I am already told that there is no evidence but doubt definitely arising based on situation.
1.USA:Chances of US involvement is low because US charitable mission present their and one of them infected with this virus      .Definitely  CIA is not as much idiot to show rest of the world with such incidence but doubt also arise.
*USA had genetic engineering facility and wants to test this new virus effect on human and West Africa is right place to test this virus.
*US Govt. never allowed there citizen to went in such dangerous place.
*When there is no antidote available in world ,US citizen condition continue improve after come back to US soil, that means US had treatment facility to fight such disease.
*Place selection to test this virus, where no other secret service of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran present.
*US want to show rest of the world about strength of their Biological weapon and presence of the US citizen was also preplanned.

 Why Russia:
Some decade ago KGB from USSR was well known for using biological weapon against their enemy. Russia also wants to regain super power status.
*Ebola was right steps to show rest of the world Russian scientific and biological weapon strength.
*Russia had genetic engineering facility and wants to test this new virus effect on human and West Africa is right place to test this virus.

Why China:
*China wanted to show rest of the world about his strength as a super power and biological weapon is perfect way to show that.
*China used satellite killer missile to show his strength and ignore all objection of world.            
*China had genetic engineering facility and wanted to test this new virus effect on human and West Africa is right place to test this virus.
Same logic applies for Iran, Israel, and North Korea etc.

One more logic was that CIA reported that Iraq working on biological weapon during Saddam regime but after war nothing found there. Possibility that was transfer to Uganda and due to this US and NATO operate next in Uganda but again US got nothing that means all that biological weapon went in hand of terrorist organization. Ebola was only one of those biological weapons. I am not saying only these are real facts but I believe nothing is impossible and secrete service world is more dangerous and lots of hidden truth.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Vietnam: An unbeatable country from East Asia

Vietnam a small Asian country able to beat three powerful country in war. French, US and China all were unable to takeover this country in war. As I was already inform in my previous posts about how US technical advance forces defeated with less technical advance Vietnam forces.

 Seized arms of Vietcong in Vietnam War
 Trap used against Allied forces by Vietcong
 Ladies Vietcong
 Tunnel system used in Vietnam by Vietcong

Vietnam was a colonial country at 19th century like other Asian countries. French had control in this country. Extremist and patriot were continuing fight against the western French power but the main turning came during Second World War.
 US forces with their gunship 

Japanese imperial army takeover this country during Second World War .After Second World War north part of this country governed by Chinese and south governed by British. British withdraw their forces after 1946 then again French took control this country.

French control ended with their defeat in Dien Bien Phu war.USA support French in Vietnam War in last face. North part was controlled by socialist and south was still under western influence. When North Viet cong forces bombard in south part than western power interred to avoid socialist spread in East Asia.
US , Britain, French, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand  and South Korea were supported south Vietnam in this war and USSR, China, North Korea and Cuba support north Vietnam. This war was fought 20 years and end with the North Vietnam victory on South Vietnam capital city.

US forces faced biggest causality in this war after Second World War .US bombers continue bombard in North Vietnam to destroy their supply line but this effect did nothing to stop Viet cong. A country with super power status unable to control the North Socialist part with all their technical amenities.
US forces unable to control or stop guerrilla attack on their forces. It was very interesting to knew that US forces used most advance transport plane to supply their arms and foodstuff for their forces on the other hand North Viet Cong used bicycle to carry their foodstuff in frontline.US bombard killed huge innocent citizens in this war but still unable to capture the north .

In the presidential election 49 out of 50 states were against the US participation in war. There was huge pressure on US for withdraw from this war other allies of US had face same problem in their home land.
US had lost the lives of their soldier for such a war which was not related with their motherland.US withdraw from this war in 1975 after North victory and took over the south capital city.

USSR made  Mig 15 used in Vietnam war by Vietcong
 USSR made  Mig 19 used in Vietnam war by Vietcong
 USSR made  Mig 21 used in Vietnam war by Vietcong(this aircraft was most sucessful compare to their US counterpart of that time)

In this war USSR provide all technical knowhow to North Vietnam with the support of Chinese. After Chinese civil war they directly support North Vietcong with arms and ammunition as well as voluntary groups from China, North Korea and Cuba were participate directly in war. Chinese support withdraws after the USSR and Chinese border clash with USSR during 1969-70.

 Missile defense system of Vietnam

Mobile misile launcher of Vietnam  army
Vietnam forces entered in Cambodia  on 25 December 1978.This incidence made Chinese angry and after consulting with US ,red army with 200000 forces supported with 200 Type59,,62 and 63 were entered in Vietnam .This war fought for four weeks. Both side claim for their victory but red army did nothing except looting north people and destroy their infrastructure. On the other hand Vietnam forces still present in Cambodia. Chinese thought that they were the main regional power in Asia after Second World War but this war made them wrong.

In the recent time Chinese want to become superpower and treat USA as their main enemy .This is true that Chinese were second largest defense budget and have biggest power in Asia but this is also true that there are many countries which are small in size and defense budget  but they can able to give strong challenge .

Monday, September 1, 2014

Compare success of two countries with their Foreign policy

 Founder members of Non Allinged movement

Foreign policy is really big matter and success, defense many things depend on that. There are more than 200 countries in world so I am not able to cover all of them at a time .In this category I am choosing India and Israel. India got freedom in 1947.

 Failed forieng policy of India 

On that time India not treat as super power not a financial power but yes India has well known regional power status on that time. In some parameter India is more powerful than China.

 Nehru with Chinese head Mao

But It was the bad luck for this new born country That He got Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime minister .This man never had a foresightness quality and want to establish himself as like world leader like Churchill, Roosevelt. On that time Indian Govt. took some stupid steps, which affect Indian growth and south East Asia.
This data well define that Indian foreign policy not able to get support in world forum

He forgot about age old diplomacy teach by old Indian philosopher Chnakya:

“People feared from poisonous snake” As per British treaty need to protect Tibet from any external interference. But India did nothing when China takeover that country. India brings Kashmir issue in UNO after winning Kashimir war in 1948, and that issue not solved till now.

Jawaharlal openly reject Security Council member ship, when USA support India as UNO Security Council membership .India raise nonaligned movement flag and not make any relation with super power. Not only that this man reduced defense budget and give message to world that he was a peace loving leader. Due to all this ,India not able to give tuff fight to age old Chinese army in Indo-China  war 1962.Indian soldiers don’t had equipments and bullets to fight they don’t had transport vehicle to reach war front. A country, which fights many wars for British and trained by British, defeated by Chinese red force, who were not well trained nor had modern weapons of that time.

On that time no one country from NON ALINGED MOVEMENT came for Indian support.

On the other hand Pakistan join US group and got well equipments and military hardware and in 1965 Indo pak war beat Indian air force .Indian navy not play any role in front of Pak navy. Pakistan army entered in Indian soil in west India. Pakistan made friendly relation and solve all border dispute with China after INDO_CHINA war.

After defeat in Indo-China war no one world accepted India as a powerful country. Indian always stands with Philistine in world forum against Israel to get Middle East sympathy. On the other hand no one Middle East country ever support Indian in Kashmir issue or in Indo –China war. On the other hand Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Bahrain and other Middle East country support Pakistan in 1965-71 war against India.

On the other part of world a small country came into existence from 1947-48.This country had nothing in starting, but only the will power of their citizen. This country started everything from own and fight to every powerful countries of Middle East for existence. This country won each war against him.
This country none other than Israel. Israel always worked from starting only for growth and security of their home land. They had strongest and dangerous security service in world and had operation in every corner of world for the safety of their homeland and their citizen. They don’t think about bullshit moreality, because they well known that if they survive or become rich prosper than only other country take them seriously.
They killed Iran nuclear scientist in different foreign operation because they don’t want that their enemy got nuclear bomb.
Israli made survelliance aircraft 
 Israli made barak anti misile defense system

They provide same option to Indian Govt. in 90s that if they provide refueling facility to Israel planes than they destroyed Pakistan nuclear reactors, and then Pakistan don’t develop nuclear bomb, but Indian Govt. on that time reject this plan because they thought that Pakistan would take same step against Indian nuclear reactor.
 Israli border survelliance system

But in reality Pakistan don’t have such plan which could able to break Indian air defense system and attack any Indian nuclear reactor.
Isareli Border survelliance system

Israel always provides India most advance surveillance system to protect border from infiltration as well as provide Barak missile defense system.
Israel always stands with western world in every issue, but always thinks for their own country first on the other hand Indian foreign policy based on morality and Nehru era. Due to this foreign policy India is always standing alone in Kashmir issue, got no support from any other country in any issues in world platform. India lost one third of Kashmir due to this foreign policy, except Bhutan no other neighbor country stand with India. Western countries never support Indian stand in any diplomatic stand. Now the time came when India need to reconsider again there foreign policy to fight new challenges.