Saturday, December 28, 2013

Six day war :A war for existance of small country

June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War :

Six day war between Israel and United Arab league was divide the world in two part .Western world stand with the Israel and all Muslim countries stand in support of Arab league. Egypt became the leader of the Muslim countries. After the Suez Canal crisis, Egypt well aware the fact the no western county direct support to Israel due to their interest in Suez Canal. Egypt also want to teach a lesson to Israel which help maintain power balance in middle east .Egypt well aware the fact that he was not able to defeat Israel alone so he took support of Jordon ,Syria Iran. Saudi Arabia, philistine and other Arab countries in this regard.

 Israeli tank in Golan height
 Egypt aircraft destroyed by Israli ground attack
 Saudi Arabia Misile attack boat
 Israli Ground forces watching Israeli Air force aircraft

All the Muslim counties directly or indirectly took part in this war. Pakistan sent there air force pilot, some Muslim countries financially support, some support with their arms and ammunition, some support with their man power .Only one country which can lost many things with this war is USA, because both side used the American weapons and US support Israel in this war but he has financial interest with the Muslim countries of the middle east due to the petroleum .I thought this war was war of crusade where one side Muslim countries and other side a Jewish with christens support. Israeli secret service was playing the most crucial role in this war as because all Arab world jointly march to attack Israel but on the mean time Israel got the information through Mossad and planned a surprise attack in Arab air force bases. This surprise attack was destroyed the 2/3 of the air power of the Arabian countries and through the whole duration of war Arab air force unable to make any attack in the Israel territory.

 Eilat Ship of Israli Navy
 Israli Paratroops at the dome of rock after their sucess
 Israli airforce mirage planes

Israeli Air Force attack at 12.30 A.M. at Jordon airbase and destroyed their Hawkers and Hunters. Only One Israeli jet short by ground attack. Israeli Air Force also attack Iraqi Air base, they destroyed 12 MiG-21s, 2 MiG-17s, 5 Hunter F6s, and 3 Il-28 bombers .Only one fighter and a bomber shot down by a Pakistani  pilot ,who was in base during the raid. Israel also used surface to surface missile developed with France to attack Jordon defense position as well as radar position.

 Israli Tanks in Golan height
 Israli gunboat passing through strait of tiren near sharm a shesk
 Israli Tanks movement

Israel had captured many areas of Egypt, Syria and Jordon, but later on return after peace agreement and able to capture most of terrorist in this strike.

The main reason for Israeli victory was that, they fight for their existence, they were brave they know that their will power and iron determination definitely gave them success .As I writer I was really impressed with such a planning and strategy, which help a small country to beat joint attack of powerful countries.

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