Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flying Aircraft Carrier a new battle machine

Today I am going to introduce a new concept in the field of defense. I am going to write about flying aircraft carrier. Actually this concept was already come into existence when the first fighter aircraft came into existence. This concept was come with Germany’s first airship company Zeppelin.

 UK 23 class airship develop during world war one
 Concept flying aircraft carrier model
 This aircraft carrier design developed by USSr and later on worked by Russian and undervelopment stage due to shortage in resources

 Flying aircraft carrier used in avenger movie

 It was believed that Zeppelin airship could able to carry four to five fighter aircrafts at a time which could use for bombarding network and other American as well as European cities. As per intelligence report Germans were also thought about this plan, but this concept was later on dismissed due some technical difficulties. The main problem with this concept was that German  had filled their airship with hydrogen ,which was easily enlighten ,secondly after bombarding in any US city the fighter aircrafts unable to get back to Germany, so this plan was cancelled. 

This concept was again came into existence during second world war and during cold war period.USA and USSR both were working to built big transport aircrafts ,which could carry fighter aircrafts. USSR’s Antanove were produce in this series but this again was impractical plan due to the big size of fighter aircraft and again the problem of landing or returning of fighter aircraft to their destination. Some countries were already working in this concept, there is possibility that some of them got success, but there is some technical as well as resource issue to actualize this concept aircraft. In the recent time only USA have this capacity to built such a huge flying aircraft carrier.

First time I saw this concept plane in 1996, in a cartoon serial Tale spin .In this cartoon serial a character name Don Karnage was build a flying aircraft carrier which could carry their small fighter aircraft as well as a lighting gun. In the recent time I saw again this concept plane in Hollywood movie Avengers.

I am not a aeronautic engineer but at least have some defense information that, if a helicopter thrust able to carry load of 100000 kg at a time so what happen if we can add twenty helicopters power with a machine .That means a flying aircraft carrier is not a impossible, now the question arise that such a big machine need huge fuel demand which can be easily solve by using alternate fuel or nuclear energy.

I think that USA has already work on this ,if USA has this plan then definitely Russia and Chinese have same plan to maintain the power balance and European Union have all technical advancement as well as resources. If you think that this was impractical than wait for some time this technology come soon.

If this machine launched by US in near future than US power increases more than current time. At present US Nimitz class aircraft carrier able to rich any part of the world and able to destroy enemy power, than flying aircraft carrier help to reach any part of the world by US forces at any time and at any condition.

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