Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dirty pictures perform by different spy agencies

The May 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden was conducted by US seal commandos, but It was CIA who played the major role .CIA had information about Osama’s location but CIA wanted to make sure before going for commando operation.

CIA recruit a Pakistan Doctor to organize a organize a fake vaccination program in town. This vaccination started from poor area of town and than move to other part in town. In this process they collect blood samples from children and after one moth they moved in Osama’s hide out location, without follow the second and third dose of vaccine. Pakistan Govt. sentence 33 years imprisonment to Dr. Shakeel Ahmed after this incidence and helping CIA.
 Dirty  game of CIA during Syria crisis
 CIA hidden war during Libya movement
 North Viet comb lady Gurrila
CIA dirty role in Vietnam

In Libia it was believed that local people raise voice against Gadaffi and fight for their freedom. But in reality CIA played the major role for this revolution. On September 11, 2012, an American diplomatic mission in Benghazi came into attack by armed militant group. The response came not from group but from a dozen of CIA agents present in city also armed group from Tripoli and other cities join to save US diplomatic group and bored this group to a charted plan to move out of country. This incidence also makes clear that Libiya movement against Gadaffi was not internal, it was CIA made movement.
Demonstration in  USA against Vietnam War

During Vietnam war huge demonstration and protest conducted in every part against Govt. CIA launch different secrete planes to monitor and spying their own citizen because they think that this protest was KGB sponsored.FBI did same type o inhuman investigation after 9/11 attack on world trade centre against Muslim community living in USA.

Operation Phoenix was launched by CIA during Vietnam war, their target was common people from North Viet Cong area. They kidnapped them, tortured, raped, gang raped, raped using different insact and hard metal and then murdered.
Operation Ajax by CIA in Iran
Operation Ajax was CIA operation in Iran with support from British secret service in 1953.The elected Govt. of Iran, Prime Minister Mohammed was nationalized all Petroleum companies .This was against the US policy so CIA with British secret service launch plan and Bribe all Govt. organization, Business organization and even street criminals against Govt. and in support of Shah. As a result Mohammed jailed and shah came into power.

ISI, Pakistan spy service was working against India and trained and supply weapons to Khalistan movements in Punjab province in India and separatist groups in Jammu and Kashmir against India.

ISI not only support them but also creating lobby for both this movement in Britan,America and Canada. They collect donation from Muslim and Punjabi communities for running all this terrorist movement in India. ISI also contacted with Bangladesh and asked for safe passage for north east movement in India.

ISI directly involved in North East movement, Punjab and J&K terrorist activities. They killed people, sabotage public properties and create fear atmosphere.
 Agitation for Vietnam war in USA

US investigation agencies well aware of all this but never raise their voice, because they feared that if they did so than they lost battle against Soviet in Afghanistan.

ISI played a worst game in Afghanistan. When NATO forces attack on different terrorist groups in Afghanistan on the same time ISI working to pass out information about NATO forces and their target to terrorist ,this was the main reason that NATO forces were not able to destroyed all terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Most of terrorist groups use Pakistan border area for hiding from US drone attack.US drone not permitted to inter within Pakistan border. It was Pakistan ISI who create the plot for Khalistan for hijacking Canadian plane and later destroying the same where most of the Indian origin Canadian killed.

ISI also support separatist groups in Kashmir by financing and supply weapons, which was used to kill innocent people.
A bengoli girl raped and killed during Bangladesh Liberation war 1971
Dirty Picture of ISI and Pakistan Army during liberation war

In 1971 Bangladesh liberation war ISI with Pakistan army killed million of Bengali Muslim and Hindu in East Pakistan and raped 3lakhs girls and women. This was one of worst incidence in human history they tortured people by rape, gang raped, interring hard object in internal part .Not only that ISI after war killed Shek Mujibur Rahman and other 40 members from his family to take revenge against India.

Mossad one of the worst operation was Srilanka. This spy agency supply arms to LTTE as well as trained them .The main reason was not nation interest they did this to get a safe Zone in south East Asia for arms smuggling. To achieve this they killed some of Srilankan ministers also. It was also believe that they provide training to LTTE to fight against Indian peace keeping forces in Srilanka. Mossad provide commando training to Indian peace keeping forces,LTTE as well as Srilankan forces.

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