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Laser weapon was researched from scientist of different countries from cold war era. USSR and then Russia was getting success in this during 1987 but when Mikhail Gorbachev stop the arms race program and concentrating of space program and after that USSR dissolve ,this program progress had no progress. Russia with new Govt. start again this and able to launch laser weapon for air force as well as navy and army. USA start same program after buying a cargo ship from Ukraine which was previous used by USSR navy for laser weapon experiment.

Laser weapon of German forces
Pentagon's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) made HELLADS as like Russia able to shoot down any target at long distance in air ocean, it can hit small target also. It was believe that USA and Russia both can launch these weapon 2020-25.
Invisible technology

US Laser  weapon for NAVY

I was already informed you in my last post about invisible technology which change the future war. A Scotland company backing from DARPA pentagon research on a device which can actualise Quantum invisible technology. The scientist researched on a synthetic which make invisible to human body.

Japanese already made invisible jacket as well as Canadian and US defence department jointly work on this project.
Electron Laser
This laser US develop for their navy due to contact raising threat from terrorist in Arabian sea as well as from Chinese .This laser able to detect and destroy any target of enemy missile and torpedo etc. Russian has already work on this project from cold war era.
The Rail gun
Pentagon DARPA develop rail gun which able to shot any target with 2.4 kilometres per second, seven times the speed of sound. This speed use to hit any incoming missile, torpedo etc.

Bio Design Synthetic Organisms

Defence lab of all developed and powerful countries were worked on biotechnology for defence use. DARPA invest $ 6 million on hybrid organism development for defence forces. This hybrid microorganism molecules help to resist death also killed by users by flicking switch.
Different countries work on different project like organism which can destroy enemy countries farming, create new diseases etc.

Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile

Chinese were developing new anti-ship ballistic missile which able to hit target at 2000 km far in sea and cannot be detected by radar .It was believe that China develop this weapon against US  Aircraft carrier.

Hybrid Insect MEMS

After micro drone US develop new hybrid insect with putting nano electronic device, which help in surveillance of enemy. Detecting chemical and gas etc.
 New Electric gun
USA and NATO forces worked on new electric gun which has capacity to fire 120,000 rounds per minute. This gun use electric power no gun powder so no recoil, no sound, and no heat. A silent killing machine

Aurora Excalibur
 Aurora Excalibur

The Aurora Excalibur will in test mode for US defence forces. This advance version of UAV able to take off vertically carry missile .Speed is 460 miles per hour. US UAV is last stage of testing and going to introduce in 2020.On the other hand other powerful countries has also in race and It was expected that China, Russia  and India also launch this within 2020-2025.

 XM-25 Grenade Launcher
US new smart Gun
 Chinese ZH-05

 Russian Laser Weapon
This was US future grained launcher which capable to through grenade at any distance which was drift in its program. If you set target in computer than you device can hit that target .Us already start use of this weapon. Other countries with some modification producing same smart Gun. Chinese are producing  ZH-05, which was actually  semi-automatic gun and grained launcher and it has low weight .Chinese gun has inferior quality as well as only shot one grained at a time secondly it has not able to hit target at night.

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