Monday, October 12, 2015

Second phase of cold war started

As I told earlier that ISIS issue may turn into a drastic situation and now this time come. I was already inform that USA play the main role in terrorism spreading and now world known this facts.USA was the founder of ISIS ,they support this organisation when they worked against Syria Govt. But when they become free from US control and worked independently than USA and allies forces fight against them. Same as like USA create Laskar –E- Taiaba and Mujahidin against USSR and this terrorist organisation when attacked in 2001 than they start fighting against Afghanistan but USA not able to finish both this terrorist organisation and start fighting in Syria and differentiate terrorism as good and bad. So they targeting ISIS in full fledge and for this reason USA ans NATO forces did nothing in such long time. It was clear facts USA never support any country except their personal interest.
NATO forces Euro typhoon in ISIS operation in Syria
 Russian ground forces in Syrian operation
 Russian Airforce prepare for night bombing
 Russian navy warship near syria
Russian sukhoi plan in Syrian operation

As I told  in my previous post about some prediction of  third world war near future that also come to close. After cold war this was first time two super powers come to close fighting with all their allies. The main reason USA support rebel groups in Syria because Syria was friendly country of Russia and never ready to surrender against USA .This was main reason of fighting and for this reason USA CIA supports all rebel groups against Syrian govt. They provide them money training and weapons.USA, Saudi Arabia supported these terrorist organisation. Russia after interfere of USA and NATO forces in Ukraine Crimea issue want to get revenge .After cold war USA support Chechnya as well as Ukraine against Russia not only that USA impose many ban on export of Russian petroleum. These all issue create great tension for Russia and Russia searching for target where they directly involve with western power. Ukraine was first place and now Syria. Russian forces within in a week killed 300 ISIS terrorists which cannot be possible by NATO forces from long time. Russian forces use their best special forces for all these operation which show Russian not ready to setback at any point of time.

Russia stands with Iran and Syria against USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK, and France. As per recent report China also interested to join this fight against USA, because China want to show that he has also a super power .But China will change its party any time for their national interest.
One main reason for involving different countries was they want to take a big share of Arms market and USA, Russia and China want to use their untested and ethical weapons in this limited war to get more customers in world. After cold war era USA get largest part of arms market but Russia and China also want to beat USA in this market.
Chinese war ship near Syrian sea
China and Russia also involve in fight against USA and western power in Korea war but on that time Korea was near to their home land.
MI attack helicopter of Iranian Forces against ISIS operation
If this war extended and USA and allies support rebel group against Syria Govt. than Russia need to fight against US allies in middle east which may turn into limited third world war where Russia stand with Iran, Syria, China, North Korea .On the other hand USA stand with ISIS,UK, France, Canada, Turkey ,Egypt and Saudi Arabia etc.
Kurdish female force against ISIS operation
In this war two countries never support any group due to their national interest first India who not take part in this war because Russia was there all time friend on the other hand They need US support in world platform. Same situation arise with Israil, to whom USA was all time friend but they never support any kind of terrorism whatever it may be good or bad.
But this Syrian unrest would become a big turning point in our history or it may be same for USA as like Afghanistan in 1990 for USSR.

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