Friday, July 12, 2013

Third World War in 1971

Is 1971 war is only Indo-pak war or it was a mini world war
This period was also known as cold war era. Now the question arises in the group of soviet block and western power, which one is more powerful. Now in the world media US media shows all documentary, which project that USA had upper hand, but in reality USSR had the most powerful country and able to won the war with western country on any front. Let me clear first that I am not a Ex KGB agent not the spoke person of present Russia. This article totally based on the facts available in the web and reality.
KGB had mole in CIA(Aldrich Hazen Ames ) till 1994,and had full information about  American ship, planes and every agents in different parts of the world, if in this time any war happened between US and USSR than definitely USSR had upperhand.I will discuss this point on later on my next topic.
1971 Indo-pak war’s platform started from back 1947 after creation of India and Pakistan. In 1947 and 1962 and 1965 war showed the whole world that India was a big country only based on area but not able to tackle the war in long run. But these wars changed the whole nation thought, and they realize that if we want to tackle Pakistan or China or any other country than we needed a good intelligence,and Raw created based on CIA and KGB .East Pakistanis always treated as the second class citizen in Pakistan and this was the right time to take the revenge from Pakistan for 1947 and 1962.
Indian politician were well known the fact that Pakistan had full support from USA and China so unable to do anything with the support from USSR.
USSR had each and every knowledge about Indian subcontinent and also wants to teach USA after CUBA missile incident.
USSR had give assurance to India, that if any confrontation with the USA or China developed, it would take counter-measures.
Why I called this as a mini world war. In this war US not only support Pakistan but also asked Jordon, Iran to send their forces and equipment for the help of Pakistan and on the same time asked China to open the north and east front against India to reduce the pressure on Pakistan.US sent there seventh fleet  and marine forces in bay of Bengal.
UK also sent there aircraft carrier HMS Eagle to bay of Bengal.Srilanka gave the safe passage and refueling facility to all Pakistani aircrafts. Israel was not support Pakistan as because Arab countries support Pakistan.
How USSR alone tackle all of the above mention countries:
USSR nuclear a submarine and two groups of cruisers and destroyers already present in the bay of Bengal and Indian ocean region.
UK’s HMS eagle changed the root after sawing the presence of USSR navy.
China not able to do anything as because ,USSR already placed the red army in china border to create the pressure and Indian mountain division was placed by Indian Govt. near Chinese border.
USSR nuclear submarine came into surface when US spy satellite move from bay of Bengal ,till the surrender US 7 fleet present in bay of Bengal ,but unable to do anything to avoid the nuclear war. Arab countries provided the fighter planes and ammunition but due to the presence of Indian navy these were not reached to east Pakistan.  This war end after the surrender of Pakistan .
France not took any active role but morally support Indian stand.
Indian Alice:
US Alice:
Other Arabian countries

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