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World of Inteligence

Intelligence service becomes one of the integral parts of every country. Every country want to know there enemy as well as their friends foreign as well as internal policy .Secret service agent lived with us, but its very hard to recognize them as they are create their falls identity. Street beggar, priest common man, businessmen, teacher, guide, money lender, contract killer, its very hard to identify their existence, because they are master in their work. In India this is start during the moray dynasty and before that. The greatest philosopher chanakya told that Intelligence was the ear and eye of the king. In the modern century German ,British had well intelligence services. Intelligence agency not only monitors the enemy activity but also take part in sabotage as well as illegal drug trafficking and contract killing. But I start this topic after Second World War and demolition of Germany in two parts. East Germany came under the rule of USSR and the stasi was built in 1950 under the close support of KGB (USSR Indigence).It was kgb which was play the crucial role in Vietnam. Due to the full support of KGB a small country able to defeat the superpower. It was KGB due to which a new country Bangladesh was created with Indian RAW support.Stasi was the highest number s of workers and had the most dangerous investigation till the unification of germany.Stasi used the most advance surveillance system to monitor anyone’s activity.
 Stasi Muesum in Berlin
 Stasi can use a simple sink basin for survelliance
 BND (German Secret service) head quarter
BND Logo

BND is the successive of German eastern military intelligence agency and one of the most respected intelligence agency .There offices are in munich,berlin and pullach.There main work as a early warring in the interest of Germany.
KGB: This was the most dangerous and efficient intelligence agency of USSR.KGB had the penetration of all govt. level of USA and the well efficient killer.
compact briefcase ak47 gun used by kgb agent during undercover operation

It’s KGB, who got the blue print of nuclear bomb from westerns countries and develop the communist nuclear bomb within the first explosion of nuclear bomb. USSR had got all the new advance technique through their agents and through reverse engineering built that in USSR.
single shot pipe gun used in kgb operation
single shot lipstick gun used by kgb agent
compact glove gun used by KGB agent
Electronic surveillance shoe used by KGB

It was believe that KGB was behind the murder plan of Kennedy (president of USA).
KGB Head Quarter

Briefcase uzi gun used by undercover agent of Mossad

UZI mini with silencer used in undercover operation by mossad agents

KGB had mole in CIA(Aldrich Hazen Ames ) till 1994,and had full information about  American ship, planes and every agents in different parts of the world, if in this time any war happened between US and USSR than definitely USSR had upperhand.The KGB was well efficient murderer and well known how to poison and politician or diplomats.

KGB was getting the nine out of 10.

Mossad: Mossad is the Israel’s intelligence service and I believe in the recent time this is a most efficient and dangerous intelligence agency.Isreal is surrounded by the enemy countries of Isreal, but the active intelligence network help to protect external insurgence and also help to defeat the enemy in all previous wars. Mossad has capable to kill anyone in any part of the world. Mossad killed many Iranian nuclear scientists in Iran and different part of the world. The counter intelligence team is so quick response that no one dares to challenge Israel. Mossad has active presence in Middle East, south East Asia, European and American continent.
Drone used by CIA in different surveillance operation
CIA developed new insects surveillance system

Central Intelligence Agency: One of the oldest intelligence agency of world.CIA had a good history in past and present but always comparatively week compare to KGB or stasi but the main reason is that CIA belongs from a democratic country and after the reform CIA many operation come into the focus of US parliament.CIA had bribe many govt in past also present to follow the US policy and to become US friendly country .CIA create many disturbance in south American countries to stop the expansion of USSR influence in the south American countries. It was the CIA ,which find out the presence of nuclear missile in Cuba during 70’s.The main reason for USSR defeat in Afghanistan was CIA and ISI support to the mujahidin worriers of Afganistan.CIA and ISI establish training camps in border area of Pakistan and also provide stringer missile to give tuff fight against red army.


Foreign Security Service (FSS) of Russia is the successive of KGB and have good counter intelligence wing.FSS was the same effective as KGB.

Inter Service Inteligence: This pak intelligence service establish in 1947 and one of the best intelligence agency.ISI created on the basis of CIA. The main success of ISI was defeat of USSR in Afghanistan war, able to protect Daud Ibrahim ,who was the most wanted in India and second most wanted in US ,but both RAW and CIA unable to do anything just because of ISI support to Daud.

All people in intelligence world think that Osama’s  murder was the failure of ISI ,but I think that it was ISI ,able to protect  from the super powers of world like, US ,UK,Canada,Germany etc.which is not a joke.
Mig 25 used to air surveillance get retired after satellite develop of surveillance 

Research and Analysis Wing: Raw also a well known name in the intelligence world .RAW is the Indian intelligence agency and was a good past history like creation of Bangladesh, support of northern alliance and killing and capturing many wanted terrorist from Nepal and near about countries .Raw has now lost his glory because ,after the remove of counter intelligence wing by IK Gujral the activeness really reduce .Now the Raw higher third party or used KHAD  (Afghan Indigence) to do anything, which is a serious step because this will reduce the secrecy .RAW had full information about Ravinder singh ,that he worked for CIA ,but unable to catch him ,in their own country, now you can understand ,if a intelligence agency unable to protect country’s interest in India than what the agency do in rest of the world.RAW has full information about the Indian most wanted Daud but unable to do anything in front of ISI.

I am not going to give ranking any of these agencies ,as because they are well in their own field and every countries has their own preference and interest. I can say only Mossad is the best in the current scenario.

Now I can discuss some crucial event of world which brings your  attention;

Let’s start with attack on World Trade Centre:

 This 2001 attack was presented by the US media that this was the activity of Osama bin laden.I am not deny but I have some doubts about that.

USA a superpower any conspiracy like this unable to fruitful without the support of any intelligence agency, now the question which one?

Every act done by a motive, so first start with CIA,this was the fact that USA after this incidence give many power to CIA and also attack countries like Iraq and Afganistan,which unable to do without the clearance from parliament.(I have little doubt in this )

Chinese involvement: China has growing but still behind the USA and so, he support terrorist to do this which brings USA focus of internal security and not able to create any competition in the business world. This same policy applied by CIA in 1990, which become the cause of dissolve of USSR .

Russian Involvement: After 1990, Russia always want to take revenge of Afghan war from USA and Pak, so this incidence definitely the golden chance to teach a lesson to the US.

RAW Involvement: All world known that Pak is a US ally, so RAW create this conspiracy to side line PAK.

(I am not believed in this, because as I say earlier, RAW is not strong as past history.

ISI Involment : ISI always worked for sake of Islam and want to distract the Bush govt. to make any agreement from Indian.

Mossad Involvement: Mossad always worked for the Israel, this work help to create mass scale hate in American for Arab and Muslim countries.

26/11 of Mumbai Terrorist Attack:
Mumbai attack pic
World known this was a terrorist attack, but I have some doubt with pattern ,I have smell about some  intelligence involvement.
Triden hotel in mumbai
Nariman point mumbai
ISI: ISI always worked against India and also want to teach the western countries regarding Indian support. The devices and full information about Indian cost and maritime available only with and secret service and ISI also done such incidence before. As  an Indian I can trust on this logic but if I think from other end rest of the world already known that pak is nurresary of terrorism and ,ISI never dare to attack those place where western world citizen live or where the yahudi community live, because Pakistan never directly involve with war with Isreal.

China: Intelligence agency many time involve in many sabotage and dirty work for the well being of their country and to hamper the image of unfriendly country or to create uncertain market fluctuation to avoid FDI. India is the big competitor of China in FDI.

Iran: Mossad done much undercover operation to kill Iranian nuclear scientist and Iran unable to do anything Isreal due to good security system within Isreal and in the third world country the largest number of yahudi people lived in India. There are possibilities that Iran was behind this incidences because in this attack many yahudi people also lost their live.

CIA: India is the member of Non alling movement, so there is possibility that CIA make this plan to bring India in his group, which helps US to create power balance against China.

Russia have also there interest. I am not belongs from any secret service but yes some incidence, really creates doubts. It is well known facts that actually terrorism was nothing just a intelligence creation to secure their homeland interest. Like CIA and ISI create mujahidin’s against USSR, which know converted into Lasker-E-Taiaba and Taliban.
Raw creates muktibahini ,and tamil tigers which later converted in LTTE.ISI create khalistan and kashmiri mujahidin also full support Bangladeshi extremist group. Chinese Foreign Intelligence support ULFA and BODOS extremist group.So,these ring bell in mind in today’s any terrorist activities, that this might be an intelligence support.

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