Saturday, November 23, 2013

Transport planes used by different countries

Now worldofdefence present the most advance and biggest cargo passenger planes of different countries. Due to huge US marketing the world only know about USA  cargo planes like c130j and global master but in reality there are some more bigger and advance planes and able to defeat US C130J.

          1.Antonov An-225 Mriya

I heard about this plane ,when I was in school during watching space race between US and USSR.A plane ,which has huge cargo carrying capacity compare to any other military or cargo planes from 1988(when first flown) to till now. This was produce for carrying USSR buran space shuttle .This project was closed down when USSR dissolve during 1990 due to shortage of fund but later on again this plane was used for cargo delivery from 2002.Weight of the plane is 705 tons and cargo loading capacity is more than 275 tons, which is more than statue of liberty weight. The biggest advantage of this plane is this is biggest cargo delivery plane but don’t need a big airfield for landing like other US or European planes and can be easily landed in a small airfield. Sometimes American’s are using this cargo supply for delivery of their military goods.

2. Tupolev Tu-160

This is the biggest military bomber plane and largest military plane with carrying capacity of 300tons except cargo plane. This was introducing in 1981by USSR and till now in service by Russia but now produce only in limited basis. Most powerful engine installed with highest speed of mach 2.3.It can carry 44 tons ammunition with six air-launched Raduga Kh-55 cruise missiles.

3. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy was produce by lockheet martin to full-fill US army needs of a big cargo planes in 1968,but this project was facing a lot of problem in the starting. This plane was produced mainly for military use and for this reason capable to carry any military equipments, able to carry six apache helicopters at a time.

4. Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Boeing B-52  was develop to strike within the USSR .This bomber is still used by the US air force as their main bomber and as per the US defense personal ,this plan continue there service for next 50 years. This plane was first flown in 1952 and continue serve US Air force. This war plane able to carry conventional as well as nuclear.

5. A400M

A400M future cargo aircraft of European countries develop to fulfill UK, France, Belgium, Germany turkey jointly for their defense forces.
The A400M has a much larger payload than the C-160 Transall and C-130 and the design makes extensive use of composite materials. The capability for short soft field landing and take-off is part of the requirement and the aircraft has six-wheel high-flotation main landing gear.

6.Lockheed martin Hercules C130J

C130j is upgraded version of Lockheed martin Hercules C130, with four engines, transport plane. This plane  used by US ,UK, Israel, Germany, Italy  and Indian Airforce.This plane used for both civilian and military use.C130J mainly use for covert operation of navy seals of US and Israel armed forces. This  plane is able to land in a small airfield.

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