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Worldofdefence:New Genration Stealth Bomber

Bombers main role is to destroy the enemy supply line there industries and back bone of their economy. Main focus is to destroy the defense supply and there earning resource. In second world war the bombers play a crucial role in gulf war also the US f117 stealth play the crucial role but what happen if the enemy have advance radar system than. To overcome this problem stealth bomber is the right answer. Bombers are basically used to carry a huge load of bomb, but they are easy target by enemy’s anti aircraft gun and enemy’s fighter aircraft. To avoid this problem stealth bomber is only answer. Stealth bomber are the modern aircraft, but the old bombers were B52, Tupolev Tu-160 etc.

 B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

 B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

B-2 spirit: this was the only active stealth capable to enter enemy territory without catching in enemy radar system. This aircraft able to carry conventional and nuclear weapons both at a time. This bomber has two crew members with jps guided bombing system able to carry eighty 500lb bombs, sixteen 2400lb bombs and B83 nuclear bomb. B2 spirit is only bomber able to carry air to surface standoff weapons with stealth configuration.USA is the only country which has this technology and they are technically more advance compare to any other country.

F117 Night hawk :F117 is the first stealth bomber introduce in 1981 till 2008.this aircraft play the crucial role for many US secrete attack plan, in gulf war this play used in night bombing in every crucial Iraqi defense site.


Russian T-60S

Russian T-60S: Russian stealth bomber aircraft design started in 1984 but due to dissolve of USSR in 1990 and shortage of investment this aircraft design was post pond. Russian also develops their stealth Bomber like B-2 spirit, which have capability of stealth technology and not come in enemy radar system. Russian T-60s has able to carry both conventional and nuclear warhead for long range. Russian T60S join the Russian air force in 2025. The armament was to include up to six Kh-101 cruise missiles, as well as AS-15 and AS-16 missiles, free-fall nuclear weapons and precision guided conventional munitions.

Indian IUSAV Strike Aircraft

Indian IUSAV Strike Aircraft

 This is boeing phantom uav but Indian IUSAV or Auro is look same as this

India is at the starting stage but this aircraft design is mixture of US b-2 spirit and Russian T-60s, but the major difference is that IUSAV is actually a unmanned aerial vehicle compare to their American and Russian counterpart. It is expecting that first prototype will come in 2016 .This project is highly confidential so, there is very few news about its capability. It is expecting that this is able to carry conventional as well as nuclear arsenal and have capability to strike deep into enemy teritotry.The range of this aircraft not assure but there is great possibility that ,whole Chinese border come into its range area. This project was also known as Aura.

European Neuron:

European Neuron


French Aviation Company built this and later on develops by jointly by Sweden, French, Itally.This is actually long range drone capable to carry conventional and nuclear bomb at a time. It has same stealth capacity like other stealth bomber and continue testing till 2014.

Shenyang J-XX Stealth Fighter:


Chinese stealth bomber is basically the reverse engineering of American B-2 spirit, because a US B-2 engineer arrested for selling this technology to a Chinese agent. Chinese have also the scrap of F117 night hawk for getting the stealth technology. This is a long range bomber capable to carry nuclear as well as conventional wepons, but there is many years for this aircraft to come into service.



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