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Independance day special:Some amazing facts of Indian Defense

  As India celebrates its 68th independence day in 2014.So today I am going to produce some interesting facts of this country. As my blog related with defense so, I want to concentrate in defense section only.

India is seventh largest country in world in area basis and biggest Democratic country. Second largest populated country of world.

 Gurkha regiment :this is one of the oldest regiment ,Once Hitler told that if he got Gurkha regiment than conqure the whole world.U.K. still maintain one Gurkha regiment after Indian independance.

 Foreign army person passout from Indian Miltry Academy

India have third largest army with 1,325,000.They have well training institution in country as like other world class facility ,some time the special forces participate in western countries  special forces training. Many friendly nations of Asia and Africa took military training from Indian Military School. Afghanistan, Srilanka, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan etc. Singapore Armies used Indian army practice ground on lease basis due to shortage of jungle and mountain training facility in Singapore.

 Russian Made T-90 battele tank

This is also interesting to know that India is 10 largest Tank regiment in world. Again this was matter of concern that most of tanks are Russian T72, 2414, Russian T90: 1050, Arjun MBT: 248.

 Indian Armoured Vechicle

India has 13 largest armored fighting vehicles in world: 5085. Self propelled guns are 290 in his inventory and got 20th position on the world.

 Indian  arm's sweden made Bofors gun
Indian has large number of artillery guns and due to this it stands in 1st position with 6445.  

 Rocket Launchine vechile of Indian Army

India stand in 13th position with 292 rocket launching guns in world scenario.

 Indian Air Force personnel with Sukhoi MKI-30 advance Fighter aircraft
 Indian Made Light Combat Aircraft Tejas

Indian Air force with 127000 personnel and 1785 aircraft stand in fourth position in world scenario.Indian Air force have most advance fighter plane of modern era like 4.5 generation Sukhoi MKI-30 assemble in Indian on license basis.Mirage, Jaguare, MIG29,MIG27, MIG21.Transport vehicle like C130,Phalcon Early warning system, Fighter helicopter like:MI17,MI24,American Apache .Indigenous made Tejas light combat aircraft, French Rafael join in next two years.

Total number of fighter interceptor is 535, and this was fourth largest in world. In attack aircraft also stand in fourth position with 468 aircrafts. With 706 transport aircraft India has again in fourth position. India stands in 10 positions in world with 235 training aircrafts. With 504 helicopter India stand in seventh position in world. India has only 20 attack helicopters and his position is 30 in world scenario. India has only 346 serviceable airports and stand in 20th position in world.

 indian Arihant class Nuclear Submarine

 Indian Frigate INS Tarkash

Indian navy stand in seventh position with 58,350 personnel and 300000 ton sea-faring capability. Indian is second position with Italy in number of aircraft carrier. This is very interesting to know that there are only eleven countries with aircraft carrier. With 15 frigate and 11 destroyers India is in 6th position in world scenario.

India is sixth largest in number of submarines in world with 17 in his inventory.

Surrender of 90000 Pakistan Army and pere militry personnel in East Pakistan

 Indian Forces in Hyderabad annextion

 Surrender of Portugese in GOA

 Siyachin the higgest bettlefield in world separate China and Pakistan border

India army wins most of the war in modern world .Indian army win world war one, world war 2 under before independence. Indian army win battle against Hyderabad state after independence .Indian army defeat Portugal in Goa annexation in 1961.Clear win against Pakistan in east front in 1971.Siyachin glacier take over by Pakistan during 90’s.

 Indian Casulity during Indo China war in 1962

India defeated against China in 1962 war after independence.

 Indian army personnel in Operation  Cactus in Maldiv

 Indian Prime minister Indira Gandhi after first Indian nuclear Explotion at Pokhran in 1974

Indian forces perform well in commando operation in Maldives against LTTE in operation cactus. Indian RAW has done successful operation in Bangladesh Freedom .Due to RAW no one able to know first nuclear explosion in 1974 in pokhran.

 Farkhor airbase of Indian Airforce of India in Tajikistan help to penetrate most of central Asian countries and China
 Indian Mig 29 from Farkhor airbase in Tajikistan

Indian air force one foreign base in Farkhor, Tajikistan. This area is most crucial to lookafter central Asia as well as keeps watching on Chinese .One more airbase negotiation made with Afganistan. Even though Chinese don’t have any military base other than his own country.

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