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Superpowers during 1947

Today I am going to present the powerfulcountries of world during 1947.This year was a very crucial in world politics .In the same year two new countries were came into existence.One India and other was Pakistan.Both were free from British colony.One another country was also came in same year ,and that was Israel.Israel actually formed in may 1948 ,but United nation resolution  and committee formed to create a new country for jews in 1947.
 US patton tank

In 1947 winning power of World War2 had power ful armies.World devide in two parts one was USA and other was USSR.

USSr antiaircraft gun

US aircraft carrier
 USSR aircraft carrier
USA transporter plane
USSR had took control on east European or pre German colonies on the other hand West European countries were came close to USA.Middile is became main area of dispute.Middile east countries was main producer of petroleum in world and most of the production  companies and refineries were owned by European countries.

After second world war European countries were mostly effected .They were not able to took burden on their economy,so they were free most of their colonial state.

In Asia civial war started in China.USSR support socialist Chinese leader and USA support nationalist.At the end of war Mau got the power and USSR support his Govt.

 US bomber

 USA boring transporter plan 

USA was the top most powerful country in 1947.The power ful staes was got due to successful explosion of nuclear bomb.US was only country with such bomb.USA had also good amount of airforce,navy.In number they definitely came next after USSR.USA was first to phase out his propeller aircraft with jet engine.

Russian Navy

Mig 15 of USSR

 USSR bomber
No doubt USSR was second the biggest military power.USSR had 2.8 million armed force in 1948.They had 65 tanks and mechinised division.USSR greatly invest for modernization of forces after world war two.They were invest a lumsum amount of their GDP for defense.

 HMS class destroyer of Royal Navy
UK was the third biggest powerful country of that time.UK lost most of its armed forces,machinery ,aircrafts and naval ships in this war,as because he was directly fought against German.Royal airforce ,Royal navy and army lost almost ¾ of its strength in this war.

Australia was the fourth powerful country. Australia was took part in world war 2 as allied forces,but never fougth war in mainland Australia.So,it armed forces not face same problem as like other European countries.

Turkey was the fifth powerful country of that time.Turkey not participate in world war 2 in starting.He participate at last time so Turkey forces not face huge casualty or economic burden.After world war 2,Turkey start modernization of its armed forces.

India was the sixth powerful country on that time as Indian forces trained under British and using all modern weapons of that time.Indian airforce also using the advance aircraft of 1940.Indian navy had advance naval ships of 1940.

 Indian tank

 HMS Kumaon of Royan Indian Navy in 1947

 Spitfire of Roral Indian Air Force

 Indianairforce in 1947


Indian tank
 Indian forces were most experience force in Asia .As because they took part in every war fought under British Empire ,they were took participate in world war 1 and 2.They took part in middle east war from British side as well. Indian Gurkhas were the most dangerous army of that time so after independence British still maintain one unit with them. One time Adolf Hitler told that if he got Gurakha regiment then He was able to conquer the whole world.

China was big armed forces in Asia after world war 2.But Chinese were lost their land,aircraft as well as war ships in world war2.After world war 2 Chinese civil war started so China was not as much powerful compare to other on that time.

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