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Vietnam: An unbeatable country from East Asia

Vietnam a small Asian country able to beat three powerful country in war. French, US and China all were unable to takeover this country in war. As I was already inform in my previous posts about how US technical advance forces defeated with less technical advance Vietnam forces.

 Seized arms of Vietcong in Vietnam War
 Trap used against Allied forces by Vietcong
 Ladies Vietcong
 Tunnel system used in Vietnam by Vietcong

Vietnam was a colonial country at 19th century like other Asian countries. French had control in this country. Extremist and patriot were continuing fight against the western French power but the main turning came during Second World War.
 US forces with their gunship 

Japanese imperial army takeover this country during Second World War .After Second World War north part of this country governed by Chinese and south governed by British. British withdraw their forces after 1946 then again French took control this country.

French control ended with their defeat in Dien Bien Phu war.USA support French in Vietnam War in last face. North part was controlled by socialist and south was still under western influence. When North Viet cong forces bombard in south part than western power interred to avoid socialist spread in East Asia.
US , Britain, French, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand  and South Korea were supported south Vietnam in this war and USSR, China, North Korea and Cuba support north Vietnam. This war was fought 20 years and end with the North Vietnam victory on South Vietnam capital city.

US forces faced biggest causality in this war after Second World War .US bombers continue bombard in North Vietnam to destroy their supply line but this effect did nothing to stop Viet cong. A country with super power status unable to control the North Socialist part with all their technical amenities.
US forces unable to control or stop guerrilla attack on their forces. It was very interesting to knew that US forces used most advance transport plane to supply their arms and foodstuff for their forces on the other hand North Viet Cong used bicycle to carry their foodstuff in frontline.US bombard killed huge innocent citizens in this war but still unable to capture the north .

In the presidential election 49 out of 50 states were against the US participation in war. There was huge pressure on US for withdraw from this war other allies of US had face same problem in their home land.
US had lost the lives of their soldier for such a war which was not related with their motherland.US withdraw from this war in 1975 after North victory and took over the south capital city.

USSR made  Mig 15 used in Vietnam war by Vietcong
 USSR made  Mig 19 used in Vietnam war by Vietcong
 USSR made  Mig 21 used in Vietnam war by Vietcong(this aircraft was most sucessful compare to their US counterpart of that time)

In this war USSR provide all technical knowhow to North Vietnam with the support of Chinese. After Chinese civil war they directly support North Vietcong with arms and ammunition as well as voluntary groups from China, North Korea and Cuba were participate directly in war. Chinese support withdraws after the USSR and Chinese border clash with USSR during 1969-70.

 Missile defense system of Vietnam

Mobile misile launcher of Vietnam  army
Vietnam forces entered in Cambodia  on 25 December 1978.This incidence made Chinese angry and after consulting with US ,red army with 200000 forces supported with 200 Type59,,62 and 63 were entered in Vietnam .This war fought for four weeks. Both side claim for their victory but red army did nothing except looting north people and destroy their infrastructure. On the other hand Vietnam forces still present in Cambodia. Chinese thought that they were the main regional power in Asia after Second World War but this war made them wrong.

In the recent time Chinese want to become superpower and treat USA as their main enemy .This is true that Chinese were second largest defense budget and have biggest power in Asia but this is also true that there are many countries which are small in size and defense budget  but they can able to give strong challenge .

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