Monday, September 29, 2014

Beprepare for star war in near future

I am going to present one interesting story about future war .This cause of war same as like 18 and 19the centuries war when the European countries take over the other countries in Asia, Africa, America and Australia. Main cause of the war was take control on natural resources of these countries. On that time European countries were technically advance but they had limited natural resources so they had control these countries. They got petroleum from Middle East, coal, iron ore and labor from India and other Asian countries.

 Now the question arise why I was informed you this, because same situation and condition arise in recent time when the technically advance countries are working to take control on natural resources of other planets.
It is well known facts that mineral resources in earth available in limited amount which will finish in coming future .It will expecting that petroleum will available only for next 50 years but we were not prepare to depend on alternate energy.
 British Empire in 19th century

Continue use of mineral resources reduce the stocks of most of the nation European countries were largely depend on undeveloped countries.
One another reason is that it will expecting by scientist that our ozone lyre continue diminishing and after 150-200 years due to global warming sea level will increase and temperature on earth increase up to 80*c which is not suitable for human on that time human will search for a new home and they make a new home in other planet.

One another reason is that human due to the continue increase in demand with increase in human population food supply continue reducing and this will create a great problem in coming time.
All above mention reasons will create space expedition race and only technically advance countries were able to control on other planets.
 European colony in Africa

Other than these two more crucial points are : one if any comet comes ear to earth than we can counter that only through our ICBM existed in other planets ,which help to save earth. We are not able to destroy that by our satellite killer missile because on that scenario lots of small particles of that comet destroy our satellite system as well as able to enter our atmosphere than create a great destruction and end human civilization in earth as like Dinosaurs .

Second most important is we are not alone in space. Earth is one of the planet in our solar system and there millions of solar system in our galaxy and there are millions of galaxy in space .there is big possibility that many others living creature are present in space. There is great possibility that they are technically more advance than us or they are fewer advances.
So, let’s ready for space war in future, readout the second part of space war on next post.

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