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Klaikunda:Bigest Indian Air base

Kalia kunda: In the Midnapore District within the state of West Bengal, concerning a hundred thirty kilometer from Calcutta is that the Major Airbase of Kalaikunda. Established means back throughout the Second war, this desolate village turned flying field is currently a serious institution on the IAF's Orbat.
This is one of the best air base in eastern India.It developed by Britishers during second world war to resist the Japanese attack on there eastern front. My grandfather was working here as an technical ground staff and retired on 1992.He was saw both 1965 and 1971 war when this air base used by Indian Air force to protect there eastern front.In 1965 Pakistan PAF F-86 Sabre plane create a huge damage,but in 1971 there was only one raid and bombing case happened,which cause for death of one villager, who moved with one latent in night.

IA1334 - This photo dating from 1967 shows a MystereIVa IA1334

Ever since its reactivation in 1955, Kalaikunda had been home to Mystere Squadrons, Vampires, Hunters, Canberras, MiG-21s , Su-7s and currently MiG-27s. Kalaikunda includes a sizable amount of warbirds on show, about seven preserved. variety of hunter airframes are noticed  lying derelict round the airbase. it's suspected that atleast one Sukhoi-7 framing is lying around within the airbase. within the late 70s, one emotional person framing that was lying as a decoy was recovered and auctioned off to the united kingdom Collectors.

(MiG-21FL [C779] of the No. 8 Pursoots Squadron seen at Kalaikunda in 1997. This particular aircraft was involved in airstrikes over East Pakistan in the 1971 war, including the much celebrated bombing of the Government House in Dacca )

One of the various scattered farmings on the facility premises is that this derelict Hunter air frame in pale Thunderbolts theme of the No.20 Squadron.

The Kalaikunda facility includes a jubilee depository , wherever a rare DHC-3 Otter [IM 1057] finds place. additionally on show within the depository may be a Hunter fighter. There are at least 3 Gnats on show on the facility, 2 close to the ATC building and another at one in every of the Hangars. associate degree An-32 transport craft was noticed  on show at the depository in 1997. but this craft wasn't found once tested recently by Warbirds of Republic of India.

After the retirement of the MiG-25R's from Bareilly, one in every of {the 2|the 2} remaining two seater examples - craft DS362 was bought to Kalaikunda and place up for show close to the most tarmac space. The craft has since been repainted Tipnis gray and has lost all its original markings.
One of the retired hunter aircraft in Kalaikunda airbase
 Awacs early warning system with Russian T-76 transport aircraft
 Mirage 2000 takeoff from kalaikunda airbase
Most of the joint air force exercise of India, happened in kaliakunda airbase.
 AWACS aircraft during Indo-UK exercise
Euro Fighter in Indo-UK joint exercise Indradhanusha
 Indian Mirage with Euro Fighter in Indo-UK joint exercise Indradhanusha
Indian MKI SU 30 with Euro Fighter in Indo-UK joint exercise Indradhanusha
 RSAF 16 D in Kalikunda air base
 RSAF C130 Harculus transport Aircrat
 US air force technical staff talking with there Indian counterpart
F 16 in kalaikunda air base

Kalaikunda airbase surrounded by a sal tree forest ,so the natural view of this airbase is also very nice to see:
 sunset view from kalaikunda air base
 natural beauty near kalaikunda air base
 natural beauty near kalaikunda air base
 Sal tree forest near to air base

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