Sunday, November 2, 2014

How a country Become Powerful?

Is really US has maintain the super power status in present world. If we take as expenditure than definitely US has the biggest powerful country in the world with 100+ billion dollar budget the second biggest spending country is one fourth of this money invest in defense. There is definitely some hidden expenditure made by other countries. Some of the countries show nuclear technology as as research and development expenditure .US expenditure was again high because of high labor cost, high cost of production. If a moon mission or space program of India is only have some million dollar on the other hand that was billion dollars for US.
 Robot used by US forces in battle field
US army's new weapon used to partial paralysed enemy
Remote control tank

US technology in some area is really more advanced than others. Stealth technology when introduce with F117 no other country able to built same technology next twenty years. But some technology was not only criteria to win a war. In Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan US technology much advance than their rival, but US never able to get clear majority same thing would happen with USSR in Afghanistan and China in Cambodia. Victory always depends on the morel and fighting spirit of soldiers. In second world war when other axis power surrender ,Japan a small country still fight and gave a tuff fight to western countries. Japan only surrender due to inhuman nuclear attack and feared that continue use of nuclear bomb would destroy their whole population. Heads off to the samurai pilots, who directly hit their enemy target, when they found no other way to win the war. Self sacrifice is a human behavior, which comes when you fight for your nation or something which related with your family or religion.US soldiers has also same spirit but in modern time they fight for their supremacy and in other country which are not their mother land.US soldiers beat British and colonial power in war of independence, because on that time they fight for their motherland. This spirit is more powerful compare to any weapon. Most of the nation has this spirit but some are no comparison in second world war Japan show that spirit in present time Israel has that spirit .They fight for their existence .I can’t support any terrorist group due to same spirit, because they not fight for their motherland or for their existence they fight after their brainwash or they target innocent people, which can’t be acceptable.

Machine armor not made any country as powerful and on the same time with well trained army do nothing without the sophisticated weapons.

From the past history this would be clear. Start from 19th century, this time European countries had the most efficient and well trained army in world and they also had modern weapons of that time. Britain (U.K.), Germany, France, Sweden, Austria, Portugal. Due to their modern armed forces the capture almost all other parts of world. India, China, Middle East, America all were their colonial states. But on the same time they were not able to capture some parts of world due to their topography, location, strength of the people. British attack many time in Afghanistan but not able to capture this state due to the topography as well as nature of the local people.

In 1989 USSR capture this state but only for a small time span and they lost a lot in this war and this was became one of the main reason for breakdown of USSR. Same  thing happen with USA,Us capture this country but not able lived for a long time due to the continue struggle with local terrorist group.

One more country which was never surrender against western  or against any more powerful country .Yes this was Vietnam ,during the civil war in this country US support the south Vietnam and almost destroy the half of the north Vietnam population but never able to capture this country. At lst when lots of US soldiers dies in war, they returned back and withdraw from this country. Same thing happen with Chinese, they were entered in this small country but not able to capture and withdraw from there due to international pressure. Modern Guerrilla war was invented here which helped to defeat more powerful competitor of Vietnam. North Vietnam was using age old machinery they don’t had enough resources but still able to defeat their enemy.
North Korea Army 

North Korea, this country was came into existence after second world war .After second world war Korea was divided in north and south .North part was under USSR control and south part was in US control. After 1948 when north social part want to capture the whole peninsula under socialist control than NATO forces enter in support of south Korea but after a long time war they not able to capture the north section. North part was supported by other socialist countries like: USSR and China. 

Western countries with their all modern weapons and arms not able to capture this part due .As per sources information that North Korea able to survive and fight for six months continuously based on resources. This country with all international sanctions and banned able to made nuclear arsenal and also develop a space program. This is also a well known facts that North Korea able to takeover whole peninsula under their control if the Western forces withdraw from this region. 
Israel Defence Army's lady member

Israel: A country started journey from zero. This country came into existence in 1948 .Made in the land of West Bank, philistine. They don’t had army, Weapons, machinery factories .within next twenty years they became the powerful country of the middle east. Defeat joint forces of more powerful countries of Middle East .Never defeated by anyone in any war .Fought continuously for their existence. Yes they have now the modern machinery equipments and army. But they won the war when they didn't have all that.

People from Afghanistan were barbaric, never controlled under any foreign power so they not able to defeat with modern machinery their topography also favorable for this country to fight their enemy.
On the other hand Vietnam people fight for their existence so it can’t possible to defeat them. North Korea was fight for nation pride. Israel fight for existence, they known that they would survive if they fight and finish if they surrender.

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