Friday, February 6, 2015

21 century is Asian century

World politics change with time to time enemy of one time became friend and friends are became rival and competitor.

As there are more than 200+ countries in world and this was not be possible to cover all countries at a time. Today Asia play main crucial role in world politics .Most of the mineral resources and man powers and cheap labour are available in Asia. Japan, China, India, Israel one of main developing and developed countries. USA, Russia and other western power already change their strategy with change in time. Once Russian treat Pakistan as American bloc or NATO ally country and support India in world plate form also help India with all latest technology .In recent time Russia made different defence deal with Pakistan .On the other hand India take most of their army hardware from west Europe, America and Israel.
 INDO- US joint press conferance
 Amercican apache heliptor sale to India
Globemaster air lifting plane sale to India by US
Zordan airforce
America trying to melt ice between INDO-US relations by signing civil nuclear agreement .The main reason of India support was to check Chinese or to create competitor for china.
US air force in middle east
 NON aligned movement founder members

 US apache sale to india

MI36 Russian fighter helicoter sale to pakistan
US president gave unnecessary suggestion to India which show that US always work on their own interest .Not only that US congress grant an aid to Pakistani was well known facts that Pakistan use that fund for spreading terrorism in Afghanistan and India.

So, India need to be aware from this US strategy and don’t worked as Pakistan did in Afghanistan against red army.

Indian foreign policy was always run on ethics, but this was also true that India got nothing from bulshit ethics. India need to change his foreign policy.

USA was not a confident supporter and USA never support India openly in any world platform. China has main competitor and powerful enemy,   but India need to change his strategy and try to melt ice between INDO-CHINA relations. When British and French became friend after 200+ years fighting than why not India and China. If these two power became friend than definitely the power balance shift in Asia. They don’t need to depend on US for anything.US teach lesson for communal peace to India on the other hand dropping bombs on innocent Muslim in Iraq, support ISIS in initial stage, Create mujahidin, Support Iraq against Iran in gulf war .Destroy whole Iraq with a lie that Saddam possess weapon of mass destruction.

USA has only one strategy holding mineral resources, selling of their weapons.US made friend or enemy based on this two facts only.

On east North Korea became the Chinese ally and also have good relation with Russia. Iran also became Russian weapon user. After the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan also create a big vacuum, Pakistan secret service already made plan to take this opportunity in his favour. Russian support to Pakistan also one part of this, to come close to Pakistan to watch Afghanistan movement. The geopolitical location of Afghanistan and Pakistan was really very important in Asia.

In Asia China was second largest army, air force and fifth largest navy. India has third largest army, fifth largest Air force and seventh largest navy. Pakistan has sixth largest army North Korea, Iran, Japan, Israel also have well equipped army and air force. Once these nation 100% depend on west and America for defence equipment and new technology but now they have their own resources and there dependence on west minimise in many respect. Ukraine issue and sanction on Russian oil export also enlarge the gap.

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