Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pakistan:Glorious past and dark future

A country known as terrorist epicentre and one of the dangerous place in world .This country has big geopolitical advantage due to its location .Due to its location factor every western country .Afghanistan already pay lots for this location importance and now its Pakistan.

Pakistani students followed western style and ideology
  Pakistan Parliamentary house

This country came into existence in 1947 when it separated after British rule. On that time this has two parts one was East Pakistan and second one was West Pakistan.

Pakistan due to its location always play an important role in every event in Middle East and Asia.

Pakistan was first Muslim country adopt western culture and economic model for development. Once upon a time Pakistan economic growth rate more than their Asia counterpart .Pakistan Stock exchange perform better than Chinese, Korean and Indian stock exchange during 70’s.Pakistan had getting better arms and weapons comparing to India. During 1965 Pakistan less than ¼ part of India stand equal in terms of weapons in starting phase of 1965 war.

Pakistan was more close to USA and US surveillance detective plane used Pakistan airbase for USSR operation. Pakistan army play a police role in Middle East and took part in every big war. Took part in providing security to Saudi royal family, participate in war against Israel from Arabian Muslim countries. Participate against USSR war from Afghanistan from USA side. Participate against Iraq in Kuwait war.

JF10 Chinese fighter plane used in PAF

JF17 Jointly produce by China and Pakistan

Pakistan has one of main member in OIC (organisation of Islamic countries).Pakistan totally changed after 1971 Indo Pak war. In this war Pakistan shift his dependence on western allies and now shift to Chinese support.

Pakistan use USA support against USSR and provide ISI and army support for its own interest.
Pakistan Alkhalid tank
Pakistan create mujahidin’s with US support but now this terrorist became headache for their own.
This country start supporting terrorism from 50’s when this came into existence. Pakistan first support to mujahidin’s and local tribal group for Kashmir issue. Pakistan also support North East rebel groups from 1950 onwards. All north east terrorist groups got their training and arms supply from East Pakistan. Pakistan ISI was the master mind behind all this.
 Pakistan Shaheen missile
 Terrorist camp in Pakistan

As a secret service agency definitely ISI was one of the oldest and gave tuff competition to other secret service agency in world.

It was ISI who starting drug trafficking and other illegal activities and used all revenue for funding other terrorist group working in India, and Afghanistan.

Candle march after terrorist attack in peshawar Pkistan

Western security service trying many time to reach Pakistan nuclear arsenal because they feared that extremist group in Pak army transfer nuclear warhead to terrorist group but they never got success due to ISI .

ISI network spread all over world but mainly they concentrate in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Middle East.

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