Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Worldofdefence:Sailing airport in Ocean

Worldofdefence present the sailing airport in the ocean.This marvelous machine play a vital role in pearlharbour  attack and the whole world war second.Axies forces are destroyed the allies ships during the first phase of world war second.

US Aircraft Carriers:

 Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers:

Russian Aircraft Carrier:

Italy Aircraft Carrier:

Indian Navy's Aircraftcarrier:

French Navy:


Aircraft carrier actually a sailing airport in the sea. Aircraft carrier, carry 25 to 45 fighter aircraft depend on its size,with missile launching capacity from its deck also have space for helicopter landing and space to store vehicles .Aircraft carriers are small, medium and large size. Small are basically using for helicopter carrier, medium size can carry eight to fifteen and large size carrying twenty aircraft in it. Aircraft carrier is very expensive to maintain and, so only a handful countries are operating this. There are  only USA(10),Russia(1),Spain(1),Italy(2),France(1),Thailand(1),Brazil(1),UK(1),India(1) and China(1).Most of the countries are using conventional carrier ,except the USA ,which is using nuclear aircraft carrier. Nuclear aircraft carrier is capable to cover more distance .Russia, France and UK have the capability to build nuclear aircraft carrier but as these are require huge investment and also a lump sum amount waste for its maintainence,so most of the European countries are now decommissioned their existing aircraft carrier and only using one or two, to avoid maintenance expenses. After end of cold war Russia has decommissioned most of the active aircraft carrier due to avoid the burden on state reserve same way followed by other. European countries like: UK, France etc.UK decommissioned 40,Russia 6and France 7.Most of the Russian aircraft carrier converted to commercial vessel or sale to other countries or it is placed as unused conditions.USA has the total twelve Aircraft carrier with super carrier like Nimitz class has weight of 101000 tons, run by two nuclear turbine. Second largest was China’s new carrier which is is actually a converted Russian aircraft carrier, bougeht by China from Ukraine and converted in aircraft carrier. Aircraft carrier needs a very high class steel which able to protect the ship from salt water of ocean. This technology posses by only a few countries like:USA,Russia,UK,France,Italy and India.
Aircraft carrier also needs support from the many ship like cruiser, destroyer, patrolling boats for their own safety. In the Second World War German and Japan able to give tuff fight to allies force due to this machine. After the invention of nuclear submarine most of the countries do not interested to maintain a large number of aircraft carrier.
It is well known fact that how the USSR nuclear submarine alone obstruct the US seventh fleet and UK’s HMS eagle in Indo –Pak war in 1971.Aircraft carrier is easy target due to its size, so most of the countries like UK,France,Russia,Italy  not interested to maintain a large numbers of aircraft carriers.

This machine was play a vital role in the pearl harbor attack so US navy never want to avoid this machine and going to build 10 more nuclear super carriers. China also want to build one more carrier of 65000tons, France, UK and Turkey also want to build one of each.
Russia wants to build two more nuclear aircraft carriers in future. Indian nave already starts construction of two more aircraft carriers one is 44000tons and other is 65000 tons conventional aircraft carriers.

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