Sunday, August 25, 2013

Submarine a unique battle machine

Worldofdefence present one of the unique battle machine of modern world.Submarine is a watercraft, used underwater and works independently. This machine gives strength to any country to give tuff fight to the enemy. In the modern war this machine is give second strike capability to any coutry.If  your enemy destroy your all army bases from nuclear attack than Submarine is the only option to attack in enemy bases.
First submarine made in the year of 1620 by a Dutch in UK. It was USA, where submarine first develop for military purpose during civil war, France and UK worked on this model later on.

US Varginia class submarine:

Use of submarine started from American civil war, but the modern and well equipped submarine came into existence from Second World War. German navy get the excess in each ocean and destroyed the 50% of the allies’ forces in the first phase of the world war 2.German U-boats were planning to cutoff the supply line of the UK, through destroying all the merchant ships in the Atlantic Ocean.
On the other part of the world Japan has the largest number of submarine, which was gave the highest speed in submerged condition, and using most advance torpedoes of that time. Japanese navy unable to use this technique in war because war ship is better protected compare to merchant ship.
British nave is the only navy in the world using nuclear arsenal from there submarine against Argentina navy in Falkland war.
Akula class Submarine:
 Typhoon submarine of Russia:
 INS Chackra of India:

Submarine are basically two types one diesel engine and new advance nuclear energy based.Diseal engine based are easily track by enemy due to their limited stealth capacity as they need to come to surface to charge there batteries. Advance diesel engine German and French submarines are underwater maximum one month period and nuclear based submarine capable to underwater four and five month or more than that .They come out water only when their food finished.
Most of the countries have submarine but only a limited countries have nuclear powered submarine. There are only USA, Russia, France, UK, China and India has the capacity to build nuclear submarine. On the same time these countries have capacity to use nuclear and cruise missile from their nuclear submarine, which give them second strike capacity.

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