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Five Powerful Airforce in the World

In the recent time air force of any country play a crucial role in the event of war, because a strong airfoce decide the result of war. In six day arab-Isreal war, Isreal alone beat the joint power of Ezypt, zorden, Syria, Iraq and other supported countries of Arab league .Pakistan air force able to gave tough fight to three time bigger Indian Air force in 1965 war and destroy one third of Indian Air force.It is also interesting fact that India lost most of the aircraft on ground fire during Pakistan air force attack.
Now the importance of Air force increase, due to ability to strike within the enemy line, destruction of their supply line, supporting of army. Air force  ability also depend on quality of fighter aircraft not in the number of fighter aircrafts .USA, Russia, UK, Israel ,China and India have strong air force and have using the best fighter aircraft of recent time.

United State Air Force (USAF):
 USAF B1 Lancer
 USAF B52 Bomber
 USAF Eagel F15
No doubt that USA has the largest air force based on strength and technical superiority. USAF with 332854 active personnel, 5484 aircrafts, 450 ICBM,63 satellites and  $140 billion budget is the largest in globe. This air force is most experience in the recent time due to participation in most of the war after second world war, like: Korean war, Vietnam war, Iranian hostage rescue, Invasion of Grenada, Bombing of Libya. This force is only the first one using the most advance 5th generation fighter aircraft F22.USAf is first air force using modern jet in war plane as well as first air force developing supersonic jet plane. Developing helmet simulation system, which guide pilot to take accurate decision on time.Bomber:B1, B2 and B52.Cargo Aircraft:C5, C12, C17 globe master.C-130,C-130J Hercules. Attract aircraft: F15 Eagel,F15E strike Eagle these both have till 2025.F22 only the first fifth generation aircraft in the world.F35 lighting 4.5 generation  attack aircraft.
KC10 Extender and KC-135 Stratotanker are tankers.USAF also using some Russian mig29,Mi8 attack helicopter, Sukhoi su27.AH6,AAH64 Apache, Black hock, Russian mi24 attack helicopter.
Unmanned Ariel Vechicles:MQ-1 Predator,MQ-1c Grey Eagle,RQ-4 Global Hawk,RQ-5 Hunter,RQ-7,MQ-9.
USAF also has many small drones to watch enemy information.US have the capability to send their special force in any part of the world with their special passenger plane without informing the enemy radar system. USAF is one of the efficient air force capable to do any cover operation in any part of the world, like the operation against osamabinladen within Pakistan.
Russian Air force: Russian air force is successor of USSR air force. Russian air force came into existence after the dissolve of USSR in 1991.Russian air force face fund shortage in the early sage but when Vladimir Putin came in power the Russian air force again get the glory of previous USSR air force. This air force using the most advance fighter plane of 4.5 generation sukhoi 30, which is more technically better than US fifth generation F22  raptor, F35 lighting. Russian air force is strength of 180000.During the last phase of cold war at 1980soviet union has totals 10000 aircrafts and at the starting phase of 1990 USSR air force in term of quantity and quality get the status of super power. USSR air force took part in Korean War and gave a huge loss to US and allies forces. Mig 15 were using against the us F86 sabre .UN issued a reward of 100000$ with political coverage if any pilot bring mig 15 for testing. One North Korean pilot do this again the Israel theft mig21 for testing, as because this aircraft was superior compare any other western aircraft of that time. Soviet air force using the mig 21, this was the supersonic plane and technically more superior. In Vietnam War and in Korean War his aircraft play a crucial role. In 1971 indo-pak war Indian were take the revenge from the Pakistan air force for 1965 with the use of mig 21. This plane was built 11000+ and 50+ countries used this machine and still used by some countries in world.
Russian air force has total 61 airbases out of which 26 base with tactical aircraft.
38 fighter aircraft squadrons(mig29 operate in 7,29s one ,two operating mig29SMT,10 operating mig 31,Mig311B operating by one, one operating mig 31BM,seven operating su27P,eight operating su-27SM,SU27SM3 and SU30M2 operating by each squadron.
It is well known fact that Russian sukhoi 30 is 4.5 generation and technically more advance compare to any western aircraft , even thou the aerodynamic body is better perform compare to US  f22raptor and f35 lighting.
New pakft50 the most awaiting 5th generation plane is actually the fifth generation and no one plane and near to this fifth generation plane.
 Israel AH64 Apache attach helicopter
 Israel Bell cobra attack helicopter
 IAI Elbit Hermes 450

Israel Air Force is third largest and strongest air force in the world, which have the most advance plane in their inventory. Israel Air Force is getting the most advance training and has well experience of war. Israel alone beat the joint power of Arab league in six days war. Israeli Air Force always playing a crucial role in every Arab Israel war. Israeli air force is another name of success from the year of establishment. In the first year Israel air force defeat Egypt force advancement and also shot down the Egyptian aircraft bombing in the telaviv . Israeli air force also play the crucial role in the Suez crises in 1956 to drop the paratroopers within the Egypt .IAF also help Israel navy to capture Egypt warship ,which bombard in Israel.
In the six days war, whole world became stand still when a small Israel air force beat the joint air force of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. In the first day the Israel air force destroyed the Egyptian air force in surprise attack .In whole war Israel air force always maintain the air superiority, also attacking within far Iraqi line .This policy acquired by other nation also in later on.
Victory in war of attrition: In 1967 Egypt prepare to take over the control on land which lost during 6 days war. Israel air force never gave any chance and bombard within inner part of the enemy line. At the staring IAF no engage with USSR air force, patrolling in this area, but in 1970 IAF shot down USSR migs in this area.
Not only this IAF made the most admirable Entebbe rescue operation in Uganda in 1976.This operation showed that IAF capable to penetrate any par of the world to safe guard the interest of their citizens.
In Lebanon war also IAF prove there superiority in the war.
Israel have F15Eagle,F15E Strike Eagle,F16 Fighting Falcon, Grobe G-120(trainer),Beechcraft super king air(c12 Huron),Sea scan, Gulf stream,C130,Boeing 707 transporter, Eurocopter panther, Bell AH-1 cobra,AH-64 Apache, UAVS are IAI eitan, IAI heron,Elbit Hermes 450, Blue bird spy lite etc.

People’s Liberation Army Air force: PLAAF had started in the year of 1949.In the stating days USSR support this socialist country with supplying aircrafts. PLAAF played a crucial role in Korean War with USSR’s mig15.Laterron mig15 spare parts production unit started in China.
 Chinese JL9 fighter
 PLAAF J10 Jhas


PLAAF had facing problem from 1960 onwards, when USSR stop selling aircrafts to China due to border conflicts.
From 1963 onwards PLAAF took supply from western countries. Western countries stop supplying any arms to PLAAF after 1989 Tiananmen incidence. PLAAF basically depend on Russia for their requirement after the dissolution of USSR.
After 1980 PLAAF took modernization policy and introducing skhoi-27 and 30.IL76 and IL78.Chinese homemade aircraft J10 and J11 also introduce.
IL76,Y8,Tu-154,Xian H6,Su27,Su30mkk,j10,j11,j16,jh7,j7,Q5,IL78,jl9,y12,y11,wz10,z9 in their inventory.
Indian air force establish in 1932 as an auxiliary of British Royal Air force. Royal Indian air force was one of the best air force of that time. Royal Indian air force training provided by the royal air force and were using all advance plane of that time. After independence the royal word drooped by Indian Govt.
Indian Air force participate in four wars after independence.IAF fought four wars with Pakistan one with China one with Portugal.IAF also played crucial role in the United nation peace keeping missions. After independence and first Prime mister disarmament policy gave a big setback to IAF.IAF  had only the age old British aircraft on the other hand their neighbor Pakistan had got latest aircrafts from western world due to the partner of US led ceneto.In 1965 Indo-Pak war India had facing a lot of problem due to age old aircraft. Indian lost many aircraft in 1965 war. After 1965 Indian greatly concentrate on new advance fighter planes from USSR.USSR defense aid gave better opportunity to take new technology. India got new mig 21 from USSR also get the technology transfer assurance for license production of mig in India. Attack      Jaguar, MiG-27, Harpy,Fighter MiG-21, Mirage 2000, MiG-29, Su-30MKI, HAL Tejas,Helicopter          Dhruv, Chetak, Cheetah, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-26, Mi-25/35, AgustaWestland AW101,Reconnaissance               Searcher II, Heron,Trainer HPT-32 Deepak, HJT-16 Kiran, Hawk Mk 132, Pilatus C-7 Mk II.   
Transport            C-17 Globemaster III, Il-76,

Dausalt Rafel of IAF
 Awacs Early waring system of IAF
 IAF Tejas
Light Combet Helicopter of IAF

India already placing order for 126 Dasult Rafel ,Su Pk t50 fifth genrtion aircraft is in development stage.
Indian Air force not used full flagged in Indo China war .In 1971 war IAF played a crucial role in Bangladesh liberation war as well as to protect western front of Indian from Pak air force attack.
Indian air force played a crucial role in the peace keeping mission in Srilanka as well as the 1999 Indo pak war. With 127000 active personal and 1370 aircrafts this is fifth largest air force in the world.
Indian air force have capable for nuclear attract through plane and missiles. Indianairforce have supersonic cruise missile, hypersonic cruise missiles. Indian air force has UAV nissant already join the IAF. Other than that Indian Air Force. Indian has developed their own gunship helicopter LCH. Tejas is one of the best examples of IAF homemade fighter plane which reduce the dependence on foreign suppliers.

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