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Rising powers of world from worldofdefence view

Worldofdefencebuntyview is going to present you ,some rising powers of world .You can also take this as extension of “Super power history fromworldofdefence” .The difference from last pos is that here we not discuss abount existing super powers ,we mainly focus on rising power or multi polar world.USA has super power station.European Union is the second larget super power block and Russia is third place ,China is come in fourth and India in fifth place.These all countries information available in last post of worldofdefence.
After the end of second world ,this is first time happen that different powerful countries rising from different continent.USA has loss arms market due to these powers and also loss in economic front,as because investor ,don’t want to invest their hard earning money in US economy or they want to diversify their investment to avoid any unwanted or serious problem.
From economic point of view after 2000 most of investors ,invest there money in Asian market (India,China,),Russia and Brazil,because these are rising market,on the other hand USA alredy near to their saturation point.Unemployement continuesly rising,dollar value decreases and fiscal deficite rising there(except the current economic period).
Mig 29 of North Korea

North Korea:North Korea is one of the powerful country of East Asia.From military point of view superior than Japan,South Korea ,Philipines  and other east asia countries except China. This country came into existence due to the rivelry of two super powers of cold war.After second world war the korea got freedom from Japnese power and it devided into USSR and USA.USSR got north part and USA got south.North korea fought many war to merge south with them.USA and European countries always support south korea on the other hand USSR and China support north.After the breakup of USSR ,newly formed Russia support north korea.North Korea is one of the powerful country in Korean peninsula.North Korean all armsand ammunaion manufacturing companies are underground.They kept all there power supply staion and essential services in bunker to avoid any surprising rade by western powers.US never dre to make any air strike against North Korea because it is well known fact that if any US bomber inter in North Korean border than ,North Korea attack Japan,South Korea and Philipines with there nuclear long range missile.
North Korean missile range
North korea able to fight with US more than six months based on there underground arms ,ammunition and food stuff,but between this time line he can destroy  whole south korea most part of Japan and Phillipines.
 Underground city of North Korea

North  Korea has 1.2 million ground forces. 13,000 artillery guns with long range battery made these more dangerous.North Korea have 200000 special forces,who are capable to do any special strike.North Korea has 70 submarines.North Korean airforce is not capable to handel western airforce,due to lack of air training ,shortage of fuel and outdated air plane.North korea well known fact from previous wars that weser airforce able to destroy there air support quickly so,they mainly concentrate other means of war.North korea basically used Russian and Chinese made aircrafts .They used fighter aircrafts like: F-7/J-7 Airguard,MiG-17 Fresco,MiG-21 Fishbed,MiG-29 Fulcrum,MiG-23 Flogger,Q-5 Fantan,Su-25 Frogfoot and Bomber:IL-28 Beagle, other than that they have MI attack helicopters. North Korea have a long missile programme and have long range of missile 6000km,ad also working on 10000+ ICBM. North Korea have nuclear power and able to make to8 nuclear bomb based on the plutonium availability. North Korea also has chemical and biological weapons also. North korea using Russian and Chinese made weapons and tank and also developed local version of Russian tanks. North Korea have 70 submarines and have indigenously developed  Yono-class, Sang-O-class submarine.
Iran: Iran is one of the powerful countries of Middle East Asia except Israel. This country once have modern think and adopt all new development in western world and one of main ally of western power till the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

 Missile defence system of Iran

Iran has 545000 active forces. Iran has suffered from Iran –Iraq war so not develop any chemical warhead but Iran have capability to develop chemical as well as biological weapons. Iran economy is mainly depending on oil export and Iran is the third largest reserve of oil and largest reserve of natural gas in the world. Iran had facing arms import restriction from US and western countries after 1979 revolution. Iran had used all old weapons and develop new one based on the reverse engineering of old US weapons.
Iran had developed new defense industry for aircraft, tank submarine and helicopter etc. Iran has a ballistic program and develop missile of 3000+ km range. Iran have also a space program .Iranian air force basically using old us made aircraft, like: Aircraft flown, Attack:     F-4D/E, Su-24MK, F-5E/F, Saeqeh,Electronic:warfare,RC-130, B707 Elint, Fighter:                F-14A, Mig-29A/UB, Mirage F1, F-7M,Helicopter5A/B/Simorgh, PC-7, F33C, Fajr-3, FT-7,Transport:C-130, IL-76, F27, B 747, B 707, Falcon 20, Falcon 50, JetStar, Y-12, PC-6, Socata TB.
It was well interesting fact that Iran is the only country in the world, able to win the war against Iraq, when all western powers (USA, UK, Germany, Portugal, USSR), Saudi Arabia, China support Iraq. This seven and half year long war showed the strength of Iran, able to handel whole world in fight of their existence.

 Brazilian Nuclear Submarine
 Brazilian armour vechile
 Brazilian drone
Assault riffle of Brazilian army

This is the fifth largest country in the world according to geography as well as population. Brazilian economy is continuing growing .Brazil is one of the powerful country in South America .Brazilian economy is seventh largest in the world .Brazilian armed forces have 323000 active force largest in south America. Brazil is only one of the great powers, with no internal or external enemy. Brazilian army mainly concentrated in internal civic works and united nation peace keeping forces operation. Brazilian army is the first one accepts women in army in Latin America.
Brazilian navy have 64700 active forces. Brazilian has blue water navy. Brazilian Air force with 70000 active forces, become the largest air force in South America.
Brazil is also an active partner of International Space Station and have well develop space program.
Defense Budget: $31,576,000,000,Active Military Personnel: 371,199,Labor Force: 104,700,000,
Total Aircraft: 822,Total Naval Strength: 106.
South Africa:
South Africa is the powerful country in African continent. It is also well known fact that Brazil had one active nuclear project but this would dropped on later after getting the success in this technology.
Light weapons[edit source | editbeta]
Vektor Z88 (licence-built Beretta 92) and the Vektor SP1 semi-automatic pistol (South Africa)
H&K MP-5 SMG (Germany)
Vektor R4 5.56 mm assault rifle, shortened versions are designated R5 and R6. (licence-built versions of the Galil family of rifles) (South Africa/Israel) – replaced the R1 (license-built FN FAL (Belgium)) 7.62 mm battle rifle during the 1980s.
Vektor SS-77 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun (South Africa) replacing the 7.62 mm FN MAG (Belgium)
Milkor MGL-MK1 six round 40 mm grenade launcher (South Africa)
RPG-7 anti-tank rocket (USSR)
MILAN 3 – Anti-tank guided missile with the ADT launcher (France/Germany)
Ingwe ATGM Launcher (South Africa)
Starstreak man portable surface to air missiles (United Kingdom)
Denel BXP 9 mm parabellum sub machine gun. Similar to Mac 10 (South Africa)
FN MAG 7.62mm LMG (Belgium)
M2 Browning machine gun 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun (USA)
M40 recoilless rifle 106mm (120) (USA)
M67 recoilless rifle 90mm (USA)
FT-94 Light ATRL (South Africa)
M-3 81mm medium mortar (France/South Africa)
M-1 60mm light mortar (France/South Africa)
Combat vehicles[edit source | editbeta]
Name    Type      Number Produced          Comments
Olifant 1A/1B     Main battle tank               250 total (38 active)         Based on Centurion tank
Rooikat 76           8 wheeled armoured fighting vehicle      240 total (80 active)        
Ratel 20/60/90   Infantry fighting vehicle                1 296      Will be replaced by "Badger" Patria AMV IFVs (264) (South Africa/Finland)
Ratel ZT-3            Ratel IFV with Ingwe ATGM Launchers   53          
Artillery[edit source | editbeta]
GV6 155 mm self-propelled howitzer (43) (South Africa)
GV5 155 mm howitzer (75) replaced the G4 155 mm gun and the G2 140 mm gun (66) (South Africa)
G7 105 mm gun (still under development – a contract was awarded to Denel for this during April 2007) (South Africa) (to replace the G1 88 mm gun (United Kingdom))
Thomson-Brandt MO 120-M65 Mortar (120) (France)
Bateleur 127 mm 40 tube multiple rocket launcher (120) (South Africa)
Valkiri-24 127 mm 24 tube self-propelled multiple rocket launcher (120) (South Africa)
Bofors 40 mm gun 40 mm anti-aircraft autocannon (Sweden)
GDF 002 35mm twin gun (150) (Switzerland)
ZU-23 2x23mm AAG (USSR) (36) (truck mounted as the Zumlac)
Oerlikon GAI-BO-1 20mm AAG (Switzerland)
Oerlikon GAI-CO-4 20mm AAG (Switzerland)
Oerlikon GAI CO-1 20mm AAG (Switzerland) (truck mounted as the Ystervark)
ZPU-4 14.5mm (USSR)
Green Archer Radar
Cymbeline Radar
LPD-20 Radar
AS-2000 Radar
Other vehicles
SAMIL 20 upgraded Magirus Deutz 130M7FAL 4x4 truck (South Africa)
SAMIL 50 upgraded Magirus Deutz 192D12AL 4x4 truck (South Africa)
SAMIL 100 upgraded Magirus Deutz 320D22AL 6x6 truck (South Africa)
MAN heavy duty trucks (Germany)
Mamba MKIII (538) and RG-32 (400) Nyala Mine protected patrol vehicles – used on large scale for internal operations and on a small scale on peacekeeping duties in Sudan's Darfur region (South Africa)
Buffel 4x4 APC (2,400) (South Africa)
Hornet 4x4 APC (25) (South Africa)
Casspir Mark III mine protected patrol vehicles (390) – used on peacekeeping duties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi (South Africa)
Okapi MPV
Marauder (vehicle)
Various air deployable paratroop and South African Special Forces Brigade vehicles, including
Jakkals[citation needed]
Gecko (ATV)
Various engineer vehicles (combat bridgelayers etc.) (South Africa)
Other than that Australia and Pakistan has also powerful countries.
 Paakistan nuclear capable saheen missile
 Pakistan JF17
Pakistan awacs system
pakistan's alkhalid tank

Pakistan is also a powerful muslim country and the  only muslim coutry which have nuclear bomb .There is also rumeror that muslim world help Pakistan to get nuclr energy.Pakistan army is sixth largest army in the world .Pakistan develop defense euipmen with the coopration with China.hina and USA is the main supplier of arms to Pakistan.Pakistan develop JF10 and JF17 jointly with China’s support.The Pakistani Khalid tank is also develop with China’s help.Pakistan have god number of different strategic missiles of hatf and saheen.This missile technology was getting from North Korea in exchange of Nuclerbomb’s blue print.Pakistan have good experience of war.Pakistan fought four wars(1947,1965,1971 and 1998) with India ,border wars with Afganistan.Pakistani soldiers and airforce took part in Arab Israel war,Gulf war,Afganistan war against USSR.In 1965 war against India,Pakistan airforce destroyed 1/3 of Indian aircrafts. Inter in Indian village khemkaran in Punjab.Pakistan  after independence become US allies so, got preference and got all western technique and hardware for there military.Pakistan was providing military support to mos of the Arabian countries to built there army and trined them.Pakistan Air Force is seventh largest airforce in the world and largest airforce in any muslim world.Pakistan have 400 combat fighter jets, and over 200 trainer, transport, communication, helicopter and force multiplier aircraft operationalized.

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