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Super power history from worldofdefence

Worldofdefencebybunty tday present some super powers and regional powers of world. Worldofdefencebybunty is trying to give excuses why I can choose some countries as great powers.What does mean Superpower? Super powers are those countries, have the capability to change any decision and change any event according to their own interest. In the start of 19th century, Britain and France are the super power. Both fight many time in Europe and other part of world to show there superiority. The other main powers of that time are Italy, Spain and Portugal .Under the guidance of Napoleon France gave a tuff fight to British. In the modern history Europe was the main centre of power. Under the leadership of Bismarck Germany also rise as a big power. The First World War mainly concentrate among the European countries to show there superiority. This defeat gave birth to a new superpower under the rule of Nazis. Nazi Germany was become top leader in every field of scientific development and military power. In Asia, Japan was the main super power. Germany defeats all the European countries except Britain. If USA would not come in Second World War, than definitely German would control all the land area of Europe.
After Second World War the power concentration spread in different continent.USA in America and USSR in Asia and European continents. Whole world divided in this two block. There were also one group of non aligned countries, but in reality these are third world undeveloped country, depend on these two super power for their existence; they got financial and military support from these two powers.
During cold war USSR had the largest army and air force and second largest navy in the world with largest country in the world. USSR had the most dangerous investigation agency of that time KGB.USSR was a socialist country and most of the allies are not developed countries.USA had the second largest army and air force and largest navy .USA had capitalist economy system.USA had allies of most developed countries of Europe and America and Australia continent.

US Drone,the unmanned ariel machine
 Mini drone developed by USA

After the end of cold war and dissolve of USSR ,USA became the only super power of this era.USA have the capability to send their troop in any part of the world ,no one have dare to go against the US .In recent time USA is the main super power but  some other countries also get some great power status.
European Union is one of the big contenders of super power. As this is a group of countries and these countries jointly invest for scientific research and arms production. Russia again on the way to regain, the past glory.
 (MIG 21 plane developed by USSR was more advance than there US counterpart)
 (AK 47 low maintenace gun developed by USSR in 1947 but still is in use ,and almost each and every country produce the similar version of AK 47)
( Only hypersonic cruise missile develope by Russia and India jointly)

 (Missile defence killer missile only developed by Russia against US missile defence system)
 (Russian prospective militry strength)
 (Pak T-50, fifth genration fighter aircraft ,superior than Chinese and US fifth genration plane)
 Su35s is more technically advance than US F35
 Russia has one of the biggest unused reserves of petroleum. Developing a most advance 5th generation fighter plane. Russia has the most capable Special Forces in the world. Russia is one of the biggest competitors of USA in arms market. Developing the world’s hypersonic cruise missile also develop the missile system able to beat the missile defense system of USA.
 Chinese satellite killer missile

 Chinese missile range

China: One of the oldest civilization in the world, become the rising superpower of the world. Producing most of the defense requirement in their home land. One of the biggest foreign exchange reserves in the world. Only third country in the world to sent man in space and capable to destroy satellite from land.
Japan :One of the leading power based on the GDP. After 1991 crash Japanese economy again back to track from 2012 and influencing the many leading and developing countries economy by their market policy. Japan is one of the most scientifically advance country. In second world war give tough fight to all western powers.
 Indian Light Combat Aircraft
 Indian Nucles Submarine Arihant
 Indian Agni 5 Missile
 Sukhoi MKI 30,4.5 generation most adnace fighter plane

India: India is not become a super power but yes one of the regional powers with nuclear power status. The reason why I cannot give India this status is, India import 70% of their defense requirement from western countries. India still unable to make any place in arms market or arms export.
The main reason for India to loss this place is due to the childish acts of their politician.US and western powers ready to gave India permanent member sit in United nation security council, but Indian Prime Minister withdraw their name and support China .Nehru’s disarmament policy became the main reason to defeat India against China in two war.(first war India lost in 1949 during Tibet annexation by China, because Tibet had pact with India from British period that, India would protect Tibet from any foreign aggression ,but India did nothing when Chinese army inter Tibet. Second border war fought in 1962, when China took control all Arunanchal and ladaakh area.)In 1965 war Pakistan enter in Indian village in Punjab state and destroy 1\3 of Indian air force. India had upper hand in this war and captures more Pakistani area but still unable to got clear victory. In 1971 was the first time, when India got clear victory against any country and not takes care of US threat but this was also well known fact that USSR had clear support India in this operation. After dissolving of USSR, India never able to show any clear stand in any global phenomena or event. It is well known fact that all Indian most wanted lived in Pakistan and operating there operation from Pakistan .Chinese secrete service support East Indian terrorist organization like ULFA and BODOS but Indian Govt. Unable to do any strong step against them. When Israel govt. gave proposal to India for destruction of Pakistan nuclear reactor in 1989-1990, Indian Govt. gave conclusion that,if India did this and Pakistan did same step. In 26/11 terrorist operation, showed the whole world that Indian Special Forces were not able to handle such incidence. Indian NSG take 48 hours to complete this operation, when the US, UK, Russia, Isreal complete such kind of operation in some hours only.

Brazil is a South American country and has good relation with other developed country. Brazil doesn’t have any enemy from any country. Brazil has developed much ammunition industry with foreign help.
Israel: Israel is a small country but have capable to beat many big countries. Israel has the undisclosed nuclear arsenal with other mass destruction weapon. Israel has most efficient and dangerous secret service Mossad, which capable to do any impossible operation in any part of the world. No one has dared to do any terrorist activity within Israel. Israeli is safer compare to US citizen in their own country. In six day war Israel alone defeat the joint force of Ezypt, Syria, Zordon and other Arabian countries. Israel govt. have clear stand against their enemy.Isreal scientifically more advance than China and India. Whole world accept the Israel strength after Entebbe Airport operation by Israel special forces in Uganda in 1976.This operation showed that Israel have capability to do any operation protect their nation interest in any part of world. In six day war how efficiently Israel air force destroyed there enemy air power in single day.

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