Friday, December 5, 2014

Chinese Air show 2014

Chinese air show 2014 has shown some advance weapons of PLA. Chinese are master in reverse engineering and acquire each and every latest technology by reverse engineering method. The main drawback of Chinese armaments is quality, Chinese were produce different category arms and weapon but there are only few buyers just because of their low quality.

Sky Dragon 50 medium range SAM presented by NORINCO. The system is developed for low, medium as well as high elevation air protection at ranges of 50 km. The SAM unit consists of a single IBIS 150 3D target classification radar and one fire distribution automobile, managing 2-6 mobile fire systems each bring 4 launchers.
Sky Dragon 12-- An integrated, mobile SHORAD system just like the Russian KBP Pantsir S1 system. Sky Dragon 12 has a reliable range of 12 km, and elevation of 5 km. The radar and also fight administration system could be integrated with 35mm AA weapons to form an incorporated forward-based air defense tool system.

LY-80 medium array SAM from China Aerospace Science and also Modern technology Corp. (CASC) providing area air protection of essential possessions. The system uses a multifunction phased variety tracking and also guidance radar searching at arrays approximately 140 km. The system makes use of a consolidated advice system utilizing both ground illuminating and also semi-active homing, at varieties approximately 85km. Interception elevation from ground level to 15 km, at ranges of 3.5-40 km.

A number of Chinese firms have actually displayed innovative medium variety air defense systems at Airshow China 2014. This version, the FD-2000 was offered by CPIMEC to Turkey. The photo shows the Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) and radar related to the system.

Sharp Claw 2 wheeled 6 x 6 UGV, an unmanned platform created for battle recce, patrol, assault and transport goals. The system is designed to relocate and execute its objective along manned devices, helping battle fighters by lugging goals of high risk or preserving the unit by bring hefty weights. It can likewise set up additional UGVs, made for particular goals such as Sharp Claw 1 tracked small UGV, released as an armed or unarmed UGV on inside your home procedures and counter IEDs.

AVIC presented a variety of drones consisting of a 1:6 version of the 'Blue Fox' high ability to move jet powered drone, and the twin propeller driven Harrier III long endurance drone. a 1:5 version of the Wing Loong I-- the genuine drone was revealed at the fixed screen location, equipped with lightweight tools. An additional version presented below was the 'Air Sniper', while configured to be at the very same size and weight course of Wing Loong I, the Air Sniper can flying at higher altitude on longer objectives, carrying two times the payload of the Wing Loong I.

The Blue Fox is a high-maneouverability target drone based upon AVIC's L-15 progressed instructor. It is capable of simulating the contemporary, high manoeuvrability fighters from third generation up. The target drone will certainly be powered by two turbojets, each providing optimum drive of 60dN.

Another twin-prop is the VD200 vertical take-off and also landing drone. As a tail sitter the VD200 takes off and also land in upright position, transitioning to straight trip for the rest of the objective. At a 200kg gross take-off weight the VD-200 can bring a payload considering 20kg on a three hour mission.

The Chinese Wing Loong I, a Chinese copy of the 1990s' UNITED STATE made General Atomics Killer I UAV, presented at Airshow China with the Y-6M bombing plane at the background, itself a 30 years of age Chinese duplicate of the Russian Tupolev Tu-16, bombing plane, developed in the 1960's. While the drone brings considerably less in weight, as well as its destruction power is restricted, in regards to preciseness and also determination it is much more efficient than the bombing plane, carrying much bigger loads free of cost autumn bombs. The Y-6M was also presented with a variety of precision strike tools, such as anti-ship rockets, stand-off, modular tool container and also EO directed missiles.

a line of directed weapons shown by AVIC, consisting of the LS/50 as well as LS/100 laser guided tools, carried by unmanned aircraft as well as LS-6/ 250 as well as 500, expanded variety 'move bombs' assisted by satellite gps. These 2 kinds are geared up with retractable wing package prolonging their strike range. They are designed primarily for strike plane.

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