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Sixth Genration fighter Plane for future war

Six th generation fighter planes are conceptual. Most of the countries currently working on fifth generation which will come in service within 2020.Sixth generation final test will conduct from 2020 and come into service after 2030.USA F22 raptor is only active fifth generation fighter plane.US navy also claim F35 lighting also stand in fifth generation category but in realty different up gradation done with F22 raptor and F35 lighting never stand in fifth generation category.

 Russian PAK T50 definitely a fifth generation plane but come into service from 2017 after words. Chinese J20 stealth bomber also come into service on same time. When fifth generation planes are not activate than why we are talking about sixth generation. The reason is that Swedish Gripen JAS 39E Gripen almost touch the sixth generation aircraft strength and expert believe that Sweden is first country who have sixth generation fighter plane. Sweden definitely stand alone in this category but other countries are also start design and test in this segment. Russian again stand one step ahead in this category with introducing pilot less plane. Sixth generation planes are technical marvel and totally change the concept in aviation field. Some of them don’t have tail some have small and in some one two. This changes can help to increase their speed and help them to fly intercontinental without refuelling.
 Six genration F-X proto type made for USAF
 Lokhead martin F-X sixth genration model for USAF
F/A-18 Super Hornet model

Boeing sixth generation model plane

They all are different category of laser guided bomb’s run their sixth generation program under  F-X,F/A-18 Super Hornet .F-x is a aircraft design for air force and  super hornet for navy.Darpa already  start this project with advance engine : Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (or ADVENT) ,20,000 lbf (89 kN) thrust class. US sixth generation has three different variant of laser: first have low power which illuminate, target and destroy enemy censors. Second one is medium powerful which can destroy incoming missile from enemy aircraft and third one high grade which can destroy enemy target in ground etc.US already successfully test this ytem from 61000fts high from sea-level at a speed of Mach 2.5.

Sixth generation planes are advanced sensor fusion and artificial intelligence capacity .That means they can trace enemy, jam enemy censor automatic activate target monitoring and informed to pilot before enemy appear.

Russian sixth generation aircraft has such advance features and break all the record of fighter plane speed level. The speed of the plane touch Mach 7 which is not possible till now. This is a hypersonic speed .Human body not able to bear such thrust and speed so they developed pilot less plane. This plane is made from composite material which reduce its weight. This plane also have self-monitoring capacity as well as well stealth technology. There is also great possibility that this plane has laser weapons.

Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin:

This sixth generation plane is come into existence when USA congress ban on export of F22 raptor due to modern stealth technology system. Japan during world war2 produce some unique advance fighter planes perform equally like other European and US counterparts but after that self-defence force never try to develop new aircraft .In the modern time with increasing PLA interference in Japanese sea water and Chinese aggression Japanese develop new stealth fighter plane with advance technology. Mitsubishi ATD-X Shinshin is equipped with Japanese advance electronics. It has 3D thrust vectoring capability system as like Rockwell  X31 develop by NASA.

The most advance features are Its radar will be an active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar called the 'Multifunction RF Sensor', which is intended to have broad spectrum agility, capabilities for electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic support measures (ESM), communications functions, and possibly even microwave weapon functions.

The most advance feature in this plane is Self-Repairing Flight Control Capability, which help to detect the problem in plane and use remaining system to control the aircraft.
Chinese sixth genration model
 J-28: Chinese also develop their own sixth generation fighter plane. They already start working on this project, there J28 has hypersonic speed. This aircraft equipped with all modern technology electromagnetic devices which make this a dangerous weapon. J-28 able to hit any incoming missile from any parts of solar system.

With advance and powerful laser, this can be able to melt any missile including a nuclear one. This aircraft also have electromagnetic gun.
Swedish  JAS 39E Gripen
 JAS 39E Gripen: Saab Gripen also come in sixth generation category with high speed .modern aviation technology and censor device. Electromagnetic device and most advance electronic warfare system “gallium nitride technology”. This device help to detect friend and enemy aircraft and devices, which help a lot in war field. Sweden is only country with active sixth generation fighter plane with JAS 39E Gripen.

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