Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sweden:The only country produce sixth generation fighter aircraft

Sweden is a small country in Europe but one of the main weapon producing country in Europe. Sweden always neutral in any war. In world war 1 or 2, cold war he never support any specific one. Sweden forces always participate any humanitarian or peace keeping mission. Under UNO flag.This country known for their bikini team ,but sweden is more than that.

Sweden never involve in modern war but able to defeat any army except some super powers. Sweden can’t depend on any country for arms and weapon. Sweden is one of leading arms producing and exporting country. Arms industry provide a big share in nation GDP.

On the other hand where China import 50%, India70 %, Pakistan 90%, Israel ,UK, Australia, Singapore all are importing arms and weapons.

Sweden can made a small pistol to big war ship and latest fighter planes. Some of the amazing arms that Sweden produce:

Saab JAS 39 Gripen: This is multirole  fighter air craft .These aircrafts used by different air forces like: Hungary, Thailand, Brazil, Czech republic, U.K. etc. This Multirole fighter aircraft is equally perform like the other advance aircraft in same category like: Sukhoi 30, Rafel, Euro Typhoon, F15 etc. Cost of per unit is $69 million. This aircraft has all modern gadgets and censor to find out the enemy target and carry huge armaments and weapons.

JAS 39E Gripen be the future of air combat. This sixth generation tag was only given to this plane based on their performance. This Swedish technology avilabat a marginal price compare to F22 raptor, which is only 4.5 generation. Why JAS 39E Gripen getting sixth generation tag because this plane is fastest and all censor capability and perform better than so called fifth generation aircraft technology. This plane used electronic warfare technology   gallium nitride technology first time which differentiate an enemy and friendly aircraft.

Gripen NG or JAS NG is most advance combat aircraft and replace other. JAS series. There are different variants’ in JAS category. Like: JAS 39 A, JAS 39 B, JAS 39 c, JAS 39 D, JAS 39 E/F. India reject Sweden JAS in 126 Multirole combat aircraft deal compare to Rafel and typhoon but Indian navy interested in Sab gripen NG series.

Sweden also produce early warning system. Saab 340B 
Argus Airborne Early Warning and Control,saab2000 Argus Airborne Early Warning and Control, etc. Sweden was the first country to develop air early warning system. Its coverage was 300*.There was six crew members in this flight. Swedish early warning system used by Swedish Air Force, Thai Airforce, Pakistan Airforce, Saudi Arabia Airforce.

RBS-15 (Robot system 15 is surface to surface and surface to air missile is used by different countries like: Thailand, Germany, Finland, Poland, Yugoslavia, Croatia and Algeria.

BAMSE system is one of the unique ground based missile defence system, which can work alone or take information from other sources also to find the target and destroy coverage of this system is 2100 sq. kilo meter and altitude coverage is 20,000 meters. All the fighters’ planes and missile of any country cannot able to penetrate where this missile system is operating.

RBS 70 is short rage air defence system used by Swedish army. This portable device used laser guided missile to destroy enemy target and its accuracy is 95%.This is easy to carry.

Visby class corvettes was first stealth naval ship came into service by Sweden navy. Swedish naval ship was fully loaded with electronic war fare system and all modern weapon .In 2009 Sweden was the first country to launch this ship for navy.

Stridsvagn 122: This is the main battle tank of Sweden army. This  tank's perforce level is same as like other advance tank like:T90 from Russia ,Leopard from germany,M12A from USA and Challenger 2 from UK.

FH77 BW L52 self-propelled howitzer was latest self-propelled arty gun can be used in conventional war field as well as for peace keeping mission.

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