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Be prepare for Star war in near future part-2

In my first post you read what the reason for space war is. Now in this post I can give who are participating in space war. First and great possibility is war among those who have great space power like: US, Russia, European Union, China, Japan and India.

 Chinese Space station

 Russian Mars human colony model
 Mir Space station of Russia
 Indian Reuseabe space vehicle RLV-TD
 Human settlement model in Moon surface
 Russian manned space station model for venus exploration
USSR sputnik first man made sattelite 

As like in past European countries fought war to take control on Asian and Africa. In cold war era USSR and USA was doing space race to beat each other.

 UK militry sattelite

USSR was first country to set artificial satellite in space (sputnik), USSR was first send a animal as well as human in space.

USA was first send human in moon again USSR was first establishing Human space station in space as well as sends their satellite in Mars.

In cold war era USA and USSR were two main competitors in space race both of them send manned mission on space as well as both of them had space station in outer space.

Satellite Navigation system has also militry use read the full story here:
It is believed that helium 3 found, which is the most energy resource in future so most of the advance countries have working on moon mission to take control on this satellite. USA, Russia, European Union, Japan, India, Israel, and Iran all are in moon expedition race and definitely they fight to take control on this reserve.

Venus planet is reach of nuclear minerals like: uranium, potassium, and thorium. Russia, USA and Japan are those countries research on this planet. Scientist also expecting that Venus is same minerals as like earth.

Mars is rich of gold, platinum, nickel, iron, copper, niobium, lithium. USA, Russia, European Union and India had successful completing their mars mission.

 US Moon mission
 US space shuttle

What are the weapons which they are using in space war?

1.       ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile): ICBM is long range missile system capable to destroy any target 10000+ range. This missile system definitely able to destroy target in space. Every country which have develop space program definitely have long range missile or ICBM(read the whole story here: )
   US Anti sattelite missile

2.       Anti-satellite (ASAT) device: This weapon used to destroy satellite in space. This weapon definitely used in future space wars. USA, Russia and China had this weapons system, India also working on this weapon system to counter threat from Chinese.

3.       Tactical High Energy Laser: This device is used to destroy any enemy target with   focusing laser beam on that. USA, Russia had this technology, Chinese had last stage of their development and India also have same program in developing stage.
   Cosmic Satellite

4.       Cosmic Satellite: These are small nano satellite system which can attach with enemy satellite and destroyed that. This technology is in developing stage but there is possibility that Chinese have this technology and still work on this.

5.       Space Station: Space station is also used as a base to fueling space craft as well as to destroy enemy satellite and communication system, which paralyzed enemy ground forces as well as navy and air force. USSR developed Almaz Space station for defense use but only tested that and developed Mir space station to with same intention, USA also developed Sky lab space station with same intention. Chinese are working on same project which will actualize in 2020.
    X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

6.       X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle: This reuse vehicle can able to bring enemy satellite from space to earth which can destroy or paralyze enemy power. This is most advance technology in space world and gives edge to USA after successful completion of this project.

7.       High Altitude Weapons: High Altitude weapon is using electromagnetic energy to destroy may destroy and disrupt electronic and electrical devices, causing a burst of electromagnetic radiation to produce current and voltage surges which paralyze enemy communication and power supply system .this is also known as Ebomb.

8.       Manipulating an orbiting asteroid :This star war weapon system use any asteroid for destroying enemy target but this system needed high accuracy and high technically knowledge which is still in research stage.

So ,be prepare for Star war in near future but all this weapon suitable for limited start war .These weapon not able to protect us from alien attack what will happen if any alien attack us. To protect us  NASA  working on to establish a colony in other planet on solar system which work as  there army base but that need huge technology improvement and quantum mechanism where we can develop machine which can work as a human and take their decision own their own.

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