Monday, October 20, 2014

All time Dangerous Terrorist organization in world

Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam : LTTE this was the one of the dangerous and wealthy terrorist organization in modern time. This organization came into existence after Tamil unrest in Srilanka. It was RAW(Reserch & Analysis Wing of India) who support this organization by money, arms and ammunition as well as provide information against Srilankan armies. Later this organization become as much powerful that defeat Indian army in peace keeping mission in Srilanka.India withdraw support from this organisation in 1984-85. This organization killed president of Srilanka as well as former Prime minister of India. LTTE had three divisions of fighter army navy as well as air force. They had tanks, ships, submarine and small aircrafts. This organization was getting finance from donation, arms smuggling, Drug trafficking etc. It was believe that there yearly income was 200-300milion US dollar. LTTE was first terrorist organization use plastic explosive as well as human bomb in different terrorist activities. In 2009 Srilankan army defeat this organization and captured most of their members.
Indian Peace Keepinf force figting aginst LTTE in Srilanka

 Submarine used by LTTE
Big and small Mortar used by LTTE
LTTE artilary gun
This organization had strong presence in Srilanka, India, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada and other European countries also had relation with other terrorist organization of like Taliban, Al-Qaida .They also had relation with North Korea. As per different report during 90’s these organizations also participate in nuclear black-marketing of Abdul Qadir (Pakistan nuclear scientist) also trying to get nuclear bomb. This organization was in peak time during 1990-2000 and run a govt. in Jaffna peninsula. This organization came to end after Srilankan army operation in 2009 with support from other countries. Indian navy seal the Srilanka sea root in this operation, Srilanka got advance weapon from western countries for this operation.

Al-Qaida and Taliban                                                                                
This was another dangerous terrorist organization of modern time. This terrorist group trained and supported with arms and ammunition by CIA of USA and ISI of Pakistan against USSR. After USSR withdraw from Afghanistan this organization made a Govt. in Afghanistan .They made Islamic state in Afganistan and made different terrorist training centre in Afghanistan. They were getting revenue from Drug trafficking, donation from Islamic countries, kidnapping, arms smuggling. During Taliban Afghanistan was biggest producer of cocaine in world and also one of the main sources of their revenue. This terrorist group was close relation with North Korea and did different terrorist attack in US embassy as well as World Trade centre demolition. This terrorist organization was loss their 75 % power after US and NATO attack in Afghanistan after World Trade Centre incidence but still they had exist in remote area near Pakistan border and supported by Pakistan secrete service for their own interest. Osama bin laden was the main commander in chief of Al-Qaida. They also had active participate in nuclear technology smuggling to different countries. Western countries, Israel had main target of this terrorist organization.

This terrorist organization is most dangerous and richest terrorist group of world in recent time .This terrorist group came into existence after Syria  civil war .USA and Saudi Arabia support this group which help them to capture a big area in Syria and later they capture big part of Iraq. They can defeat national army of Syria as well as Iraq. They had tanks, army hard ware and equipments. They looted different banks of Syria and Iraq as well as control different petroleum producing units of Iraq region .This make them one of the richest terrorist groups in world. Get more info for this group here: ISIS :threat to world part-2 ,ISIS:A threat to whole world

Boko Haram:
This Nigerian terrorist group one of richest terrorist group with $70 million US dollar .This terrorist group collects money from kidnapping. This terrorist group comparatively small compare to ISIS but still concern due to their huge foreign reserve.

This terrorist organization mainly worked in south East Asia and worked against India. This terrorist organization was a state sponsored .Pakistan ISI was support this organization .They got funding from Saudi Arabia and it was believe that $100 million assistance in every year. Their main operation was Indian parliament attack and Mumbai attack.

Saudi Arabia is main supplier of fund for different Islamic terrorist organization in Middle East  .they support different terrorist organization in south east Asia against India and middle east against Israel. Iran is also funding Hezbollah and Hamas.

My main concern is rich terrorist organization and those who raise fund from different sources like drug trafficking and arms smuggling.

If they were using conventional arms then they had limited destruction capability but with changing time I think they also developed dangerous weapons.

ISIS also controls the nuclear instrument from Syria university not only that they also trying to get nuclear technology. It is well known facts that ISIS financial reserve more than some small countries foreign reserve. They can easily get this technology hiring any nuclear scientist from North Korea, Iran, Pakistan .they also able to develop nuclear bomb in future.

Biological weapon are more powerful and easy to use .Any terrorist group with hiring scientist can able to develop biological weapon easily .I had big doubt that Ebola was not develop by these terrorist organization. They can easily sent Ebola patient to any other country which create great problem for that country. Two Ebola infected people found in USA which already point out illegal infiltration.
E-bomb technology is also easy to get by this richest terrorist group. E-bomb is device which can able to detroy the life line system of any country like train, metro service, electricity supply etc. This is also create a electromagnetic device which jam all electronic surveillance system so the counter measure or step to protect against any terrorist attack become useless.

 E-bomb coverage area
 E.bomb effect

 Dirty bomb used radioactive material
E-bomb how it work

Dirty bomb:
Most of the terrorist organization trying to get nuclear technology or nuclear bomb but that technology take huge time to make a nuclear bomb and that can easily detected by different surveillance system, but dirty bomb which can be made from radioactive material easy to make and easy to get as well as transport that. Terrorist organization like ISIS , Hezbollah and Hamas or many Pakistan based terrorist organization were many nuclear physics, biometric engineer  can easily develop such dirty bomb.

We were well known about World trade centre incidence ,but what happen if mechanical engineer and a software engineer develop a software which can able to hack airport signal system and gives wrong direction to passenger plan which again create world trade centre incidence.
So, do you think that our Govt. prepare to tackle all such incidence.

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