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seventh largest navy in the world

Indian navy:The modern Indian navy came into existence from 1830 under British rule.Indian navy participate in world war one world war two opium war etc.. After independence Indian navy play crucial role in annexation of Goa and 1965 and 1971 war against Pakistan.Indian navy get clear victory in 1971 war and due to Indian navy presence Pakistan unable to get any support in Bangladesh war not only that Indian navy destroy 2/3 of Pakistan navy within two days.

Lets discuss about the strength and fire power of seventh largest navy in world.India after USA second highest number of aircraft carrier and three more are under construction. India has one of the few countries ability to produce aircraft carrier and one of longest coastal boundary in world.

In Goa annexation Indian navy create naval blocked against portugese in Goa also destroye there friget and ship.this was first victory of Indian Navy after independence.

In 1965 war against Pakistan Indian navy only perform defensive role and not to attack in Pakistani naval area on the other hand Pakistan inter in Dawrka base in west but no naval casualty arise.

Indian navy got clear victory in 1971 war.
INS Vikrant in 1971 war
 INS Chakra Akula class Submarine
Arihant Indigenous made nuclear submarine

Nuclear submarines: India has two nuclear submarines one is akula class Russian made  named chakra.This was taken on lease from Russia on 2012 for 10 years. Second one is arihant 6000 tons.This is Indian made nuclear submarine come into service from later part of 2015.

India have 10 Sindhughosh-class Russian origin 3000+ tons capacity and four Shishumar-class german origin 1850 tons capacity conventional attack submarine in service.

India has two active aircraft carrier :

INS Virat of Uk origin 28,700 tons and INS Vikramaditya of keiv Russian o class with 45,400 tons capacity

Amphibious transport dock named jalaswha taken from USA under agreement that not used in war before prior permission from USA.This has 7,500 tons capacity.

 India has two active aircraft carrier :

INS Virat of UK origin 28,700 tons and INS Vikramaditya of keiv  class Russian with 45,400 tons capacity

Amphibious transport dock named jalaswha taken from USA under agreement that not used in war before prior permission from USA.Capacity 16,590 tons.

Amphibious ship basically used if there is requirement for landing army or equipments in enemy sea coast or for any special operation within enemy territory.

India has own develop landing ship tanks of shardul class:
INS Shardul

INS Shardul (L16),INS Kesari (L15),INS Airavat (L24) all are capacity of 5,600 tons.

India has two own develop landing ship tanks INS Magar (L20),INS Gharial (L23) with 5,655 tons capacity.

Six more landing ship tanks taken from Poland.

INS Kolkata

INS Kolkata: This is leading stealth missile destroyer made in india .This guided missile launcher has different missile including brahmos ,supersonic cruise missile.


India has six Delhi class destroyers INS Delhi (D61),INS Mysore (D60),INS Mumbai (D62) with 6,7oo tones capacity of each. Loaded with guided missile technology.

India has also USSR made Rajput class missile destroyer INS Rajput (D51),INS Rana (D52),INS Ranjit (D53),INS Ranvir (D54),INS Ranvijay (D55) with capacity of 4,974 tonnes .

India has Shivalik-class stealth frigate INS Shivalik (F47),INS Satpura (F48),INS Sahyadri (F49) with 6,200 tons capacity.
India has also talwar class Russian made multi role frigate : INS Talwar (F40),INS Trishul (F43),INS Tabar (F44),INS Teg (F45),INS Tarkash (F50),INS Trikand (F51) with India has three more 3,850  tonns capacity Bramhaputra class guided missile frigate in his ship .

India has three more guided missile frigate with same capacity of 3,850 tonnes of Godavari class.


Kamorta-class :

INS Kamorta (P28)
INS Kamorta
This are small comparatively and now India has most advance version of Corvettes with 3,500 tones capacity and stealth technology used in this is equally match with other developed countries.

This ship has one 76.2 mm Oto SRGM,two AK-630M CIWS,two RBU-6000 (IRL) anti-submarine rocket launcher and two 8 Barak SAM (Built For but not with) Three more to join this fleet in next three years.
INS Kora

Kora-class with capacity of :1350 tonnes has four ships made in India.These are INS Kora (P61),INS Kirch (P62),INS Kulish (P63) and INS Karmuk (P64).

Khukri class with capacity of :1350 tonnes has four ships made in India.These are INS Khukri (P49),INS Kuthar (P46),INS Kirpan (P44) and INS Khanjar (P47).

Veer class with capacity of:455 tons twelve(produce by India under USSR licence).These are INS Veer (K40),INS Nirbhik (K41),INS Nipat (K42)INS Nishank (K43),INS Nirghat (K44),INS Vibhuti (K45),INS Vipul (K46),INS Vinash (K47),INS Vidyut (K48),INS Nashak (K83),INS Prabal (K92) and INS Pralaya (K91).

Abhay class with capacity of:485 tons has four (produce by India under USSR licence). These are INS Abhay (P33),INS Ajay (P34),INS Akshay (P35) and INS Agray (P36).

 Mine countermeasure vessels:

Mine sweeper used to clean mine and make sea water safe for ship and vessels India has Soviet origin seven pondicheri class mine sweepers. They are INS Alleppey (M65),INS Karwar (M67),INS Cannanore (M68),INS Cuddalore (M69),INS Kakinada (M70),INS Kozhikode (M71) and INS Konkan (M72).

 Saryu class 2,215 tonnes petrol vessel ,these can be esily transfer into war ship with adding armour in war time . there are four INS Saryu (P54),INS Sunayna (P57),INS Sumedha (P58) and INS Sumitra (P59).

 Sukanya class patrol vessels has six with capacity of 1890 tonnes made under licence from South Korea.These can be changed into war ship if required ,there are INS Sukanya (P50),INS Subhadra (P51),INS Suvarna (P52),INS Savitri (P53),INS Sharada (P55) and INS Sujata (P56).

 There are 80 more fast moving and interceptor boat most of theme develop in India.

India has Jyoti class ,Aditya class and Deepak class oil tanker Aditya class is Indian made tanker with 25,000 tonnes capacity.

Other than this there are other support ships in inventory.

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