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Third largest army in world strength

As India celebrate their 65 republic day. This country got freedom from British in 1947 and 1950 become a republic and changed there army, air force and navy name from royal army to Indian Army,Royal Airforce to Indian air force,Royal Navy to Indian Navy.

During independence  India was one of main power in Asia.There army trained by British forces which was also known as one of the best forces on that time.

As Indian forces are three main division and I can post three different posts .
In this post I am informing my blog viewers about successful history of one of the big army.The total strength of this army is third largest in world.Indian army is some finest institution for training like Indian military academy, National defence academy .These institution provide training not only to Indian forces but also to other friendly countries.

As per the strength India has third largest army after US and China.Number is not only the best criteria to define any army.India has also use some unique weapons and technology for their forces.

If we started with Gun:
India used NATO standard pistols like:

Pistol Auto 9mm 1A: This pistol is jointly produce by Canada and India.

Sterling sub machine gun: This British origin gun used by many countries including India.

Micro-Uzi:  This Israeli made arm used by special forces for secret operation.

M4 carbine : This US made weapon is used by different countries for special secret service operation.India also using the same weapon.

INSAS Assault rifle: This is one of the main rifle produce by Indian defence research institute for army and defence. There are different variants of gun produce for special purpose. This rifles also used by Nepal.Oman and Bhutan royal army .

IMI Tavor TAR-21: This Israeli made Assault rifle used by special forces.There are 4000 such rifle in active service.

T91 assault rifle: This Tiwani Assault rifle used 10000 in Indian special forces .This Nato certified assulat rife one of best .

OFB 1A1 Rifles:Fusil Automatique L├ęger ("Light Automatic Rifle") or FAL is a semi-automatic gun produce by Belgium after the end of second world war.There are different varients of this assult rifle produced.this rifle used by 150+ countries in world.

IMI Galil 7.62 Sniper: Small Sniper Rifle produced by Israel for special forces .

Mauser SP66: This gGerman made sniper gun used for special forces

Modern Sub Machine Carbine:This new under trail version designed by Armament Research and Development Establishment of India.this sub machine gun is also known as MINSAS .This gun able to break a bullet proof jacket .This light weight  gun project is under trail.
Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System               :This new assault rifle produce by developed by ARDE Pune of DRDO .This assult rifle is under trail so features are not disclosed till now.
DRDO Daksh: This is remote control robot develop by DRDO for special operation. These robot can helpful in any terrorist attack.This robot has x-ray to detect,able  to destroy bomb attack by turbo jet water throwing and also destroy the bomb plants by any terrorist. Daksh also have weapon to attack enemy .

In Combat vechile :

Arjun MBT :This was indigenously developed tank for Indian army .At first 50% component were imported and later 100% were indigenously made items used.This tank failed to perform some  specific area so new advance variant produce Arjun Mk II.This  is equally perform as like other world class tank on same category.Made from composite items and armament also help this to protect from enemy fire. There are 248 were in service of Indian army.

T-90 Bhisma: This Russian made tank one of the main battele tank of Indian Army and in service till 2020.This tank is one of the best battle tank in world and perform better.You can also tell this is the back bone of tank regiment of Indian Army.There are total 1050 are in service.

T 72 Ajeya : There are total 2414 in service highest number of Indian tanks.This tank upgraded and now able to serve more years and equally match with other competitor .

Infantry fighting vechile:

Infantry brigade or artillery mainly support army to move forward or to damage enemy bunkers and cut there supply line.

BMP-2 "Sarath": This USSR infantry vehicle produce in India under licence. DRDO also develop light tank based on this for future. There are 1800 active BMP2 also BMP1 750.

BMD-2: This is airborne inventory vehicle carried by MI helicopter and landed by parachute also. This is also produce on licence based from Russia. There are 500 in Indian Army including 300 BMD1. Enemy line.

This vehicle mainly used to carry soldiers to war front or to take wounded soldiers from war also help in moving soldiers within enemy territory. This British origin vehicle are 80 in army .It armour help to protect soldiers from bullets mortar and granted attacks.

BTR-50: This is one of the oldest armour vehicle in world introduce in 1954 by USSR but still its new version used by many countries. Fifty countries across the world used this vehicle for their army. This is one of the finest armour vehicle in world.

TATA Kestrel: This is indigenous made vehicle by private sector company Tata to fulfil the Indian Army need.

BTR80: This amphibious armour vehicle is 1300 including 700 BTR60.This USSR origin machine provide safety in war field and easily cross river and water bodies.

Artillery basically used for destroying enemy front lines and bunker and cut there supply line in war front.

DRDO 155 mm artillery gun: This indigenously develop Howitzer introduce in service from 2013 as trial basis .This advance 38km range  Howitzer jointly develop by DRDO bharat forge and L&T .This Howitzer meet all the technical guideline and requirements of Indian army. There are 119 order place by Indian army.

Haubits FH77: This was also known as bofors gun in India there are 200 in active service. This gun play crucial role in Kargil war 1999.This Sweden origin gun closed down production in 2006 by Sweden.

130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M-46): This USSR origin 130 mm gun upgraded with the help from Israel and now used in service as 155 mm.

METAMORPHOSIS 155 mm GUN, 130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M-46),Light Field Gun  develop by India .

BM-30 Smerch: This Russian origin multi rocket launcher in service are 60. 300 mm multiple rocket launch system has 90 km range.

Pinaka multi barrel rocket launcher: This is indigenous made multi rocket launching vehicle develop by India and80km speed. 14 mm multiple rocket launch system. Replacing the 122 mm BM-21.[44] Being produced at a heavy rate of 5000 missiles per year.

India used different antitank missile system some of them are: Israeli made man portable  tank destroyer missile. There are 8000 in Indian army.

India has its own nag tank destroyer missile system used in minaca infantry tanks.

MILAN is tank destroyer portable missile system made in India under licence from France. There are different upgraded version also purchased from France. Total 34,000 in service.

India also have CLGM Missile used in MBT Arjun tank.

Ballestic and Cruise missile:

India has range of different balestic and cruise missile developed indigenously as well as jointly.Cruise missile are those able to destroy enemy target with sound speed.Only some of the countries are able to produce cruise missile .

Bramhos is 300 km range cruise missile jointly develop with Russian support .This supersonic missile is most advance in world. This is faster cruise missile in world.

Nirbhay is subsonic 1000km range missile develop by India army.

Other than this there are many ballistic missile like:                                                                                 Prithvi series, Agni series and Saurya etc with different range. The highest range is 5000 to 8000 km of Agni 5.

Other than this Indian army also used different air defence missile series that was Akash with surface to air with range of 10000+ and prithvi air defence system. Israeli sam air defence system also used in service.

Exoatmospheric missile defence system was successfully tested and used in active service .India become the fourth country after USA, Russia and Israel used this system.

India has produce series of different helicopter for their army uses. Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd. Produce multiple uses helicopter like Hal Dhurva, Chetah and chetak. The most advance one was light Combat helicopter produce by DRDO and full fill all standard parameter of advance combat helicopter.

Other than this Indian army also used MI series made in India under licence from Russia and recently bought apache from USA.

Indian army also used drone: Nishant is Indian made drone other than this Israel’s IAI Heron, IAI Searcher also active in Indian army.

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