Friday, January 2, 2015

What is the real story behind Malaysian plane incidence?

I am not huge resource or any solid evidence to prove my logic, but as per my experience and knowledge about secrete service and defence preparation I have solid doubt about some big conspiracy.

 Malaysian Airline Plane
 Air Asia Plane
I have asked some question for this incidence:
Is it really a simple plane crash? , How it can be possible? If there is not technical issue than what happened?
Chinese Compass global positing system

After first Malaysian plane crash, when 12 different countries operating search operation but getting nothing. How it could be possible that after such huge technical advancement, where we can able to find any items in space beneath the deep sea level ,global positing system satellite to find any small items in any part of world but all this technology not able to find a big Boeing plane.
In 2014 Malaysian three different passenger plane crashed. Two crashed in Asia and one hit by Ukraine rebel.
Vietnam mobile missile launcher
MIG-29 of North Vietnam

Why every time Malaysian planes? If there was any emergency situation arise than why not they used there parachute to land  and all body missing in first incidence and second time got only three that was really strange.
Mobile missile launcher of Vietnam Army

As I think Malaysia is a small country and not a big military power as well as not such big technology to find the actual cause.

When I was kid I saw in a cartoon show named Tale ‘spin, same incidence happened and planes lost when the travelled in a specific area. On that story some group prepare some device which misguide all pilots so they crashed.

I have strongly believed that some country had make some device which misguide passenger plane, also deactivate GPS tracker and all radar system working on that area.
Now question arise why?
Aircraft carrier

Those who prepare such device definitely prepare for self-defence against their enemy by reactivating radar system or GPS system, which help them to misguide any missile or fighter planes or battle ship.
Now a day a country only able to destroy their enemy target with accurate gps system or radar or early-warning system, but what happened if none of them worked against their enemy.
North Korea defence pared
 North Korean army  pared
Chinese J10 fighter aircraft

Then they not able to launch missile against enemy or hit enemy target with fighter plane or battleship  .If my calculation is on right track than there is possibility that they also use this device to misguide missile which destroy launching countries target.

I know that these all theory is not easy to digest but reality is some time stranger than imagination.
Who is behind this?

I can raise figure on many countries. First possibility is North Korea; this country was continuing prepare for war against South Korea, Japan and western countries. North Korea only able to win against west if they able to misguide there missile or aircraft or to disable there radar, global positing system. Western country defeat easily if there communication system destroy or their electronic surveillance not working in a proper way.

Second doubt went to China. China is another super power if he is able to produce such device which distracts enemy missile or aircraft than ale to beat US and there ally in Asia.

Japan , Taiwan or Vietnam also can be able to make such device to get edge against China .I am not a scientist but I am assure that nothing is impossible with scientific and technological advancement.

I know most of the secret service have got information in this after first incidence .But no country bring the real story.

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