Saturday, December 12, 2015

ISIS crisis impact on national interest

ISIS crisis leads different direction which was not good in any respect. Here every country own national interest diversified .France come as direct face to face war against ISIS. Other western countries also fight against ISIS under NATO flag with US forces. Here one thing needs to understand that who create ISIS?

Sukhoi Su-34 at Syrian war

I was already inform this in my previous post that US create ISIS and support this organisation at earlier stage .In recent time also many countries support financially as well transfer many crucial spy information. Also help to ISIS to sell their petroleum.
SA-22 Guided missile
Now question arise whom: straight answer was Saudi Arabia, Turkey, US stand was also doubtful because, how it can be possible that US not able to destroy a organisation from last one year with support of other nation.

This shows that US actually don’t want to finish this organisation for their own interest. How it can be possible for ISIS to sale their petroleum with support from any country. Syria not friendly relation with ISIS than whom, definitely other neighbouring countries. These neighbouring countries have close relation with USA.
Sukhoi Su-25 at Syrian war
USA also support rebel group who fight against Assad Govt. they also support them with weapons. At starting also ISIS fight against Assad Govt. so US support ISIS.
MI-24  at Syrian war
US never engaged in full fledge war against ISIS so not a big setback given to ISIS from last one year on the other hand Russia with a short span of time destroy 25%-40% of ISIS at Syrian areas.
This was big setback for USA supremacy as well as diplomacy. Therefore USA secretes service and diplomatic agency actively working with neighbouring countries of Syria to give tuff fight to Russian forces. It was big doubt on ISIS attack on Russian passenger plan in this area also doubt on how Turkey destroy Russian SU24.It was well known fact that Turkey not able to stand against Russian power, and if Turkey destroy Russian war plane that means definitely USA machinery working behind this.
Sukhoi Su-30 at Syrian war
US never want that Russian become successful in Syria, but they had limited option.
History told that US compromise with terrorist organisation many time for their own interest, so may be possible they again support ISIS against Russia.
MI-17 attack  helicopter in syrian war
US try to convince Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to help ISIS and support them in fight against Russia.

Possible that USA provide safe passage to ISIS in Iraq and also support them with latest weapon against Assad Govt.. and Russian.
Russian T-90 tank in Syrian war

Israel best forces in region but US not taken their support, this also create doubt on US strategies.
US blame Russian that they killed on rebel group not the ISIS forces.

As my opinion USA made a big mistake like Afghanistan, if they work against Russian, and they will pay huge in future for all these.
Russian SU24 bomber at Syrian war
France fights against ISIS but if US strategy change there was no other option to quit from this war, same with UK.
Russian Drone in Syrian war
Russian now lead to crucial point, they now totally destroy ISIS or this become second Afghanistan for them.
Guided Missile Cruiser Moskva in syrian war
There was also another option that Russian support ISIS if they withdraw from Syria and fight for NATO forces.

This was very few possibilities for this but one thing is confirm that future for Middle East was very crucial.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Second phase of cold war started

As I told earlier that ISIS issue may turn into a drastic situation and now this time come. I was already inform that USA play the main role in terrorism spreading and now world known this facts.USA was the founder of ISIS ,they support this organisation when they worked against Syria Govt. But when they become free from US control and worked independently than USA and allies forces fight against them. Same as like USA create Laskar –E- Taiaba and Mujahidin against USSR and this terrorist organisation when attacked in 2001 than they start fighting against Afghanistan but USA not able to finish both this terrorist organisation and start fighting in Syria and differentiate terrorism as good and bad. So they targeting ISIS in full fledge and for this reason USA ans NATO forces did nothing in such long time. It was clear facts USA never support any country except their personal interest.
NATO forces Euro typhoon in ISIS operation in Syria
 Russian ground forces in Syrian operation
 Russian Airforce prepare for night bombing
 Russian navy warship near syria
Russian sukhoi plan in Syrian operation

As I told  in my previous post about some prediction of  third world war near future that also come to close. After cold war this was first time two super powers come to close fighting with all their allies. The main reason USA support rebel groups in Syria because Syria was friendly country of Russia and never ready to surrender against USA .This was main reason of fighting and for this reason USA CIA supports all rebel groups against Syrian govt. They provide them money training and weapons.USA, Saudi Arabia supported these terrorist organisation. Russia after interfere of USA and NATO forces in Ukraine Crimea issue want to get revenge .After cold war USA support Chechnya as well as Ukraine against Russia not only that USA impose many ban on export of Russian petroleum. These all issue create great tension for Russia and Russia searching for target where they directly involve with western power. Ukraine was first place and now Syria. Russian forces within in a week killed 300 ISIS terrorists which cannot be possible by NATO forces from long time. Russian forces use their best special forces for all these operation which show Russian not ready to setback at any point of time.

Russia stands with Iran and Syria against USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK, and France. As per recent report China also interested to join this fight against USA, because China want to show that he has also a super power .But China will change its party any time for their national interest.
One main reason for involving different countries was they want to take a big share of Arms market and USA, Russia and China want to use their untested and ethical weapons in this limited war to get more customers in world. After cold war era USA get largest part of arms market but Russia and China also want to beat USA in this market.
Chinese war ship near Syrian sea
China and Russia also involve in fight against USA and western power in Korea war but on that time Korea was near to their home land.
MI attack helicopter of Iranian Forces against ISIS operation
If this war extended and USA and allies support rebel group against Syria Govt. than Russia need to fight against US allies in middle east which may turn into limited third world war where Russia stand with Iran, Syria, China, North Korea .On the other hand USA stand with ISIS,UK, France, Canada, Turkey ,Egypt and Saudi Arabia etc.
Kurdish female force against ISIS operation
In this war two countries never support any group due to their national interest first India who not take part in this war because Russia was there all time friend on the other hand They need US support in world platform. Same situation arise with Israil, to whom USA was all time friend but they never support any kind of terrorism whatever it may be good or bad.
But this Syrian unrest would become a big turning point in our history or it may be same for USA as like Afghanistan in 1990 for USSR.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Countries change their strategical partner with changing world circumstances

World politics has drastically changed in recent time. Every country foreign policy change with time to time to save their national interest. In modern time world politics change many time .First world war was first turning and then Second World War. Both this war was Europe concentrate but in Second World War Asia and American countries was other main participant. Cold war was mainly USA and USSR conflicts and European countries divided in both this camp. After end of cold war many other small regional powers had come against USA .USA always try to influence other countries for their own national interest.
Gulf war
Middle East always plays the crucial role in world politics due to their petroleum reserve. Middle East countries were mainly Muslim dominated and they always support a Muslim country in any world crisis. Except in some circumstances when USA stand against any Muslim country like Gulf war.
 Russian army general in Pakistan who stand against Pakistan in 1971 war

Middle East countries had huge foreign reserves and they used this fund for promotion of Islam as well as they support many terrorist groups who were fighting against western countries as well as against Israel.
USA,Australia and Japan stand against Chinese expansion in East Asia  
Main donor were like: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ezypt, Zordon , Libiya etc. Pakistan from its independence became of the main favorite country due to their location. USSR and USA both wanted to use this country for their own interest. After 1965 Indo-Pak war USSR arranged agreement between India and Pakistan where India need to return many crucial winning land to Pakistan due to pressure from USSR and on the same time murder of Indian prime minister on Taskand was raise many doubts. It was well known facts that KGB was famous for using poison in many operations and in Taskand Indian Prime minister body turn into blue and many evidence was missing after his death.
Chinese advance fighters plane in 2015 victory parade
Chinese after 1962 Indo-China war stand with Pakistan for their national interest and provide many crucial spy documents to Pakistan army before Indo-Pak war.

USA also uses Pakistan for their national interest and they look after Pakistan after USSR interfere in Indo-Pak peace treaty in taskand.

USA interfere sideline USSR support and therefore USSR came close to India and Afghanistan .Due to USSR intervention in Bangladesh war Pakistan directly support USA and provide many of their northern airbase to USA spy operation against USSR. Pakistan ISI and USA CIA directly involve against USSR in Afghanistan. They start terrorist camp and training camp mujahidin’s in Pakistan and Pak Afghan border. After this successful operation Pakistan use this strategy for their own interest .Terrorist from every parts of world came to Pakistan for their training.

USA ,Japan and India come close with changing world circumstances
Now Russia come close to Pakistan again and lift the ban to sale weapons ,China became all time friend for Pakistan and use against India, China also interfere in Srilanka and Bangladesh against Indian encirclement.
Russian come close to China once they fight due to border dispute
Pakistan sale weapons to Srilanka against LTTE operation.USA already involve in fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, ISIS also start a new front for USA and NATO.
Israel come close to India and Russia increase their closeness with Pakistan .USA maintain balance between India and Pakistan but definitely give priority to India to maintain power balance against China.
Saudiarabia always stand with support in Pakistan and Muslim terrorist organization .UAE also stand in Muslim brotherhood but now support India in place of Pakistan.

India got two air base on Tajikistan which definitely used against China and Pakistan .India organized Pacific allies group meeting in India which mainly discuss how to minimize Chinese interfere in pacific area.

Indian secretes forces now worked many foreign supports and jointly worked with western countries to lookafter terrorist activities in Middle East and western Asia. Indian RAW well worked and more information for Middle East Asian countries than comparing their western counterpart likes: MI6, CIA, BND, Mossad etc.

Once Iran stands with USA now Iran became main opponent of west and Nato.  Cuba one time rival of USA now increase closeness to USA and open USA embassy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Future war between US and China-2

In my last post I gave information about what reason behind US china future war, now I show your strength of both this countries.

Indian Made Aircraft carrier
Israel Air force
Israel Army
Before I discuss their fire power lets clear some facts that, if China engage in war with Us on that scenario He need to prepare for war on many fronts at a time because on that occasion Japan directly involve in war in support of US ,possibility that India also involve on that time to solve their border dispute with China. Taiwan also support US stand and other NATO allies also inter this war .Possibility that China get support from North Korea against South Korea as well as against Japan. Pakistan also supports China and open front against India and Iran also did same against Israel.  It was very crucial situation for Russia because he did not direct involve in war but support Chinese side .Russian weapons and volunteer forces involve in war. Russian forces not participate war against India but they concentrate in Japanese sea, Atlantic Ocean and Korean peninsula. In weapons strength definitely US side has superior quality and advance weapons, but they have limited man force on the other hand Chinese were huge human resource which really create a big difference in power balance. Presently US has 3500 combat aircrafts against Chinese 1,500 .US has most of the combat fighter were advance on the other hand Chinese using 70% old aircrafts.
North Korean army
North Korean Navy official
East Asia power balance between Japan,Taiwan and China
New advance robot made for war like Iron man

Chinese were big tank force compare to US but they use this against South Korea because this was not possible to use against US forces which were concentrating in main land of America where not possible for China to send their battle tank. Chinese use their tank against American tank in Japan, Taiwan and Russian T90 against India. This war converts from convention war to nuclear war in Asia. When Chinese forces beat Taiwan and Japan and trying to capture both this country on that time USA use their Nuclear and hydrogen bomb.

After beaten from joint NATO forces in Korean peninsula, North Korea use their nuclear arsenal against South Korea as well as against Japan. It was quite interesting that in Middle East neither Israel nor Iran used their nuclear arsenal on that war. Pakistan use mini nuclear bomb against Indian forces in J&K and Indian forces attack deep inside Pakistan with nuclear bomb all main cities in Pakistan destroy on that war and India also face same nuclear attack but that came from terrorist group supported by Pakistan. When Pakistan lost all their major cities they provide nuclear bombs to terrorist groups working against India. Taliban terrorist use that in Afghanistan also. Pearl Harbour base was totally destroyed by Chinese using nuclear bomb in there ICBM capable to break missile defence system. In the first stage of war US choosing their bio chemical weapons, against China. Chinese trying to destroy US military satellite in first day of war but fear from same response from America.

Hybrid  speed ' attacking boat of US Navy
New Stealth  bomber able to land in aircraft carrier
But on second face of war when China destroy one of Indian military satellite , US did same and destroy all Chinese satellite .In middle east Israel use their nuclear arsenal to avoid any joint operation from Ezpyt, Turkey and other middle east country.

There was huge petroleum crises arise in world.In Indian peninsula Chinese forces use their commercial port in Bangladesh and Srilanka against Indian forces.So India also use military against there neighbour countries.
US new stealth war plane
Pak long range missile build with support from China
Stealth Navy ship built by US
Al khalid  advance tank develop jointly by China and Pakistan
Nimitz class aircraft carrier of US Navy biggest aircraft carrier in world

After this war Bangladesh,Pakistan and Srilanka all joint together and create Indian union. NATO forces take control on mainland China and impose many bans ,which lapse Chinese economy,Tibbet got free and create a new state .China convert from Socialist country to a Democratic one.

Indian economy grow in fast pace due to devastation of Chinese industries.North and south Korea merge together .Japan face a huge loss in war but still able to manage and take control on many disputed islands.Chinese lost huge there main cities and town converted into debris.India also face a huge loss in war there two main metro cities ruined from map.Us also face a great loss in war there perl harbour base was totally ruined and also face a huge monetary and human loss there .If Russia not directly involved in war than become a super power after this war and whole world depend on Russian energy and petroleum .Russian economy growth dubbel after this war .India become a permanent member in UNO security council.This post based on my imagination but there was only a small gap between imagination and reality.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Future war between US and China for maintaining supremacy

In the recent time definitely USA is super power and no country exist near to him. China is marching slowly towards the status of super power. It was expecting that China will replace USA and getting super power status. USA also know this facts .After US independence war no one country directly involve in fighting except Japan in Second World War. USA participate in many wars after second world war but US forces fighting in different countries for their national interest. Only uring second world war Japan attack in Perl harbour which was first war which fight in US island. Now question raise why I was moving in second world war ,the reason was clear if you want to known what are the possibilities for US China war in future than definitely you would need to know the reason behind US Japan war during second world war.
 US stealth ship for future war

 Chinese aircraft carrier
US woman at their training session

It was well known facts that US help Japan for modernisation of their army. In Asia Japan became the super power but they need to depend on other countries for raw materrial and all raw material were under US and European countries colony. Japan was technically more advance after modernisation but they need to depend on others .US on that time think Japan as their rival and competitor so in first stage of second world war help UK and other European countries against Japan and Germany. Japan lost the war for two reson one major reason was atom bomb technology which was invented in USA and Japan lacking behind in this ,second was scarcity of raw materials.
 laser weapon of US
 US zero recoil gun
 US air force heavy war plane

Chines army man with new smart gun

Now come to recent time China and USA involve in covert war in Vietnam and korea war .In both this was Chinises were upper hand.Chinese volentiar pilots and armies directly involved in both this war.

US Aura future drone
Reason of war between this countries are maintain their supremacy ,Same reason exist behind Japan and USA war during world war 2. On that time Japan lost war because he was enaged in many front at a time on the other hand they don’t have raw material supply.
 Chinese airforce heavy lifting cargo plane
 Chinese navy
 Chinese lady solider near border
 Chinese stealth bomber plane for future war

 But China was not depend on any country for raw material and again except India and Japan no other neighbour are not able to give tuff fight to china .

Chinese ICBM
Chinese are ICBM ,able to reach USA,Chinese also worked on same concept as like Russia to destroy missile defence system of USA.Chinese were upgraded their radar which able to detect American stealth bombers.USA has most sophisticated and developed weapon system in world,and Chinese technology 20 to thirty years back.American has some new and advance technology which was not dislosed till now,but future is uncertain what will happen after twenty years later no one know .The growth in Chinese economy help to boost their defence sector on the other hand Chinese were not engaged in any part of world with any other country on the otherhand USA engaged in war in different parts of world and not able to get 100 control on any front.

Experimental stealth ship of US

USA also not depend on other countries for raw material supply but USA stand in same situation as like Japan in second world war.Chinese beat US in every sector and in future they stand ahead as biggest economy ,heist manpower.On that time Chinese become the biggest arms supplier and manu facturer in world.

Chinese Tank regiment
Chinese able to take over US supremacy which will create abig power disbalance.Chinese had hidden expention policy ,after acquiring such huge power they start to interfare in neighbour countries and control on there land like in India,Vietnam,Kazakisthan,Mangolia and also some part of Russia and on that time Tiwan became part of China.