Friday, April 18, 2014

Why Biological weapons are more dangerous than conventional weapons

 Soldiers practicing biological war fare game
 Use of Anthex in world
Aerial use of biological wepon

Biological weapons are those weapons which can produce with toxic and advance virus which can infect air water and soil. Biological weapon able to cover more area than conventional weapons and its affect continue for a long time might be possible for some generation .Some time there the attacking country cannot realize its effectiveness till its use. Now we turn in history to know the first use. It is believe that during sixth century Assyrians from Mesopotamia civilization used poisonous fungus to kill there enemy. Use is also started than from fourth century, when people used to tip their arrow tips with snake venom. Before 590 BC in Grece, Athens poisons the enemy water.

Mongols were used plague virus against their enemy. Even the Britishers used small pox infected blanket in America.

First Human produce biological weapons came into existence from WW2.Both side research and develop toxic and ethical germs and virus. Antherx virus came into existence in this time. Great Britain scientifically develop this biological weapon but never used against any country. When US join this war mass level production started for biological weapons in USA. Utah region is selected for test and development of biological weapons. Imperial Japan used biological weapons in mass level against war prisoners and enemy country. In 1940 Japanese air force used to drop bubonic plague virus in Ningbo area in China, due to that 400000 people died. Most countries avoid the use of biological weapons due to late result, because its affect started after two to three months which not give any instant effect on the result of war.

 In post war period most of the developed countries research in this field of weapon development. In cold war period all the big countries relies that if any country use this weapons any enemy country than its side affect is also spread on the same nation .In 1969  UK brought the Biological and  toxin weapon prohibition act against defense use and most of the big nation except this . USSR still worked after signing the agreement but later stop that. In 2011, 165 nation agreed on the pact that the never develop such weapons, but most of the countries have small amount of micro biological germs in their laboratories for research and for protective measures to avoid any enemy threat.

With the development in microbiology and technical advancement new type of synthetic biological germs produce which can be more toxic and dangerous for human. Biological weapons are not produce only to affect human but also to target the crop and vegetation of enemy countries. Most of the countries are working on the production of anti dots and antivirus to stop the spread of such kind of microbiological elements, but what happened if through bio mechanism any country can produce a new germs which is combination of two or three diseases or, which is new disease .If terrorist organization developed such kind of ethical weapon or the secret service of any country can use against their enemy country.

Russian have big stock of advance biological weapons , because Russian had got the success in this field from former USSR .The biological weapons grade research were fully under covered .In 1991 and later on in some UK press conferences some Russian biological scientist accept this.
USA is also developing many synthetic biological weapons to get some upper hand against Russia and China.
Chinese biological weapons research is done under total secrecy so there is no exact idea, but there is some unofficial information that Chinese microbiological scientist has got success in this field.
UK and France has already developed research in new synthetic microbiological germs development.
Japanese is well advance in this field but they are working only to prevent its spread.
India has a large pull of microbiological scientist to develop any new species of micro biological germs but they are working basically on the already existing threat prevention, which is not match with advance research in this field. In 1990 plague spread in western India but there was no evidence that, which is behind that. Is that any western country or Pakistan or China or due to any mistake by any Indian laboratory?

Other than that all advance countries in Europe , Australia, Iran, South Africa, Pakistan, North and South Korea and Vietnam.