Saturday, January 25, 2014

Submarine aircraft carrier a marvelous man made machine

Submarine aircraft carriers is not a new concept, this project was introduce from first world war .Japan is first country to use such machine in war in full scale in second world war, but only few produce and after losing the war this war machine use neglected by most of the countries due to limited uses. As because there is small technical advancement so only one or two small aircraft used from the submarine flying aircraft .In the modern time every country want to use stealth aircraft carrier and if a big submarine ,which can able to carry a good number of aircraft, than definitely this will increase the power many times compare to their enemy.

 Italian Navy's submarine aircraft carrier developed during second world war
 Boeing proposed Submarine aircraft carrier
 UK's Submarine aircraft carrier  HMS E22 developed before second world war
 Japanese I-400 developed in WW2

Most of the advance countries are aggressively working on this project .Japanese I-400 class submarine and the French submarine Surcouf was first produce submarine aircraft carrier.

 Japnese aircraft use from Submarine aircraft carrier
 Chinese model of proposed Submarine aircraft carrier
  Chinese model of proposed Submarine aircraft carrier

This concept was first developed by German in first world .UK also launch same project with HMS E22.In 1928, Italy cancel this project. Japanese royal navy was extensively used this concept and developed 48 such aircraft carrier submarine during Second World War.

UK also started this project on 1927 but on 1932 stopped this project due to treaty with USA. USA also working in this concept from 1922 but US navy never use submarine flying aircraft.

There is no existing submarine aircraft carrier in world, but several countries work on this concept secretly.Main reason to develop such project is sudden surprise strikes on vulnerable targets.

The only big challenge is engineering related, because there is no such aircraft available to work in this condition ,It is well known fact that nuclear submarine gives second strike capability to any country .Nuclear submarine enhance any country defense power many times, now think what happen if a country has aircraft carrier submarine.

It is believe that Chinese are working in this project to get naval supremacy in coming future .Their project name is Zheng he , it can carry 40 aircraft ,5 helicopter and three awacs unmanned craft. This Chinese machine is only in primary stage of development. There is no information about USA but it is well known fact that Chinese are only a copy cat they are doing any new invention based on already developed technology by other, like Chinese J10 stealth fighter plane is copy of USA  F117. On the same basis I believe that Chinese model of Submarine aircraft carrier is also a copy of US .That means USA has already secretly develop such machine. Now the question arise who are the other countries able to do that, answer is Russia, France and India. As this technology is new in world so most of the country maintain secrecy to reveal this to world.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flying Aircraft Carrier a new battle machine

Today I am going to introduce a new concept in the field of defense. I am going to write about flying aircraft carrier. Actually this concept was already come into existence when the first fighter aircraft came into existence. This concept was come with Germany’s first airship company Zeppelin.

 UK 23 class airship develop during world war one
 Concept flying aircraft carrier model
 This aircraft carrier design developed by USSr and later on worked by Russian and undervelopment stage due to shortage in resources

 Flying aircraft carrier used in avenger movie

 It was believed that Zeppelin airship could able to carry four to five fighter aircrafts at a time which could use for bombarding network and other American as well as European cities. As per intelligence report Germans were also thought about this plan, but this concept was later on dismissed due some technical difficulties. The main problem with this concept was that German  had filled their airship with hydrogen ,which was easily enlighten ,secondly after bombarding in any US city the fighter aircrafts unable to get back to Germany, so this plan was cancelled. 

This concept was again came into existence during second world war and during cold war period.USA and USSR both were working to built big transport aircrafts ,which could carry fighter aircrafts. USSR’s Antanove were produce in this series but this again was impractical plan due to the big size of fighter aircraft and again the problem of landing or returning of fighter aircraft to their destination. Some countries were already working in this concept, there is possibility that some of them got success, but there is some technical as well as resource issue to actualize this concept aircraft. In the recent time only USA have this capacity to built such a huge flying aircraft carrier.

First time I saw this concept plane in 1996, in a cartoon serial Tale spin .In this cartoon serial a character name Don Karnage was build a flying aircraft carrier which could carry their small fighter aircraft as well as a lighting gun. In the recent time I saw again this concept plane in Hollywood movie Avengers.

I am not a aeronautic engineer but at least have some defense information that, if a helicopter thrust able to carry load of 100000 kg at a time so what happen if we can add twenty helicopters power with a machine .That means a flying aircraft carrier is not a impossible, now the question arise that such a big machine need huge fuel demand which can be easily solve by using alternate fuel or nuclear energy.

I think that USA has already work on this ,if USA has this plan then definitely Russia and Chinese have same plan to maintain the power balance and European Union have all technical advancement as well as resources. If you think that this was impractical than wait for some time this technology come soon.

If this machine launched by US in near future than US power increases more than current time. At present US Nimitz class aircraft carrier able to rich any part of the world and able to destroy enemy power, than flying aircraft carrier help to reach any part of the world by US forces at any time and at any condition.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some Interesting wars in history

Lijar vs. France

In 1883, Lijar a small village in southern Spain feeled ashamed, when they heard that their king Alfanso12th was insulted during his visit in Paris by Persians mobs. On October 14, 1883 the mayor of Lijar and the 300 citizens from that area declare war against France. In this war never a single fire done nor any casualty .After ninety-three years later in 1976 when King Juan-Carlos of Spain made his  trip to Paris, during which he was given a warm welcome by the citizens of Paris. In 1981, the town council of Lijar order for ceasefire due to this incidence.

War duration: (1883-1981) Ninety-eight years.

Casualties: None.

The War of the Oaken Bucket


 In 1325, the two independent towns Modena and Bologna fight for a big wooden bucket. This incident started when a band of Modena soldiers raid Bologna and stolen a big wooden bucket. Later on Bologna declare war against Modena to get their bucket but after fighting for twelve years they unable to get back that bucket. The big bucket stored in big well tower of Modena.

War duration: (1325-1337) Twelve years.

Casualties: Unknown.

The Paraguayan War
Francisco Solano Lopez of Paraguay

Paraguay, Francisco Solano Lopez was a great admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte and wanted to be like him. To achieve this he declared war against the three powerful neighbor countries: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

In this war they lost 90% of their male populations .This was a big example of a unnecessary war in the history.

War Duration: (1864-1870) Six years.

Casualties: 400,000 on both sides.

The War of the Stray Dog

 Treety between Bulgaria and Greek soldiers by League of nation

In 1925, Greece and Bulgaria were not friendly countries; they fought each other most of the time. This tension grew in 22, 1925, when a Greek soldier cross the border to chase his dog, and the dog later shot dead by the Bulgarian soldier. Greek army attack the Bulgaria to take their revenge. The league of nation intervenes in this incidence and instructs Greek to paid damage to Bulgaria 45000 pounds.

War duration: (October 23-November 2, 1925) Ten days.

Casualties: Fifty-two dead on both sides.

The Aroostook War

Main cause of the war was cutting a fire wood from a disputed border area of Maine by a American soldier. The Great Britain declared war against US. US by default attack on UK soldier supply line and got pork and Beans, so this war was got a nick name of “The War of Pork and Beans.”Later on UK gave east Maine to US and US forces withdraw from that area.

War duration: (December 1838-November 1839) Eleven months.

Casualties: 550 dead on both sides.

The Pig War

Another US , UK war was fought due to a Pig. A pig was shot dead by a British infantry man ,when that was wondering in US soil. The    US militia watched this incidence and later they all gather to attack on British when they move. Eventually the British apologies for this incidence and the war ended with a casualty of a Pig.

War duration: (June-October 1859) Four months.

Casualties: One pig.

Three Hundred And Thirty-Five Year War
  Isle of Scilly island

   Isle of Scilly island

This war was fought between Netherlands and the Isle of Scilly island located in southwest of Great Britain. These wars started in 1651 and later on forget like many other wars but the peace treaty signed after three century in 1986.Duration of war was 365 years.
War duration: (1651-1986) Three hundred and thirty-five years.
Casualties: None.,

The Football War
El Salvador
There was interesting history about this war , this war started between El Salvador and Honduras, in 1969,due to football match. Elsalvador lost the game and tension rose until, Elsalvador attack Honduras on June 14.Due to US effort cease fire made by both countries after hundred hours.
War duration: Four days.
Casualties: 3,000

The Moldovan-Transdniestrian War
 Mig Plane of Moldova Air Force

This war began after collapse of Soviet Block. Moldova’s two-third population want close ties with Romania but remaining one third want ties with Russia. This civil war is interesting thing was that people fight each other  in day light but in night they gather in no men’s land for mingle and drink .Even they promised each other that ,if they saw each other on next day they don’t shoot.
War duration: (March 2-July 21 1992) Four months.
Casualties: 1,300 dead

The Emu War

Australian Govt. declares war against Emu in 1932, when there population grew 20000 and they destroyed crops in desert area. The army task force killed 2500 emus and after seven days this war stopped by Australian Govt.
War duration: (November 11-18 1932) Seven days.
Casualties: 2,500 emus.