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Six day war :A war for existance of small country

June War, 1967 Arab–Israeli War, or Third Arab–Israeli War :

Six day war between Israel and United Arab league was divide the world in two part .Western world stand with the Israel and all Muslim countries stand in support of Arab league. Egypt became the leader of the Muslim countries. After the Suez Canal crisis, Egypt well aware the fact the no western county direct support to Israel due to their interest in Suez Canal. Egypt also want to teach a lesson to Israel which help maintain power balance in middle east .Egypt well aware the fact that he was not able to defeat Israel alone so he took support of Jordon ,Syria Iran. Saudi Arabia, philistine and other Arab countries in this regard.

 Israeli tank in Golan height
 Egypt aircraft destroyed by Israli ground attack
 Saudi Arabia Misile attack boat
 Israli Ground forces watching Israeli Air force aircraft

All the Muslim counties directly or indirectly took part in this war. Pakistan sent there air force pilot, some Muslim countries financially support, some support with their arms and ammunition, some support with their man power .Only one country which can lost many things with this war is USA, because both side used the American weapons and US support Israel in this war but he has financial interest with the Muslim countries of the middle east due to the petroleum .I thought this war was war of crusade where one side Muslim countries and other side a Jewish with christens support. Israeli secret service was playing the most crucial role in this war as because all Arab world jointly march to attack Israel but on the mean time Israel got the information through Mossad and planned a surprise attack in Arab air force bases. This surprise attack was destroyed the 2/3 of the air power of the Arabian countries and through the whole duration of war Arab air force unable to make any attack in the Israel territory.

 Eilat Ship of Israli Navy
 Israli Paratroops at the dome of rock after their sucess
 Israli airforce mirage planes

Israeli Air Force attack at 12.30 A.M. at Jordon airbase and destroyed their Hawkers and Hunters. Only One Israeli jet short by ground attack. Israeli Air Force also attack Iraqi Air base, they destroyed 12 MiG-21s, 2 MiG-17s, 5 Hunter F6s, and 3 Il-28 bombers .Only one fighter and a bomber shot down by a Pakistani  pilot ,who was in base during the raid. Israel also used surface to surface missile developed with France to attack Jordon defense position as well as radar position.

 Israli Tanks in Golan height
 Israli gunboat passing through strait of tiren near sharm a shesk
 Israli Tanks movement

Israel had captured many areas of Egypt, Syria and Jordon, but later on return after peace agreement and able to capture most of terrorist in this strike.

The main reason for Israeli victory was that, they fight for their existence, they were brave they know that their will power and iron determination definitely gave them success .As I writer I was really impressed with such a planning and strategy, which help a small country to beat joint attack of powerful countries.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Top Ten Defense Technologies of Russia for 2013

These are top ten defense technologies of Russia for 2013, according to National Defense magazine.

The RS-24 Yars, a thermonuclear intercontinental ballistic missile, takes the lead of the list. It was first tested on May 29, 2007 to replace the older R-36 and UR-100N that have been already used almost for 50 years. The RS-24 is a missile that is heavier than the current Topol-M (which can carry up to 10 independently targetable warheads).

The second place goes to the Sukhoi PAK FA which is a twin-engine jet fighter being developed by Sukhoi OKB for the Russian Air Force. The Sukhoi T-50 is the prototype for PAK FA. A fifth generation jet fighter, the T-50 performed its first flight 29 January 2010. The PAK FA has a reported maximum weapons load of 7,500 kg. It has an apparent provision for a cannon. It could possibly carry as many as two 30 mm cannons. It has two internal bays estimated at 4.6-4.7 meters by 1-1.1 meters.

The S-500 is a new generation surface-to-air missile system, designed for intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles and for defense against Airborne Early Warning and Control, Airborne Warning and Control System, and jamming aircraft. With a planned range of 600 km, the S-500 would be able to detect and simultaneously engage up to 10 ballistic supersonic targets flying at a speed of 7 km/s and will have a flight ceiling of 40 km.

The Yasen-class submarine, a new Russian nuclear multipurpose attack submarine class, takes the fourth place. The Yasen-class nuclear submarine is armed with cruise missiles, with several types suggested. It also has 8×650 mm and 2×533 mm tubes as well as mines and anti-ship missiles. This class is the first Russian submarine to be equipped with a spherical sonar, designated as Irytysh-Amfora. Yasen-class submarines will be the first Russian SSNs/SSGNs equipped with a fourth generation nuclear reactor.

The tank T-90AM is a modernized version of the T-90. It features a modernized machine gun, increased horse power, new transmission, separate section for ammunition, new safety system and panoramic view.

The 9K720 Iskander is a mobile ballistic missile system. The Iskander ballistic missile is superior to its predecessor, the Oka. The Iskander-M system is equipped with two solid-propellant single-stage guided missiles. Each one is controlled throughout the entire flight path and fitted with a nonseparable warhead. Each missile in the launch carrier vehicle can be independently targeted in a matter of seconds. The mobility of the Iskander launch platform makes a launch difficult to prevent. Targets can be located not only by satellite and aircraft but also by a conventional intelligence center, or by a soldier who directs artillery fire. Targets can also be located from aerial photos scanned into the computer. The missiles can be re-targeted during flight in the case of engaging mobile targets.

The Ka-52 Alligator is another modification of the basic Ka-50 design. It features a two-seat side-by-side cockpit, and is designed to detect targets and redistribute them among supporting Ka-50s and Mi-28s. Equipment includes radar with two antennas mast-mounted for aerial targets and nose-mounted for ground targets, and Samshite day-and-night TV/thermal sighting system in two spherical turrets (one over the cockpit and the second under the nose). The Ka-52 retains the side-mounted cannon and six wing-mounted hardpoints of the original Ka-50.

The technical capabilities of the ORSIS-5000 rifle allow it to guarantee engagement of targets at any time of the day and night, without technical preparation or additional shots fired at range of up to 1.5 km. The rifle is produced in two calibers: .308 Winchester for short and medium ranges and .338 Lapua Magnum for medium and long ranges, and is intended for use by Russian counter-terrorist and special-operations units. According to their developers, the rifles stand out, first and foremost, for their high-class materials. Almost the entire rifle, and especially its main parts (the barrel and bolt/chamber group) are made from high-grade stainless steel, allowing for unbelievably high accuracy and range.

The Soobrazitelnyy (“Smart”) is the second ship of the latest class of corvettes of the Russian Navy, the Steregushchiy (“Guarding”) class. The ship is being built by the Severnaya (“North”) Verf shipyard in Saint Petersburg and was laid down in May 2003. It was launched in late March 2010 and is expected to join the Baltic Fleet in the beginning of 2011. The ship is the first of the class to be fitted with the Redut system intended to increase its anti-aircraft capabilities with respect to the Kashtan CIWS previously used.

The last one on the list is the RPG-32 Hashim is a Russian hand held anti-tank multipurpose grenade launcher. It consists of a short, reusable launcher tube with grips, firing controls and sight mount, detachable collimating sight and disposable ammunition containers, which are pre-loaded at the factory and attached to the rear end of the launcher before firing. The RPG-32 can be used to successfully engage and destroy a wide variety of battlefield targets, from modern main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers to bunkers, military equipment and troops in defilade or in the open.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Transport planes used by different countries

Now worldofdefence present the most advance and biggest cargo passenger planes of different countries. Due to huge US marketing the world only know about USA  cargo planes like c130j and global master but in reality there are some more bigger and advance planes and able to defeat US C130J.

          1.Antonov An-225 Mriya

I heard about this plane ,when I was in school during watching space race between US and USSR.A plane ,which has huge cargo carrying capacity compare to any other military or cargo planes from 1988(when first flown) to till now. This was produce for carrying USSR buran space shuttle .This project was closed down when USSR dissolve during 1990 due to shortage of fund but later on again this plane was used for cargo delivery from 2002.Weight of the plane is 705 tons and cargo loading capacity is more than 275 tons, which is more than statue of liberty weight. The biggest advantage of this plane is this is biggest cargo delivery plane but don’t need a big airfield for landing like other US or European planes and can be easily landed in a small airfield. Sometimes American’s are using this cargo supply for delivery of their military goods.

2. Tupolev Tu-160

This is the biggest military bomber plane and largest military plane with carrying capacity of 300tons except cargo plane. This was introducing in 1981by USSR and till now in service by Russia but now produce only in limited basis. Most powerful engine installed with highest speed of mach 2.3.It can carry 44 tons ammunition with six air-launched Raduga Kh-55 cruise missiles.

3. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy was produce by lockheet martin to full-fill US army needs of a big cargo planes in 1968,but this project was facing a lot of problem in the starting. This plane was produced mainly for military use and for this reason capable to carry any military equipments, able to carry six apache helicopters at a time.

4. Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Boeing B-52  was develop to strike within the USSR .This bomber is still used by the US air force as their main bomber and as per the US defense personal ,this plan continue there service for next 50 years. This plane was first flown in 1952 and continue serve US Air force. This war plane able to carry conventional as well as nuclear.

5. A400M

A400M future cargo aircraft of European countries develop to fulfill UK, France, Belgium, Germany turkey jointly for their defense forces.
The A400M has a much larger payload than the C-160 Transall and C-130 and the design makes extensive use of composite materials. The capability for short soft field landing and take-off is part of the requirement and the aircraft has six-wheel high-flotation main landing gear.

6.Lockheed martin Hercules C130J

C130j is upgraded version of Lockheed martin Hercules C130, with four engines, transport plane. This plane  used by US ,UK, Israel, Germany, Italy  and Indian Airforce.This plane used for both civilian and military use.C130J mainly use for covert operation of navy seals of US and Israel armed forces. This  plane is able to land in a small airfield.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Worldofdefence:New Genration Stealth Bomber

Bombers main role is to destroy the enemy supply line there industries and back bone of their economy. Main focus is to destroy the defense supply and there earning resource. In second world war the bombers play a crucial role in gulf war also the US f117 stealth play the crucial role but what happen if the enemy have advance radar system than. To overcome this problem stealth bomber is the right answer. Bombers are basically used to carry a huge load of bomb, but they are easy target by enemy’s anti aircraft gun and enemy’s fighter aircraft. To avoid this problem stealth bomber is only answer. Stealth bomber are the modern aircraft, but the old bombers were B52, Tupolev Tu-160 etc.

 B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

 B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber

B-2 spirit: this was the only active stealth capable to enter enemy territory without catching in enemy radar system. This aircraft able to carry conventional and nuclear weapons both at a time. This bomber has two crew members with jps guided bombing system able to carry eighty 500lb bombs, sixteen 2400lb bombs and B83 nuclear bomb. B2 spirit is only bomber able to carry air to surface standoff weapons with stealth configuration.USA is the only country which has this technology and they are technically more advance compare to any other country.

F117 Night hawk :F117 is the first stealth bomber introduce in 1981 till 2008.this aircraft play the crucial role for many US secrete attack plan, in gulf war this play used in night bombing in every crucial Iraqi defense site.


Russian T-60S

Russian T-60S: Russian stealth bomber aircraft design started in 1984 but due to dissolve of USSR in 1990 and shortage of investment this aircraft design was post pond. Russian also develops their stealth Bomber like B-2 spirit, which have capability of stealth technology and not come in enemy radar system. Russian T-60s has able to carry both conventional and nuclear warhead for long range. Russian T60S join the Russian air force in 2025. The armament was to include up to six Kh-101 cruise missiles, as well as AS-15 and AS-16 missiles, free-fall nuclear weapons and precision guided conventional munitions.

Indian IUSAV Strike Aircraft

Indian IUSAV Strike Aircraft

 This is boeing phantom uav but Indian IUSAV or Auro is look same as this

India is at the starting stage but this aircraft design is mixture of US b-2 spirit and Russian T-60s, but the major difference is that IUSAV is actually a unmanned aerial vehicle compare to their American and Russian counterpart. It is expecting that first prototype will come in 2016 .This project is highly confidential so, there is very few news about its capability. It is expecting that this is able to carry conventional as well as nuclear arsenal and have capability to strike deep into enemy teritotry.The range of this aircraft not assure but there is great possibility that ,whole Chinese border come into its range area. This project was also known as Aura.

European Neuron:

European Neuron


French Aviation Company built this and later on develops by jointly by Sweden, French, Itally.This is actually long range drone capable to carry conventional and nuclear bomb at a time. It has same stealth capacity like other stealth bomber and continue testing till 2014.

Shenyang J-XX Stealth Fighter:


Chinese stealth bomber is basically the reverse engineering of American B-2 spirit, because a US B-2 engineer arrested for selling this technology to a Chinese agent. Chinese have also the scrap of F117 night hawk for getting the stealth technology. This is a long range bomber capable to carry nuclear as well as conventional wepons, but there is many years for this aircraft to come into service.



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Some finest Attack helicopter of the world by worldofdefence

Attack helicopter are came into existence after 1960.It is well known fact that necessity is the mother of all invention. In Vietnam war US forces well known the requirement for such a aircraft, which capable to search out the dense forest with firepower to attack the northern comrade.US had two option either use of fighter jet or helicopter, use of fighter jet is meaningless because this was unable to search a small area for a long time, on the other hand helicopter able to do that but not have such fire power to deal with enemy.
USSR army was also start research on same line and first USSR attack helicopter came into existence just after, three years of first US attack helicopter.
Now worldofdefence present the most advance fighter helicopters available in the world defense platform.

 Kamov KA-50/KA-52

This is also known as Russian Black shark, this is most advance attack helicopter of present time. All weapons are covered under the arm cover, so unable to detect by any radar or thermal imager detector. This design adopted in 1980 and came into existence at 1995.The top speed is 350km /hr and combat radius is 250km. It can carry 24 vikhrs missiles, four twenty rounds rocket pods or a mixture. Black Shark carry AA-11/R-73 archer air to air missiles, which make it more capable to their competitors or rival.30mm 2A42 also installed in Black Shark. Kamov also have attach with battlefield management system which help this to co-ordinate with other ,Black shark also have target detection and satellite detection system to inform the strategy office to make further plan.
Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter

Boeing AH-64 is also a new advance version of Boeing .It’s first introduce in 1986 and after eleven years of service this used by twelve other nations. During Iraq war 272 of apache destroyed five hundred Iraqi tanks, without suffering any sorties.
Apache able to penetrate deep in enemy line without come in enemy radar system and also able to continue the service, if it was badly hit in enemy line.

Apache loaded with 16 AGM-114 hellfire missiles, 76 70mm folding fin aerial rockets or a combination of both. Apache fitted with 1,200 30mm rounds for its M230 automatic cannon.
Mil's Mi-28 Havoc anti-armour attack helicopter

Mil’s MI-28 is anti armour attack helicopter, came into existence in 1982 but introduce in service in 2006 but delivery is also underway.
MI 28 has equipped with under nose barbette, which hold 30*165 mm Shipunov 2A42 auto-cannon also equipped with pylons beneath stub wings, cockpit protected with two heavy armour metal cover. Windshield also able to withstand 7.62mm - 12.7mm caliber bullets, which also increase protection layer.
Russian air force already used 44 of them and Indian Air force also requested for this upgraded version with Belgian and French avionic system.
Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter

Euro copter came into existence when French and German Govt. feel the requirement for a battle helicopter in 1984.In 1989 this project finalize and the first production came into existence at 2002 and in next year first helicopter delivered .In 2009 French forces used this helicopter against the Taliban in Afghanistan. This helicopter 80% made of carbon fiber, 10% aluminum and 6% titanium. Rotor made of fiber plastic and also able to with stand bird strike and combat damage.
Eurocopter has 23mm auto-cannon fire, also equipped with stealth features which able to protect this from enemy radar system also covered armor and low sound system unable to detect by enemy.
HAL Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)

Indian Air Force and Indian Army want to develop there indigenous attack helicopter to avoid the dependence on any foreign country for the defense requirement. In 2006 this project sanctioned by central govt. and in 2010 first produced helicopter came into existence and with continue upgradadtion and test ,this is expected to join the Indian defense forces in last period of 2013.HAL LCH is actually a new upgraded version of HAL’s Dhrub helicopter.
HAL is able to work in day and night against infantry and armour division and equipped with helmet display system, electronic warfare and modern armour.LCH equipped with narrow fuel gage and stealth capacity and armour protection for cockpit pilot.
AgustaWestland AW129 multi-role helicopter

Agusta westland was a joint project at the starting, when Italy and West Germany jointly start the project at 1972 .Later on UK, Netherland and other western European countries jointly develop this attack helicopter. In 1990 UK and Nether land went out from the project and other European powers show there interest in Tiger Eurocopter.Agusta is well equipped with 32 mm gun and rocket system and have stealth capacity.
Bell AH-1z Viper / Super Cobra attack helicopter

Super cobra was one of the oldest variant of US attack helicopter, which start journey from 1960 onward from Vietnam War. Cobra used by US, Iran, Taiwan, Turkey and South Korea.

MI-24 Hind

MI 24 is produced by USSR in 1969.This was known as HIND in NATO countries. This helicopter was one of the unique creation, which is also known as flying tank.MI24 is comparatively low cost and easy to handle so used by many nation ,some developed countries are also using this helicopter to get this technology.USA has MI24 in their inventory.2300 of MI24 built till now. Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Latvia, Poland, South Africa, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States are use this machine.