Friday, July 10, 2015

Future war between US and China-2

In my last post I gave information about what reason behind US china future war, now I show your strength of both this countries.

Indian Made Aircraft carrier
Israel Air force
Israel Army
Before I discuss their fire power lets clear some facts that, if China engage in war with Us on that scenario He need to prepare for war on many fronts at a time because on that occasion Japan directly involve in war in support of US ,possibility that India also involve on that time to solve their border dispute with China. Taiwan also support US stand and other NATO allies also inter this war .Possibility that China get support from North Korea against South Korea as well as against Japan. Pakistan also supports China and open front against India and Iran also did same against Israel.  It was very crucial situation for Russia because he did not direct involve in war but support Chinese side .Russian weapons and volunteer forces involve in war. Russian forces not participate war against India but they concentrate in Japanese sea, Atlantic Ocean and Korean peninsula. In weapons strength definitely US side has superior quality and advance weapons, but they have limited man force on the other hand Chinese were huge human resource which really create a big difference in power balance. Presently US has 3500 combat aircrafts against Chinese 1,500 .US has most of the combat fighter were advance on the other hand Chinese using 70% old aircrafts.
North Korean army
North Korean Navy official
East Asia power balance between Japan,Taiwan and China
New advance robot made for war like Iron man

Chinese were big tank force compare to US but they use this against South Korea because this was not possible to use against US forces which were concentrating in main land of America where not possible for China to send their battle tank. Chinese use their tank against American tank in Japan, Taiwan and Russian T90 against India. This war converts from convention war to nuclear war in Asia. When Chinese forces beat Taiwan and Japan and trying to capture both this country on that time USA use their Nuclear and hydrogen bomb.

After beaten from joint NATO forces in Korean peninsula, North Korea use their nuclear arsenal against South Korea as well as against Japan. It was quite interesting that in Middle East neither Israel nor Iran used their nuclear arsenal on that war. Pakistan use mini nuclear bomb against Indian forces in J&K and Indian forces attack deep inside Pakistan with nuclear bomb all main cities in Pakistan destroy on that war and India also face same nuclear attack but that came from terrorist group supported by Pakistan. When Pakistan lost all their major cities they provide nuclear bombs to terrorist groups working against India. Taliban terrorist use that in Afghanistan also. Pearl Harbour base was totally destroyed by Chinese using nuclear bomb in there ICBM capable to break missile defence system. In the first stage of war US choosing their bio chemical weapons, against China. Chinese trying to destroy US military satellite in first day of war but fear from same response from America.

Hybrid  speed ' attacking boat of US Navy
New Stealth  bomber able to land in aircraft carrier
But on second face of war when China destroy one of Indian military satellite , US did same and destroy all Chinese satellite .In middle east Israel use their nuclear arsenal to avoid any joint operation from Ezpyt, Turkey and other middle east country.

There was huge petroleum crises arise in world.In Indian peninsula Chinese forces use their commercial port in Bangladesh and Srilanka against Indian forces.So India also use military against there neighbour countries.
US new stealth war plane
Pak long range missile build with support from China
Stealth Navy ship built by US
Al khalid  advance tank develop jointly by China and Pakistan
Nimitz class aircraft carrier of US Navy biggest aircraft carrier in world

After this war Bangladesh,Pakistan and Srilanka all joint together and create Indian union. NATO forces take control on mainland China and impose many bans ,which lapse Chinese economy,Tibbet got free and create a new state .China convert from Socialist country to a Democratic one.

Indian economy grow in fast pace due to devastation of Chinese industries.North and south Korea merge together .Japan face a huge loss in war but still able to manage and take control on many disputed islands.Chinese lost huge there main cities and town converted into debris.India also face a huge loss in war there two main metro cities ruined from map.Us also face a great loss in war there perl harbour base was totally ruined and also face a huge monetary and human loss there .If Russia not directly involved in war than become a super power after this war and whole world depend on Russian energy and petroleum .Russian economy growth dubbel after this war .India become a permanent member in UNO security council.This post based on my imagination but there was only a small gap between imagination and reality.