Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Satellite Navigation System

From 1980’s onward many develop countries were thinking to get a technique which help to find a exact location in any part of the world.This technique was bring revolution in the world of defense,because everyone know that  if this plan actualize than it was become easy to get the exact location of enemy countries important defense department and crucial research laboratories.Not only that this technique also help to guide the weapons in war field also helpful for ICBM(Intercontinental Ballistic  Missile)path finding.This technique is also helpful for civil purpose,but my blog based on world of defense so we discuss on that area.

This space based satellite navigation technique have posses with USA and Russia,European Union ,China and India also working in this field.

Global Position System:

USA based satellite navigation technique has known as GPS(global positioning system)In 1974 US start this project and in 1998 ,the US GPS system actualize.US congress give permission for new efficient GPS 3 location finders in 2000.US have 24 satellite to get the exact location in any part of the world.GPS service is free to use in any part of the world ,but it has limited uses as per US norms.If any enemy country use this technique than US defense department get there exact location for them.Theoretically its accuracy is 14 nano seconds but actually it is 100 nano seconds.Now a days all the US weapon-logy and military hardware based on the GPS signal.


This is Russian satellite navigation system.This project was started in the year of 1974 during USSR  regime.This project hit badly due to collapse of USSR.In the presidency of Bladimir putin this project have started on priority basis and fund arises.In 2010 this project was started with 24 satellite and gave coverage to Russia and rest of the world.Now this become the alternate  of GPS.Glonass was developed to give accuracy of 65m but in reality it give accuracy in 20m in civil and 10m in military uses.Russian navigation system uses 24 satellite and five in reserve.


This is the name of the European Gps system ,built by European Union countries .The total cost of the project is 5billion Euro.

Galileo was providing better accuracy with increase in height compare to other satellite positioning system. Galileo accuracy rate is one meter. This service is free to use for certain limit.

Galileo is mainly concentrate on communication and civil use it is not based on US GPS and other countries like Russia, China or India.US can weak the signal or not allowed in some conflict situation, this service is only available to US allies and friendly countries. European Union rejects the Chinese and Indian investment in this project only in one ground that they ask this service use of their defense use.

Beidou Navigation Satellite System(Beidou)and Compass:

The Chinese limited range satellite navigation system known as Beidou.It gives coverage of China, China Sea south East Asian countries. Chinese global satellite navigation system is also in line, which gives coverage to whole world, but this will be in development mode. As China want to establish himself as a global power, so he don’t want to depend on other countries navigation system. Free for civilian uses but the accuracy level for civilian purpose is 10m and for the military uses its accuracy is 10 cm.The military uses only allowed to People liberation Army and Pakistan Army.

Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System:

Indian satellite navigation system is also known as Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System. Indian Space research Organization develops IRNSS. India already uses US based GPS and Russian Glonass , but India want to avoid the condition like 1962 and 1971 when the Global Power help China and Pakistan .Indian satellite navigation system is based on civil as well as military purpose. The main reason to develop this system to avoid the dependence on US and Russian navigation .As India want to be a super power, and this is the right step on this path. IRNSS helps India to become a regional power, but India still behind other develop countries in global satellite navigation.  I believe that India in coming years will start the global satellite navigation system.

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