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Some finest Attack helicopter of the world by worldofdefence

Attack helicopter are came into existence after 1960.It is well known fact that necessity is the mother of all invention. In Vietnam war US forces well known the requirement for such a aircraft, which capable to search out the dense forest with firepower to attack the northern comrade.US had two option either use of fighter jet or helicopter, use of fighter jet is meaningless because this was unable to search a small area for a long time, on the other hand helicopter able to do that but not have such fire power to deal with enemy.
USSR army was also start research on same line and first USSR attack helicopter came into existence just after, three years of first US attack helicopter.
Now worldofdefence present the most advance fighter helicopters available in the world defense platform.

 Kamov KA-50/KA-52

This is also known as Russian Black shark, this is most advance attack helicopter of present time. All weapons are covered under the arm cover, so unable to detect by any radar or thermal imager detector. This design adopted in 1980 and came into existence at 1995.The top speed is 350km /hr and combat radius is 250km. It can carry 24 vikhrs missiles, four twenty rounds rocket pods or a mixture. Black Shark carry AA-11/R-73 archer air to air missiles, which make it more capable to their competitors or rival.30mm 2A42 also installed in Black Shark. Kamov also have attach with battlefield management system which help this to co-ordinate with other ,Black shark also have target detection and satellite detection system to inform the strategy office to make further plan.
Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter

Boeing AH-64 is also a new advance version of Boeing .It’s first introduce in 1986 and after eleven years of service this used by twelve other nations. During Iraq war 272 of apache destroyed five hundred Iraqi tanks, without suffering any sorties.
Apache able to penetrate deep in enemy line without come in enemy radar system and also able to continue the service, if it was badly hit in enemy line.

Apache loaded with 16 AGM-114 hellfire missiles, 76 70mm folding fin aerial rockets or a combination of both. Apache fitted with 1,200 30mm rounds for its M230 automatic cannon.
Mil's Mi-28 Havoc anti-armour attack helicopter

Mil’s MI-28 is anti armour attack helicopter, came into existence in 1982 but introduce in service in 2006 but delivery is also underway.
MI 28 has equipped with under nose barbette, which hold 30*165 mm Shipunov 2A42 auto-cannon also equipped with pylons beneath stub wings, cockpit protected with two heavy armour metal cover. Windshield also able to withstand 7.62mm - 12.7mm caliber bullets, which also increase protection layer.
Russian air force already used 44 of them and Indian Air force also requested for this upgraded version with Belgian and French avionic system.
Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter

Euro copter came into existence when French and German Govt. feel the requirement for a battle helicopter in 1984.In 1989 this project finalize and the first production came into existence at 2002 and in next year first helicopter delivered .In 2009 French forces used this helicopter against the Taliban in Afghanistan. This helicopter 80% made of carbon fiber, 10% aluminum and 6% titanium. Rotor made of fiber plastic and also able to with stand bird strike and combat damage.
Eurocopter has 23mm auto-cannon fire, also equipped with stealth features which able to protect this from enemy radar system also covered armor and low sound system unable to detect by enemy.
HAL Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)

Indian Air Force and Indian Army want to develop there indigenous attack helicopter to avoid the dependence on any foreign country for the defense requirement. In 2006 this project sanctioned by central govt. and in 2010 first produced helicopter came into existence and with continue upgradadtion and test ,this is expected to join the Indian defense forces in last period of 2013.HAL LCH is actually a new upgraded version of HAL’s Dhrub helicopter.
HAL is able to work in day and night against infantry and armour division and equipped with helmet display system, electronic warfare and modern armour.LCH equipped with narrow fuel gage and stealth capacity and armour protection for cockpit pilot.
AgustaWestland AW129 multi-role helicopter

Agusta westland was a joint project at the starting, when Italy and West Germany jointly start the project at 1972 .Later on UK, Netherland and other western European countries jointly develop this attack helicopter. In 1990 UK and Nether land went out from the project and other European powers show there interest in Tiger Eurocopter.Agusta is well equipped with 32 mm gun and rocket system and have stealth capacity.
Bell AH-1z Viper / Super Cobra attack helicopter

Super cobra was one of the oldest variant of US attack helicopter, which start journey from 1960 onward from Vietnam War. Cobra used by US, Iran, Taiwan, Turkey and South Korea.

MI-24 Hind

MI 24 is produced by USSR in 1969.This was known as HIND in NATO countries. This helicopter was one of the unique creation, which is also known as flying tank.MI24 is comparatively low cost and easy to handle so used by many nation ,some developed countries are also using this helicopter to get this technology.USA has MI24 in their inventory.2300 of MI24 built till now. Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Latvia, Poland, South Africa, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States are use this machine.

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