Saturday, July 19, 2014

ISIS :threat to world part-2

 Babur class frigate of Pakistan Navy
 Chinese Army
Chinese mobile missile launcher
 Chinese missile defense system

 Saudi Arbia's Euro Phiter typhoon
 Iron dom missile defense system of Israel

As you read in my last post about the effect of ISIS in the world politics. When I was written that article I was only doubt that scenario on the basis of previous incidence but know all my prediction going to actualize after ISIS support by other – group .Main concern from this issue was participation by Muslim youth from different parts of the world for this war if this war was not stopped in near future that may be possible that this turn in wholly war, where one side is Muslim terrorist group and other side Christian and yahudi supported state forces. That situation had really very dangerous for whole world. May be possible that this war turn into World war 3, and every country effected with this war.

First possibility that ISIS totally take over in Iraq due to inefficient and untrained Iraqi nation force and civil war situation in Syria also give them an opportunity to take over that country. Saudi Arabia is already support this organization. UAE, Kuwait, Oman not have so strong to fight against the trained ISIS forces. After US withdraw from Afghanistan no one there to protect that country from ISIS interference.

Israel Missile defense system
C130 ofSaudi arabia
Chinese PLA Aerial Radar system

USSR withdraw from Afganistan 

As ISI and Saudi Arabia both have warm relation with ISIS and extremist groups from Pakistan also support ISIS to takeover Pakistan. On the western side of the middle east small countries in Africa don’t have dare to fight against this powerful ISIS forces  and African terrorist groups. Hamas already start war against Israel and if ISIS able to actualize this plan than Hamas also stand with ISIS. Than the situation become really very dangerous for the yahudy state of Israel, non Muslim state: India. Might be possible that ISIS able to takeover Philistine areas. Kashmiri local people if support their neighbor ISIS state than India forces need a lots of affects .Uncertain political condition in Egypt also helpful for ISIS activity in this Muslim state. Jordon and Turkey is really a tuff job for this organization. But they can easily takeover other East Asian Muslim countries with local extremist group support in Bangladesh, Malaysia. If ISIS takeover Pakistan than they got nuclear arsenal .Indian Govt. due to the fear of nuclear war may be withdraw their forces from Kashmir .ISIS also support the Muslim extremist group in China and may be possible they provide nuclear arsenal to Chinese  extremist or terrorist group or Chechnya terrorist group. All these activities bring Israel, India, China, and Russia together. The joint forces of all these countries again take over their territory and seize all nuclear arsenals with US and NATO support. Pakistan and Afghanistan and Bangladesh join Indian sovereignty and freedom in their internal affairs. India looks after all the seized nuclear arsenal of Pakistan.

In Middle East a new nation create under Israel supremacy, with freedom in their internal affairs. In this union Iraq, Oman, Syria, Kuwait and Israel come.

There is also possibility that joint forces Israel, China, Russia, India regain their home land and destroy the ISIS group and then new govt. formed in all other state of Middle East but again some new terrorist groups come in near future.

Any one situation in this scenario helpful for India and China to come close in world forum.

Biggest drawback from this situation arises is oil crisis in world ,which brings US also to interfere in this war.US interference in war also create a big pressure on US economy as like USSR after Afghanistan war.

May be possible that USA also divided as like USSR. If this happen than Russia again got super power status with China and India become 3rd biggest powerful country. These all scenario can’t avoid a big war or third world war in Asia and African continent.

Now the question arises what happen for rest of the world. After second world war no one European country dare to directly involve in other countries dispute, They take part under the banner of NATO with US support .If US disintegrated than they come under the influence of Russia or China.

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