Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some amazing Russian weapons

My favorite TV shows are related with weponology and innovation of different weapons and life saving equipments of defense personnel. But most of the TV shows broadcast from US or European countries so, they can demonstrate that US technology is much better than Russia. May be its possible that Russian and Chinese or North Korea do not demonstrate there weapons and military hard ware for public and media so there is very small knowledge for all that. I am not the sales man of Russia but yes I want to give some interesting information to general people to clear their misconception about weapon logy.

Let’s start with automatic machine gun .In 1947 one Russian scientist produce AK-47, this machine gun was used and produce in all parts of world till today. This gun no need of maintenance. Easy to handle and light weight. On the other hand US start from M-2 in 1950 and continue upgrade their automatic rifle but till now no US gun beat this.US M series is heavy weight, need proper maintenance .Not perform well in different parts of world on the other hand AK47 worked equally in all parts of world and in all seasons with same accuracy rate.

MIG 15 Fighter Aircraft
 Mig 21Fighter aircraft
 Sukhoi MKI-30 4.5 genration fighter aircraft 

 Russian Mig series fighter air craft’s maintain supremacy in Asia, East Europe, and South America. Mig 15 in Korea war give tuff fight to US built aircrafts. Sukhoi 30 is consider the 4.5 generation aircraft, there is no other aircraft in this segment.F15 Eagle consider as 4th generation plane and F22 raptor as 5th generation. Most influential characters of these Russian planes are easy to hand comparatively low cost ,need a small runways compare to  American .MIG technology is as much advance that a Mossad secretary get a mig 21 from middle east and brings that to US to know the technical success of that aircraft. Chinese are the mostly known for cost effective but they are copy cat and produce anything based on reverse engineering.
T-76 Battle Tank
Russian T-90 Battletank

  Russian T-76 and T-90 is known as best tanks in world .German Second World War tank leopard are still known for good performance.

 RPG Rocket Launcher

 RPG: Rocket propelling grenade was using from second world war and first introduce by German to destroyed tanks and later on the Russian develop RPG series.RPG series is easy to handle compare to American .RPG you can find in any part of world .Most advance American rocket propelling graned named as Javelin which is heavy weight two people need to manage and fire this and this is only single use and cost is very high.
Russian Missile Defence killer missile
Russian Missile defence killer missile launcher

Most advances are the missile developed by Russian which is used to destroy the American missile defense system. This missile is fastest in world and divides in two sections first destroyed by missile defense counter fire and second section use to target the enemy.
 PAK T-50 fifth genration fighter aircraft

PakT-50 is most advanced 5th generation fighter aircraft and no other plane comes in this category even the US F22 raptor has lack of features in compare to PAKFT-50.This aircraft jointly developed by Russia and INDIA.

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