Saturday, November 22, 2014

Army research for future war

Future war become different they are not fight with army, they fight against super worriers. Every country secretly works on this project .They produce superhuman for future war. The soldiers are creating with genetic modification. Due to this changes they can fight for long time without taking rest, they can fight for long time without food. And easily survive in any difficult condition in any time. So the technical advancement makes your army more strong and able win the war. The future war technology not only based on genetic engineering they also work on different soldiers suits which worked according to their atmosphere. The future army dress easily change their color according to their surroundings, they are light weight but protect from bullet to mortar. They maintain temperature inside the body. They can reduce the weight carried by soldiers.Now imaging a dress can make you invisible than what happened. DAPRA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on this project from last few years. China also starts with this project under the shed of space programme to make super humans. This is only one step there are many projects run behind the curtain which we can read only in story or watching that on movies.

 Japnese research for enhancing army personal strength
 Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency of USA
This device help to carry four to five time more weight than his own

Daeoo produce robot to increase human strength

Different countries also work on robot mechanism. Because human body can able to bear anything only upto a certain limit but we don’t have any issues with robot. They can do everything as like human even they do more than what a human can do. So what happen if robot armies come in war field in future? Robot already starts working with different navigation system like drone, robot gun destroyer, nano surveillance system etc.
 Japnese reserch to increase human efficiency

 US design for future army dress
Future US super army
Lockheedmarrtin work on a device which help a soldier to carry 4 times more weight compare to his body.

As I already inform that superhuman project is already run by different countries. USA, Canada, European countries, China, Russia and Japan etc. From Second World War this project run by every develop countries secretly. The captain America movie is also based on that if you think these are only science fiction than you are wrong. Fifty years ago who one believe that human make a device which help to talk any one in any part of world ,but now mobile phone are common in any part of world. Now I can elaborate clearly Do you know that a satellite need one year to reach in our neighbour planet Mars that means it will take 50+ years to reach the last planet in solar system ,it means it take 100+ years to reach another solar system in our galaxy .If we are able to get lighting speed still we are taking 100+ years to reach our nearest galaxy ,but human life is only expecting 80-100.So any human expedition in other solar system or other galaxy only possible with genetically modified human who can survive 100+ years. NASA, European space agency already working in this project and may be possible sample are created to reach the other solar system. So wait for captain America, hulk are actualizing in next 50 years. It is well known fact that every advance space technology using for military purpose so be prepare, an army with super heroes, able to beat their enemy at any adverse condition in any part of world or in space. NASA already inform that they are working on project to send human in other planet of solar system and other galaxy, there satellite already moving in cross our solar system .There is other concept of sending robot but they need robot which have their own brain to do anything, which is possible but in recent time this technology still in research stage. Quantum mechanism theory can make such robot which can change themselves according to atmosphere, become invisible and work 1000 time more speedily than our existing super computer but this technology will take some years to be actualise.

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