Saturday, December 27, 2014

Who is behind the terrorist attack?

Today again I am presenting some dirty pictures of secret service played .Secrete service basically worked on to collect information of enemy countries. But in today scenario their role totally changed .Now they worked to destabilize Govt. of enemy country. No terrorist organization can survive without the support of any country. Every country directly or indirectly support terrorist for their own interest. CIA and Pakistan ISI created Mujahidin and Taliban against USSR,CIA also support different latin American and African rebel for their own interest. Pakistan support all terrorist groups working in Jammu and Kashmir region in India .Indian Raw and Mossad from Israel also support terrorist group for their own interest and to collect their information .British, German French also have working for their own interest. Chinese also support all red rebels in India and Nepal area.
In my different post you can know how all rich Middle East countries support financially most of big terrorist organization for their own interest.US and western countries support Chechnya terrorist against Russia.US support xinghiayn rebel in China.
 Candel March for peshawar terrorist attack in Pakistan
 Pakistan army chief with NATO army personnel
 Pakistan parliamentary house
Pakistan MBT2000 supplied by Chinese

Counter intelligence wing of every secrete service basically working on same line as like a terrorist group.
 J10 Chinese aircraft supplied to Pakistan
 JF17 model jointly developed by China and Pakistan
JF17 Chenjdu developed by Chinese for Pakistan

Terrorist groups are also working on same way as like secrete service .They have their sleeper cell wings ,which are inactive till their target fix for attack. These cell people had doctor, engineer, politician, daily labor, factory worker, software engineer etc. They are available in every section of society. Secrete service also have working on same way they have their agents in every section of their enemy country as well as in terrorist group. Mossad and Russian secrete service counter intelligence cell have kidnap, kill murder whole family of terrorist group and enemy countries politician, scientist etc.

In my last post I was informing about world trade centre attack in USA, Marriott Hotel bombing, Mumbai attack in India .These all are in a series, and there are different unsolved question who are behind this incidence.

After a long time some terrorist activities happened in J&k in India and same time a big terrorist activity happened in Peshawar army school in Pakistan. Who are behind the army school attack in Pakistan?

There were many names and group came in this category. First doubt went to the existing Govt. ,because Govt. want to control army for their own interest, second the failure Govt want to distract the existing mindset of their citizen or want to get more portion of their GDP for defence.
Second possibility that this incidence may be does by the rationalist group to create mindset against Western countries and against India.

Third possibility that ISI did this to create sentiment against, western countries, Israel and India and to start their own terrorist work in J&K and India and Afghanistan.
Some expert also doubt for Afghanistan secrete service with support from Mossad and Indian RAW, but there was very low possibility when NATO,CIA ,MI6 already present in this area than how it can be possible .

I think ISI did this to create sentiments against India, Israel and western powers and also want to start their own support to terrorist group against India. I am also cannot ignore the Chinese secrete service role behind the curtain to create sentiments against India also to increase their weapon sale to Pakistan. It is well known facts that Pakistan alone purchase a big parts of Chinese weapon and if tension increase with India than definitely there sale increase.

Now again there is big possibility that in future some big terrorist attack will happen in any part in India. When I write this post may be possible in some part of world any terrorist group already make their plan to attack and definitely secrete service from Pakistan, China and Bangladesh support them.
Now it’s time for Indian security personal how to overcome from their plan. But next year definitely have some big terrorist incidence will happen in Indian subcontinent.

What is the way to overcome this problem? There is only one strategy to overcome this problem, which followed by Mossad and Russian secrete service. Destroy your enemy strength and all there possible weapon and supportive terrorist group. Indian need to killed all head of terrorist group like Masood Azhar,Lakhvi,Hafiz sayeed ,Taliban, Daud Ibrahim. India need to work with mossad ,Russian secrate service,CIA,MI6 to overcome this problem. If India not able to do this than prepare for any big terrorist attack in any army school in India or any central school worked closed to army or air force base.

India need to follow Chnkya neeti, destroy your enemy before they attack you to overcome from this problem.

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