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Geopolitical importance of Afghanistan

Afghanistan a ruined country but has big geopolitical importance due to its location. This country has share border with six different countries like: Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.
 Afgan special forces trained by India

This country was never surrender to against any one. Due to its location this play an important role in world history.

During 18, 19 centuries British tried to capture this country because they feared than Napoleon or USSR can easily reach to British India from this root, but they unable to control this country.

Cave way built within mountain in Afganistan

USSR tried to capture this country to check US infiltration and watching US activity in Middle East and south East Asia region, but they also lost.

 Afgan president take guard of owner in China

US and western forces also struggle in this country to maintain their existence.
Afghanistan also heaven for secret service operation. The border area of this country was governed by local tribal and most of the tribal are backed by border sharing country. They can easily move to another country .Western secret service were also active in this area as well as local like afghan, Pakistan, Chinese, Russian and India. In Afghanistan it was very hard to get drinking water but easy to get AK 47.

Soviet tanks used by Afghan forces

US and western forces can easily monitor China and Russia as well as Iran from this location.

Afghanistan is also heaven for drug trafficking .terrorist organisation as well as secret service are generate fund for illegal activity from this area. There are many untrap area in this country where road and transportation not available which develop as terrorist training centre. Every Middle East and Muslim countries funding this centre for their own interest.

Nato forces in Afghanistan

NATO forces were planning to leave this country in next few years, which create a great changes in this area.

British forces in their Afgan base

Every countries support their own tribal group to capture the centre power in this country for their own interest.

Pakistan well known that afghan border is directly impact on its security and economy so, he never want to support any unfriendly Govt.

Afghan former president with pakistan counterpart in Afghan-Pak summit

Pakistan definitely funding Taliban with arms and money to fight against afghan national forces and destroy Indian presence in this country.

On the other hand India definitely support nation Govt. of this country  with money and arms ,because destabilise Afghanistan create security issue .On the other hand stable and friendly Afghanistan helps India to check every movement from Chinese and Pakistan side also help to watch terrorist group activity in this area.

This was also some amazing facts that terrorist activity continuing reduce after NATO force total control as well as afghan national army active watch on border.

 Afghan Forces uses Indian arms

Not only terrorism Maoist movement in India also reduce comparatively. Afghanistan was main arms suppliers in south East Asia .Indian need to monitor closely every activity in Afghanistan for national security .Indian responsibility continuously increase with withdrawal of western forces from there. India not need to direct inter there but India need to provide military and police training to afghan army and police as well as help them with latest weapon to protect against Taliban.

Withdrawal of Soviet forces in 1990 from Afghanistan

 It is well known fact that Pakistan worked as Chinese ally so he can’t give permission to USA to monitor china using his own that scenario Afghanistan base for USA is best suited for watching every Chinese activities. Indian has also same benefits over herein the recent time Iran create a serious threat for US allies in middle east and US use afghan base against Iran.US also have benefits to monitoring Russian federation countries, whose share there border with Afghanistan.
 Afghanistan before civil war was a developing country
Girls student from Kabul uses western outfit

Research also proved that there is a huge natural gas resource available in Afghanistan which also create interest among western powers as well as power hunger South and East Asian countries.

Iran and Russia want to brings there petroleum and gas to Indian ocean and Arabian sea area through pipe lines which help to reduce transportation cost ,here also Afghanistan play an important role.
Chinese are also interested in Afghanistan issue but they don’t want to interfere directly. China has their own interest in Afghanistan. First China want to close South Chinese Muslim extremist relation with other terrorist and tribal group in Afghanistan. Second he want to encircle India from all side to create pressure on New Delhi in border talk. China during cold war support CIA and ISI of Pakistan in many covered operation against Soviet forces. Chinese also have trade relation with Taliban Govt. and in against off that he was getting assurance that Taliban not support Muslim extremist groups in south China. In recent time also when NATO forces prepare to leave Afghanistan within next two years, China worked as mediator between Taliban and Afghanistan Govt. and western countries to bring peace in this area. Not only that China also provide military and police training to Afghan forces in his own land also issue aid to Afghan Govt.
If Chinese are achieve this than this will directly affect Indian interest in this region. Pakistan and China has close relation and definitely both these country use Afghanistan against Indian interest.

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