Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some interesting Spy incidence in Secrate service history

World of intelligence has unknown or hidden from common people. Intelligence service was run by every country for their own interest. Modern spy service came into existence when SIS introduce by British to collect information in British Empire as well as to like after any movement in border area. Later on this SIS changed to MI6 for external spy. First world war this intelligence service was support a lot to Britain and for this reason every country has gave high importance to their external spy wing.
  Aldrich Hazen Ames
 Anna Kushchenkospied against USA
Robert Hanssen FBI agent worked as KGB mole

There were many spy agencies but most reputed was KGB, Mossad, CIA, BND an MI6.KGB had penetrate within the US diplomat, research, and defence technology field from 1945.USA had explode first nuclear bomb and KGB able to bring the blue print of nuclear technology on same year.

Cuba using Russian made missile to counter US
Soviet missile crisis in American continent
Next biggest was Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Hazen Ames. Robert Hanssen was an FBi agent, supply information about KGB double agent as well as American spy to KGB .Aldrich Hazen Ames was the biggest mole and highest paid KGB informer. This man able to get clean status even after lie detector test.This man provides much crucial information to KGB and later Russian secrete service. This man gave each and every location of US submarine, nuclear vessels commandos and special operation information to KGB and Russian. It was later admitted that if cold war turned on real war on that time frame than Soviet definitely had upper hand compare to US because they had each and every information about US and US forces till the date.

US aircraft carries in middle east sea

US Overseas base

It was quite interesting that this man information was reached to FBI through his ex-

In south Asia two main places where most of the best secrete service agencies clash with each other for their personal interest.

One in Afghanistan and second in Srilanka, these both countries became active among western and regional during 90’s.

Most interesting among them was Mossad role. Mossad play a crucial role in Srilanka civil war. India also play an important role. Mossad supply arms and weapons to Srilankan army same time they provide arms to reveal or Tamil people to fight against army.
LTTE trained  by Indian RAW
Israli made weapons used in Srilankan civil war
Most Interesting angel of the story was came when Mossad provide special training to Srilankan commandos on the same time they also provide training to Tamil rebel group to counter army and same time they provide training to Indian commandos  whose went in Srilanka to counter Tamil rebels group.
 LTTE training
 SIS father of Secrate service agencies or MI6 of UK

Mossad mainly collect money through arms and weapons supply in that country and through military training fees. Mossad only interested in arms trade but also active in drug trafficking in south East Asia.
Israli cammando training
It was not only Mossad but Chinese and Pakistan also had supply arms and weapons to Srilankan army. Chinese provide financial and defense aid when US withdraw aid due to human wright violation by Srilanka army.

Indian RAW had also inter fair in this war by supply arms and weapons to both party. Indian RAW also create training camp for Tamil rebel groups.India also sent their army to fight against tamil rebel groups.

In Afganistan British MI6,US CIA,Pakistan ISI,Israel Mossad,Iranian secrete service,Soviet KGB,Chinese secrete service all were involve in this war for their personal interest. Indian RAW was not directly interfere but closely monitor ISI in that country.

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