Saturday, April 18, 2015

Invisibility: A new warfare technology of Future

Japanese invisible jacket 

Invisibility technology is a new technology field ,which can able to change the whole scenario of war in future.Human civilisation from prehistoric age trying to get invisibility technology to defeat their enemy .During cold war era both super powers were working on this technology and US invent some invisible plane ,which cannot be identified by radar system  like:black bird and F117 on the same time USSR invent thermal imaginer weapons as well as create surface to air missile which able to hit black bird as well as detect F117.But what happened if scientist able to get Quantum technology for invisibility.
 USA Super Army for Future war
 European Invisible technology experiment

 French army Personnel
Japanese professor made invisible coat,Canadian scientist based on quantum technology made hiding instruments which fully covered the soldiers and made them invisible.

Italian Lady army
Quantum Invisibility technology was treated as science fiction few years back now with some invention in US,Japan,Britain and China,people use this technology for making future weapons.

Chinese army Missile regiment
Think what will happen if a enemy fighter aircraft,tank using quantum invisibility technology enter in our border and our radar not able to detect that ,what will happen that our army not able to see a incoming weapons with necked eye in day light.

Chinese drone
If you not believe in than wait for some time because US and China already start working on cloaking technology to make their future weapons invisible.invisible. Definitely others countries are also in race but ultimate leader is US .Japan has one step ahead compare to China in this technology ,which definitely give Japan edge over Chinese weapons.
 US new stealth navy war ship

Poland army personnel 

You can watch any thing if ray of light return back from any object,but what happen if the ray of light not returned or went across that object like a plane glass,where you can watch object on other side of glass because ray of light cross the glass.

Russian traditional weapon
Now a days there are many invisibility aircraft's which can't be detected by radar but easily seen-able by human eye in night thermal imaginary easily detect an object but what happened when human eye not able to watch any incoming object in day lights.

Russian traditional weapon
This technology was known as cloaking some countries already able to show some example of this technology.

USA invisibility technology experiment
Definitely this technology was give edge against terrorist to defence forces but if the terrorist organisation able to get this technology than what happened.A city was protected by police,CCTV camera but both became useless after invention of this technology and terrorist able to destroy any thing without any fear in day time and easily move from that place without any problem.

USA DAARPA experiment for defence forces
If a country has all latest weapons and arms but they don't have invisible quantum technology ,than their latest weapons become useless against invisible enemy.
 This future warfare technology used in all weapons and arms and there is huge possibilities that this was already used by secret service organisation .

Today all scientifically advance countries are working on this technology Like:USA,Britain,Japan,France,Italy,Germany,Israel,China,North Korea and Iran. 

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